The 5 Hot Tub Relaxing Accessories You Need in 2024

The stress of modern day-to-day lifestyle takes its toll on the mind and the body. If you have a hot tub at home, you can basically turn it in your personal masseuse and enjoy it while paying way less than you would to a professional.

Here are some things from InSPAration product line that you can try that other people tried as well:

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Depending on your favorite aroma, you can pick one of those, as they smell amazing!

Worth trying. Increased muscle tension is what usually shows up first, which then leads to aches, pains, and fatigue. What you need is the best hot tub relaxation session in your home using some of the well-known spa products.

Treating yourself to an aromatherapy massage session will not only relieve you of aches and pains but also prepare for a healthier life as the toxins leave your body.

Let me explain how aromatherapy can contribute to your mental and emotional health.

What Is Hot Tub Aromatherapy?

Hot tub aromatherapy treatment uses essential oils and salts derived from aromatic plant compounds with the purpose of improving the health of your soul, mind, and body. Also known as essential oil therapy, hot tub aromatherapy helps relax and rejuvenate your whole body while helping tired and achy muscles regain their full strength.

Top Benefits of Hot Tub Aromatherapy Massage

Reduces Stress

If you asked, many people would say they turn to hot tub aromatherapy to relieve chronic stress that negatively impacts their mental and physical health. Chronic stress is extremely risky and must be addressed as soon as possible or it can spiral out of control, leading to depression and anxiety. Hot tub aromatherapy is one of the natural ways to reduce stress and calm your senses, especially if you own one.

Aromatherapy stimulates positive signals in your brain, taking negative emotions like stress and anxiety away. Add a bubble massage to it using for example a bubble mat will have significantly reduced stress and anxiety.

Another great application of hot tub aromatherapy is that helps those of you suffering from panic attacks by offer significant relief. Any from the above-mentioned spa crystals will greatly improve you well-being when combined in a hot tub. It has been shown to encourage relaxation and lower blood pressure and heart rate. They also prevent hyperventilation and calm down elevated breathing that strikes at the time of a panic attack.

Combats Depression

Prolonged stress and worry can lead to depression, which is a common mental disorder in people of all ages. Although drugs can reduce the symptoms of depression, they often cause side effects.

Lavender scent has proved itself as an effective treatment for post-partum depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Aromatherapy is one of the safest, most natural ways to treat depression. Essential oils and crystals like lavender, jasmine, peppermint, and chamomile can uplift your spirits, relax your muscles and help you overcome this disorder in a natural way.

Prevents Dementia

Dementia is a term used for diseases and conditions generally characterized by memory capacity reduction, language, problem-solving, and other mental skills that affect one’s ability to do everyday activities. You could use hot tub aromatherapy as an effective healing method that can significantly affect the progression of dementia and slow it down. It can even prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s.

It’s been shown that hot tub aromatherapy can improve brain functions and memory, which is important for both young and older adults.

Improves Energy Levels

Another thing quick hot tub aromatherapy can help you with is a natural boost of energy. Aromatherapy can improve blood circulation and is known to energize the whole body without the known damaging side effects of stimulants such as caffeine, cigarettes, or energy drinks.

To reach the best effect, it should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, aromatherapy can improve your energy levels, helping you achieve more in your daily life.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Aromatherapy, combined with your hot tub, can help fight the inflammation in your body and improve its healing mechanism.

During an aromatherapy hydro massage, try to inhale the soothing scent of essential salts, which can relax you and reduce the inflammation in your sinuses, throat, and upper airways. Lavender scent can soothe inflamed sinuses as well as help with respiratory inflammation.

Pain Relief

Regardless if you are a seasoned athlete or an elderly person, you could be dealing with chronic pain conditions like arthritis? You could choose to not rely on pain medications with harmful side effects, and instead, give hot tub aromatherapy a try? Aromatherapy, combined with warm water and a massage, is a safe and natural way of relieving joint, muscle, or connective tissue pain.

You could go with HTX Energize therapy for muscle pain. An aromatherapy massage can repair damaged muscle tissue and relieve you of widespread pain associated with disorders like fibromyalgia.

Treats Migraines and Headaches

A stubborn headache can often get in your way of accomplishing your daily duties. Again, you have a choice to not rely on OTC pain medicine, and instead try an aromatherapy session that will relieve the tension in your scalp, neck, and temples which should give you quick relief from bothersome headaches and migraine.

Lavender salt (scent) has known to be highly effective in reducing tension headaches and migraines. In this case, instead of having a therapist to massage you, you can use your two fingers to massage your temples and either side of the nose, while the hot tub is releasing Lavander scent.

Heals Skin Irritations

An aromatherapy session in a hot tub is a great way to heal skin inflammation and help with skin problems like acne, blemishes, eczema, etc. Make sure that the heat is not too high because we want to make use of the massage system rather than the heating system. Certain aromatherapy accessories have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial factors, which, when submerged in water, get absorbed by the deeper tissues and heal the skin quickly.

Regulates Sleep

Lack of sleep will leave you feeling tired and brings with it a plenty of related health problems. Aromatherapy, combined with hot tub water, provides a safe and effective treatment for insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Experiencing a relaxing hot tub aromatherapy massage can calm your mind and remove all the stress and tension generated in your body, which will help you sleep well. Aromatherapy can even reset your circadian rhythms to get your body to become tired at an appropriate time, helping you regulate and optimize your sleep.

Regular hot tub session with naturally sedative salts like lavender can help regulate your sleep patterns, and restore healthy sleep habits.

Strengthens the Immune System

Aromatherapy scents like cinnamon, lavander, lemon, etc. can play an important role in strengthening your immune system and protecting you from a good number of diseases and infections. Usually when a therapist gives you a deep-tissue massage using some anti-bacterial and anti-microbial essential oils, they get instantly absorbed by your bloodstream and skin. That is how your immune system gets a boost. It is somewhat similar to how your body behaves when in a hot tub. Your skin will naturally be absorbing your environment, so make sure your hot tub is clean before you decide to use it for aromatherapy.

Inhaling vapor like eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea tree during a hot tub session can clear your sinuses, which reduces the symptoms of cold and sinus congestion.


Your hot tub can be used as an alternative for your usual aromatherapy session, especially during the COVID-19. Aromatherapy has been used by ancient civilizations to boost overall health and well-being. If you would like to make use of the power of scented salts to treat and alleviate many chronic health disorders, aromatherapy session in your hot tub may be greatly beneficial for you.

Scented salt therapy can treat a wide range of common health problems, including muscle and joint pain, anxiety, depression, irregular sleep cycles, pre-menstrual symptoms, and more.

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