How To Dispose Of A Hot Tub

What to do with old hot tub

After close to fifteen years of use, a hot tub may not be in the best condition to serve you as it did when you first bought it. If you are thinking of getting a new one, there are many ways to eliminate the old tub.

You could decide to trash it, which does not cost much. You will need Sawzall to cut it up. However, this is not the most environmentally friendly way of getting rid of an old tub.

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Alternatively, you could junk it by placing it in front of your house and wait for people to carry it away. Selling it or trading it for a better one will help you earn something in the process.

How to remove a hot tub from inside the house

Removing an indoor hot tub should not be too involving. However, you need first to empty it as a filled one might weigh thrice as much. Once it’s empty, unplug it from the electricity system and water supply. You can then review the manual to see if there are other instructions on other precautions to observe.

Ensure you address the plumbing since some tubs have attached draining systems below that might need detaching. You can then dismantle it and take it outside.

How to remove a hot tub from deck

To properly remove a hot tub from a deck, you first need to clarify why you are doing it. If the tub is broken, then your work will be much easier. You won’t have to pay close attention to not damaging the tub. You can disconnect it and break the easily removable parts, then disassemble the rest from the deck.

If you need it whole and working, you need to carefully disconnect the tub from water and power supplies. Next, strip the spa’s cabinet and then carefully disassemble it. Extra hands will help you lift it off the deck safely.

How to cut through fiberglass hot tub

Since a hot tub’s fiberglass tank is made of fiberglass mesh and fiberglass resin, the only way to disassemble it is by cutting it into manageable pieces. You need a reciprocating saw for the task. Plugin the saw and cut the plastic pumping pipes away from the tank first. You will then use the all-purpose blade to cut through the tub’s tank vertically. Any reinforcing steel will go down with it. Finally, dispose of the materials in their recycling bins, respectively.

Can I cut up an old tub with a Sawzall

Using a Sawzall to cut up your old tub is a viable option, especially if the tub’s tank is made of fiberglass. You can use virtually any saw blade to cut through a fiberglass tank. Begin by disconnecting the tub from electricity and any pumping connections, assuming that it is already empty.

Next, cut plastic plumbing pipes to remain with the tub alone. Finally, cut through the tub with your Sawzall, jigsaw, or reciprocating saw. Ensure you have protective garments on during the process.

How to take apart a hot tub

Trying to take apart a hot tub to either get a new one or remodel your area could seem like too much work, but it actually isn’t. You only need protective clothes such as goggles, gloves, and protective overall and operating tools, including a jigsaw, a chisel, and a hammer.

If the tub is scheduled for reuse, you will need to be careful with how you disassemble it. You do not want to cause irreversible damages in the process. If you want to tear the whole thing apart, use the chisel and hammer to get rid of the deck and then use the Sawzall to cut the tank into pieces.

In-ground hot tub removal

It is easier to remove a hot tub from a deck than disassemble an in-ground one. You will mostly need professional help to do the groundwork. The process involves drilling around the tub’s area and breaking apart your cemented floors carefully.

 Once you clear out the attaching area, remove all heating and pumping parts. Remove the tub by pulling it out or breaking it into small pieces first. You will then have to fill in the hole as per your city’s requirements.

Hot tub recycling

An old tub can still be a valuable item depending on your options. If you are looking to recycle it, remove the side controls and spa pack to see if you can resell them. If they are quality parts, you could get as much as $500 from the resale. 

You can then remove the cabinet and recycle wood and plastic. Cut away the jets, PVC fittings, valves, and pipes, which are also recyclable. If your tub was made of acrylic, you will not be able to recycle it, but a thermoplastic or rotomolded tub can be recycled. You can reuse the acrylic shell to design a small garden in your backyard.

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