Are Cosy Spas Any Good?

For most customers, Cosy spas have proven to be of decent value for the money paid. As best of the benefits Cosy spas buyers listed that they are cheaper than most of the other inflatable spas on the market. For example, one can buy a Cosy spa for six persons for 500 £, while a Cosy model for 2-4 persons costs 400 £.

Another benefit is the ease of installation. Cosy spas require neither a technician nor a crew of people to install them because their installation requires minimal effort and can be assembled by one person only in just five minutes.

Are Cosy Spas Any Good?

Additionally, many customers were surprised by how sturdy Cosy spas are when inflated. Besides, you do not have to worry about spending more money because the Cosy spa package includes filters, pumps, and insulating groundsheets. However, if you desire additional features, such as a comfort set featuring a headrest, an inflatable cover for improved insulation, or a drinks holder, you might spend 100 £.

On the other hand, those customers that bought their Cosy spas through the Net.sports dealer were dissatisfied with the customer service. However, others that bought them on Amazon rated their service as excellent. Unfortunately, Cosy spas also suffered terrible reviews because their manual proved unhelpful and had poorly explained instructions. Overall, Cosy spas are rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon reviews.

​​How long does a COSY spa take to heat?

Cosy spas are equipped with a 42°C heating system that takes 36 hours to reach. In addition, it takes one hour to increase the water temperature by 1-1.5°C.

However, if you use a high-quality insulating lid, your spa might even take less time to heat. For instance, from one customer’s experience, his Cosy spa from 18°C reached 30°C within six hours. Of course, many other factors affect the time needed to heat the spa, such as the starting temperature of the water, the ambient temperature, and the size of the spa.

To start the Cosy spa heating, use the control panel positioned on the top of the pump; press the heat button and set the desired temperature. Again, it would be best to use the insulating cover to reach the set temperature quicker.

What is a COSY spa?

The Cosy spa is an inflatable hot tub that requires only a couple of minutes to install. Having a Cosy spa makes it a perfect addition to your backyard or deck, which can be used all year round. Moreover, these spas are portable, meaning that you can move them from one place to another or even take them with you if you intend to travel or move to another home. Setting up a Cosy spa takes five minutes or less and requires only one person to do the job with minimal effort spent. 

If you intend to buy a Cosy spa, you should remember that they are available in two sizes: a 2-4 person model with 110 air jets and a 5-6 person model with 130 air jets. Nevertheless, whichever you choose, the Cosy spas do not require plenty of space, which makes them an excellent choice for those with limited backyard space. 

Additionally, the Cosy spa package includes:

  • a built-in filtration and heating system,
  • a 600-Watt air pump, 
  • a power cord, and 
  • an insulating ground cover. 

For your best experience, you should include some optional features in the package, e.g., a headrest, a drink holder, and an inflatable cover. In my opinion, an inflatable cover is worth every penny because it will prevent heat from escaping when the spa is not in use, and it will also help the spa heat quicker. Moreover, using the cover will reduce your electricity costs.

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