Can A Hot Tub Go On A Brick Patio? [Yes]

Yes, a hot tub can be placed on a patio. It works perfectly outdoors or indoors as long as you are comfortable with it. The ideal location to install a hot tub in your home depends on your house design and landscape layout along with your preference.

However, when placing a hot tub outdoors on an area like the patio, you have to make sure it’s solid with uniform level. Also, make sure the patio has an environment conducive for a hot tub. Besides, it is likely to be visible from the lounge or dining area, and therefore, it should be appealing and inviting.

Can you Put a Hot Tub on Brick Pavers?

Yes, brick pavers are beautiful and can withstand the weight of a hot tub.

So can you put your hot tub on a brick paver? Generally, you can have your hot tub sitting on a brick paver without any issues.

However, you need to take a few precautions because some of the pavers may not be even. If your hot tub is placed on brick pavers with some slightly raised, it will not have perfect stability.

You can only put a hot tub on brick pavers that are smooth and interlocked uniformly. They form a solid and stress-free flat layer, which is most suitable for a hot tub.

What Type of Floor do you Need to Support a Hot Tub?

Imagine that a typical six or seven-seat portable spa weighs about 900 pounds. Add about 420 gallons of water and one person for each seat and you get a weight of about 6,000 pounds.

Since the spa is about 60 square feet, the floor must be able to support at least 100 pounds per square foot.

The floors in most homes can support 125 to 300 pounds per square foot. Each home is built differently, so careful dealers should consult an engineer before determining the final destination of the spa.

So, what type of floor do you need to support a hot tub? For a floor-level bathtub, we typically pour a 3.5-inch concrete slab, but larger spas may require a thicker slab.

If a spa needs to be raised, the frame must support it. Since the load from spas, water and occupants can exceed 100 pounds per square foot – and most decks are designed for a combined live and dead load of only 50 pounds per square foot – additional structural support is usually required.

Do you Need an Outdoor Tap for a Hot Tub?

Yes, you do need an outdoor tap for your hot tub. An outdoor tap will not harm your hot tub so there is no reason to remove your existing tap if you already have one.

Whether your hot tub requires hot or cold water, you will simply connect the hose and fill it with water if you have an outdoor tap. But you can also use an indoor tap to do the same.

The best thing is that most hot tub suppliers will show you how to operate it after delivering. Besides, they contact you in advance and let you know where an outdoor tap is needed. Whether you want to place it on the patio or garden, it has to be ready for installation, including a reliable and reachable source of water.

Do I Need a Concrete Slab for a Hot Tab?

While a hot tub can be placed on a concrete slab, it is not the only option you have.

Other surfaces such as:

  • gravel beds,
  • spa pads,
  • wooden decks and
  • paver stones can also be used.

But, make sure the wooden deck is strong enough to hold a hot tub even when full. Concrete remains one of the best choices when looking for an excellent place to put your hot tub.

A hot tub requires a strong level foundation and the reason some spa models require users to pour concrete before their item is delivered. It supports the weight of a spa and its water adequately.

What’s the Best Base for a Hot Tub?

The best base for a hot tub can hold the entire tub’s weight, including the water. A gallon of water is equivalent to 8.34 pounds, and this means that even a small hot tub will still weigh a lot when filled with water. The choice of a hot tub and your location should be considered when choosing a base for it.

Here are the best base options for your hot tub:

Patio or Terrace

A patio or the terrace area may be ideal because they are close to the house. Also, having it on a deck can be adventurous too. While the location is important, the base must also be selected carefully. There is no best base for a hot tub, the best one should suit your needs and ensure safety.


It is hard to go wrong with a concrete base because it is strong and easy to level. This base is also easy to DIY. For excellent stability, the concrete should be about six inches thick with the reinforcement of rebar. It should have a solid foundation made of rubble or hardcore. The concrete base can be extended beyond the hot tub’s size to give the whole surrounding a nice look. But even a concrete pad slightly bigger than the hot tub will still give you the support and stability needed for a hot tub.

Decking makes a hot tub look great. But it has a problem with the weight and can quickly collapse if it’s not strong enough. The structure below may also collapse under the weight and it’s therefore advisable that you consult an engineer before placing your hot tub on the deck. It is possible to reinforce the decking materials or add concrete support beneath it to be 100% sure that the decker is safe.

A patio slab is also ideal for a hot tub, but it has to be level. The foundation should be secure because its slabs are thin or just laid on the ground. Your patio is likely to crack under the weight of a hot tub. As long as the patio has properly laid foundations, it is perfect for hot tubs.

Gravel beds

Gravel beds make an excellent base when laid on a strong foundation. The gravel should be deep, properly compacted, and flatly leveled. However, another type of surface is needed around the hot tub to prevent the gravel from getting attached to your feet and ending up in the hot tub.

Hot tub pads

Another one of the best bases for a hot tub is hot tub pads. They are easier to use and effortless to use compared to a gravel base. The pads must interlock perfectly to provide solid and stable support. When installing a hot tub using these pads, start by digging out the ground to get a level surface before placing the pads according to your hot tub’s size. any spaces between the pads should be filled with pea shingle or gravel to give you a solid base.

Can I put a hot tub on the second floor?

One of the hardest things about putting a hot tub on the second floor may be installation. However, the manufacturer or dealer should be able to make the installation for you. Having a hot tub on the second floor can be exciting, especially when placed strategically to give you a beautiful view when using it. So, yes, you can put your hot tub upstairs; as long as you have enough space and required fixtures, you are good to go.

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