Does Sperm Dissolve in a Hot Tub? – Your Detailed Guide [2024]

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Hot tubs are meant to be shared and used with other people, and other genders. When it comes to human reproduction, a hot tub is definitely not the place to start.

There are 2 ways that this question needs to be answered:

  1. Sperm inside a Man’s buy
  2. Sperm outside a Man’s body.

Sperm inside a Man’s body

Without doubt spending a lot of time in your hot tub will temporarily affect your sperm count by lowering the overall number.

Exposure to really high temperatures, like in hot tubs, spas, hot baths, or saunas can increase the temperature of the testicles to become too hot. This will potentially kill sperm and affect the sperm count. However, this effect is only temporary, and counts will go back to normal once the hot tub is avoided.

How long does it take sperm to recover from the hot tub?

The full sperm is expected to fully replenish in about 74 days according to Janet Brito Ph.D. , a doctor writing for Medical News Today.

A single man will produce millions of new sperm each day. What’s less known is that this sperm takes anywhere from 2 and half to 3 months to fully mature. What’s also interesting is that sperm that’s made in the testicles initially lack the ability to move and fertilize eggs, until they move through the reproductive tract.

What hot tub temperature is safe for sperm?

In order for a hot tub to be safe for your sperm, the water temperature should be 4 degrees lower than your body temperature. Even with this temperature, you can still enjoy the hot tub jets, just try to keep your hands off the thermostat. 

Sperm outside a Man’s body

Does sperm dissolve in a hot tub?

Yes, your sperm will dissolve in a hot tub water.

Your sperm is water-soluble. Sperm is basically a protein structure, meaning it is full of relatively large protein molecules. In practice, proteins make liquids slimy and viscous. 

You can compare your sperm to mucus/snot. It is difficult for these large molecules to separate from one another hence it takes time for them to dissolve. This is opposite of a case where we have smaller molecules (e.g. sugars, salts) that generally dissolve rather quickly.

Sperm cells also contain concentrated sugar (mainly categorized as fructose) as the main energy source for them. 

What happens if sperm gets in a hot tub?

Sperm cannot survive in a hostile hot tub environment. Sperm is extremely sensitive and requires the perfect conditions to live even for a while outside the host. 

With that being said, hot tub’s warm water will take its toll on the sperm and it will be dead pretty soon. 

In addition, because of the increased environment temperature, your body will increase its temperature a bit and certainly your testicals will. This will negatively affect your sperm count so even if released, the few that might have survived the initial temperature attack, for sure won’t survive the next one. 

How to clean your hot tub water from sperm?

If you want to make sure there are no leftovers and nothing has built up in your system, be sure to use the right chemicals. Here is my suggestion.

Leisure Time 45450-02 Jet Clean for Spas and Hot Tubs, 1-Pint, 2-Pack
  • Packaging may vary
  • Use before draining and refilling
  • Add 2 oz. of product per 100 gallons
  • Run spa with jets on high for 15-30 minutes
  • Rinse spa thoroughly

Does chlorine in a hot tub kill sperm?

Chlorine won’t immediately kill sperm, however it will have a negative effect on it and will for sure kill the chances of the sperm affecting anyone. 

Important points for Women

Can you get pregnant from sperm in a swimming pool or hot tub?

You cannot get pregnant from a floating sperm. Sperm becomes extremely fragile the moment it steps outside of its intended environment (inside a fertile woman). Pool water would be too cold for sperm) and the pool water would dilute the sperm relies on for motility. Additionally, water disperses sperm and hot tub and pool chemicals will end up killing sperm.

To be more specific, there are a few factors that will kill sperm. The sperm life expectancy in the water will depend on:

  • Water temperature
  • Water pH levels
  • Water salinity
  • How long has the sperm been in the water
  • Chlorine levels

One thing is for sure, sperm will eventually die if left in the hot tub and it might take a minute or two before that happens.

This will happen because of osmosis and all of its enzymes being denaturated. On the other hand, maybe the right type of question is if having sex in a hot tub can be a means of a contraception.

In that case, the answer is no, your hot tub cannot be used as a birth control. There are myths that hot tubs could make you temporarily infertile which is also not true and does not make sense at all.

Does using a hot tub effect ovulation?

Using a hot tub does not affect ovulation. However it might affect the ability for a woman to conceive in case the mail has low sperm count and has been using hot tub regularly.

This is because spending as little as 10 minutes in your hot tub can affect your core body temperatures which will change the homeostasis and affect the quality of your sperm.

Can you get pregnant in a hot tub?

You can get pregnant in a hot tub if you are having unprotected sex.

Simply put, hot water is terrible for sperm. It cannot retain its intended functionality while floating on the hot water. 

Should you use a hot tub whilst pregnant?

There are very little studies done when it comes to hot tubs and pregnancy. However, because we generally don’t have a lot of information, it is advisable to stay away from any hot tub usage while pregnant. 

Can you get pregnant in a hot tub with bathing suits on?

If you do not have sex in the hot tub you cannot get pregnant with a bathing suit on. The risk of getting pregnant in a hot tub is the same with or without clothes. As I previously said, unless you engage in sexual intercourse, there’s no real risk. 

However, if you do engage in sexual intercourse, then the risk of pregnancy is the same as usual.

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