How Much Does A Swim Spa Cost?

The cost of a swim spa may vary depending on its make and the presence of customized features. Besides, the initial cost of bringing a swim spa home for the first time may increase due to installation costs. It’s also worth noting that some swim spas will cost more at the beginning but less in their lifetime because they have few maintenance requirements.

Let’s get to the basics!

Low-End Swim Spa Cost

If the cost falls between $10,000 – $20,000, you can term the swim spa low-end or low tier. Such pools mostly measure between 10-16 feet long. Most features in this tier are of average to low quality. The features available can only give basic functionality anyone would wish from swim spas.

The spas are made of average quality materials that are cheap, usually done overseas. The parts applied can be termed generic since it involves some features from basic hot tubs. The jets and pumps used here are not standard, making the entire unit’s functionality a struggle. The low-end options come with a seating area, which is not separated further from the swim spa as the case with other advanced models.

Filtration is essential for a swim spa. The low-end spa has filtration systems meant for hot tubs. Water cleaning becomes a challenge given the rate the filters have to work. This compels the system to struggle and work long hours to achieve a clean swim spa. Still, it does not end perfectly due to inefficiency, resulting in accumulated electricity bills that are not deserving.

Mid-range Swim Spa Cost

You can consider swim spas that cost between $25,000 – $35,000 as mid-tier. They have a more advanced overall quality with more robust warranty plans that almost match top-tier swim spas’ quality. They differ from high-end spas by the size. They range from 17-18 feet long.

It is not uncommon for mid-tier spas to have relaxing and comfortable seating areas. Also, such facilities are equipped with a side-space meant for wellness, recreation, and exercise. Mid-range spas cost less than high-end spas because of less advanced technological features involved. When it comes to functionality, a mid-range spa can match the feel of the high-end counterparts.

Equipment and accessories applied in the construction of mid-range swim spas are usually designed for swim spas, making them a better option than low-end spas. Pumps, jets, and current diverters you find on this spa are designed explicitly for the purpose, making a swimming experience in mid-range pools better than in a low-end facility.

High-End Swim Spa Cost

Top-tier swim spas are generally larger than the previous two categories. They range up to a length of 21 feet. You can get comfortable, roomy seating, coupled with dual-temperatures and other excellent customizable controls. They cost from $30,000 – $50,000.

The technology applied is highly-sophisticated. Durable materials and high-end designs make the experience in the top-tier swim spas excellent. The applied technology will provide a firmer, smoother, and broader swimming experience than other swim spas mentioned above. The spas also have extra features such as fitness and hydrotherapy options.

Some top-tier spas allow for dual-temperature controls. You can set a part of the spa to a comfortable swimming temperature and set the remaining to hydrotherapy temperatures. Hydropools have an advanced self-cleaning system that efficiently keeps the spa clean, unlike in low and mid-range spas that require pumps and jets.

Here is a table showing a summary of different types of swim spas and their costs.

Swim SpaLow priceHigh price
Low-End$10 000$20 000
Mid-Range$25 000$35 000
High-End$30 000$50 000

Other Costs You Have To Consider

Swim spa costs go a long way beyond the purchase price. The costs include delivery charges, installation, and maintenance costs incurred as you use the facility. Filling the spa with water and daily electricity bills is also a consideration of the cost of each swim spa at different tiers.

Depending on the model you prefer, you may have to spend money between $7,000 – $50,000 to buy. They are an expensive investment, and you should know the purchase cost might only be half of the other expenses you will face, which depends on the tier you buy.

Other customizations also increase the total cost. For a spa ranging between $7,000 – $8,000, the total amount to use up in purchase and installation will clock to almost $15,000. The higher the swim spa tier, the more the purchase price, and the more it will cost in delivery, installation and customization, and overall maintenance.

Delivery And Swim Spa Installation

Delivery costs are an entirely different requirement. Your location will also determine how much you spend on delivery, which could go way up past a few thousand dollars. Unless you have a trailer to pick the spa, you will have to spend on transportation. The size of the spa to transport determines the charges. Larger spas with more features are more crucial and expensive to transport than a smaller low-end spa with basic features.

Before the installation of the spa, you must prepare the site well. This preparation is also an additional cost to note. The more work, the higher the costs you incur. At times you may have to lift the spa over buildings and other barring structures, which means you need the help of a crane or a hydraulic lift.

Installation can be costlier depending on the source of power that you choose. There are electricity and gas power options. Installation includes laying of electric wires and gas conduits to supply the spa with power. It is not a cheap option, but gas-line installation is usually more expensive, involving, and time-consuming than electricity. This makes electric power a more reliable source.

The size of the spa will help determine the idealist source of power. More extensive facilities need regular power-ups, and electricity stands to be the most reliable source here. It will save you the cost of running gas lines and putting up other pieces of work that lead to a fully equipped gas-powered system.

Swim Spa Maintenance Costs

The swim spa has to remain operational for the longest time possible. You have to maintain it professionally. Maintenance practices will stem from the need to keep it clean, safe, and lasting. For instance,  when you drain the spa, you need to replace it with fresh water.

You have to invest sufficiently in purification, gas or electricity costs, repair of broken parts, and replacement of worn-out components. Low-quality swim spas will require more money to maintain than high-quality counterparts that rarely break down. As you weigh the options, look at the long-run maintenance costs and choose wisely to save more.

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