How Often Should You Drain and Refill a Hot Tub?

A hot tub should be drained and refilled every three to four months. 

The procedure of draining and refilling should be a very important aspect of the hot tub maintenance due to chemical build up. This is important for keeping the water clean but to prevent the damage as well. In a case one does not change water regularly it can begin corroding the hot tub. Draining and refilling is needed to keep the water fresh, clean and usable. Nobody wants to soak into dirty and old water. 

But one must also be careful because even this process depends on how often you use your hot tub. Three to four months is recommended if you use the hot tub as an average person three to four times a week. Also it depends on the number of people who use the hot tub on a weekly basis. Jacuzzi manufacturer of the hot tubs and one of the best known in the world offers an interesting tip on when to drain and refill: “Divide the number of gallons of spa water by the number of bathers who usually use the tub. Then divide that number by three to figure out how often you should go through the process.” 

Even if you are not sure about this math calculation there are some obvious signs when to drain and refill. The first sign is foamy and funky water. Then comes the smell and in the end the best way is to check the calendar of the last drain and refill. Keeping this always in mind will help your hot tub stay longer and in good quality. Saturation of the water is the main reason for the drain and refill. Even if one is not using the hot tub very often this saturation situation should be the reason for the regular drain and refill of the water.

If you need any assistance and help you should feel free to contact the dealer or the company.

How Do You Get Water Out of the Bottom of a Hot Tub?

This is a fairly simple process that firstly starts with gathering the needed equipment. Then it starts with these steps:

If using the spigot firstly turn the power to the spa. Then find the drainage spigot, there is primary which drains most of the water and secondary that drains internal bleed lines. After that, attach the garden hose downhill and open the ball valve on the spigot.

If using a submersible pump, first turn the power off. Then place the pump inside the hot tub. After that turn the pump on. If the pump’s hose is not long enough you should use a garden hose.  

But before taking these steps one must be very well known with the brand of the hot tub and where the drain is located. Different brands have different locations for the drain and one must carefully read the instructions. Always turn the hot tub’s circuit breaker and be very sure that you have done it. While waiting for the hot tub to drain do not lose time, use it to regularly clean the filters. 

When the hot tub is almost empty use the sponge or a mop to remove any remaining water at the bottom of the hot tub in order not to leave any old water in. Also clean all the seats and lines as well as footwells. And in the end carefully clean the interior. One helpful thing is to keep the calendar for the draining schedule. 

A hot tub offers a great enjoyment, relaxing experience and soothing so if it takes care of you, you should also regularly take care of it. On a daily basis the care is around the water keeping it clean, using chemicals and salt, coverings and keeping steps clean. And monthly be careful to check all other needed features to keep your hot tub long lasting. Good and scheduled maintenance keeps the hot tub to last longer.

Where Do You Empty the Water in a Hot Tub?

You can drain the water in a hot tub on your lawn or in a sewer. 

It actually depends on where you live. Some areas require that the water in a hot tub must be drained into the sewer whilst others are less restrictive and allow you to drain it on your lawn or any other parts of your garden for example to water the flowers or car washing. In order not to be sued or punished you must carefully do the research in your community or municipality whether or not it is allowed to drain the water in a way you want it. 

Draining and filling might seem like a time consuming process but it must be done carefully. Also, if you are living in an area that allows reuse of the water from the hot tub, must be aware of the chemicals which were used and ph level of the water form the hot tub. If it does not contain anything harmful you can use the water for the lawn, plant watering or washing your car. But in order to do this carefully record all the chemicals that you are using in your hot tub. 

On the other hand, if you are not sure about the rightness of the chemicals and the water seems suspicious to you by the look or the smell, then do not reuse it for any of these activities and be sure to drain it safely into the sewer. We all are very well aware of what bad chemicals can do to plants or grass, even the metal. 

What is also important is that you must be aware of the water temperature in the hot tub before emptying it. So, leave the water to cool over the night or a day and then start to empty your hot tub. 

How Long Does it Take to Fill a Hot Tub With a Garden Hose?

If you have an average hot tub of 300 to 400 gallon it takes from 90 minutes to 120 minutes. If you want to speed up then you might need to have a garden hose larger than ¾ opening. 

There are some factors that should be considered when deciding to fill a hot tub with a garden hose. Firstly, be aware of the quality of the hose. Do not spend money on cheap brands and types because the good investment will surely pay off in the case of using the quality garden hose. Then the size of a hose is also important. The standard one is ¾ of an inch. 

Next is the size of the hot tub. We are all aware of different sizes and that is on average from 150 gallons to 700 gallons depending on the model and the brand. Before starting the filling do check the manual book where it is written the number of gallons of the hot tub. And according to math the larger the tub the longer time for the filling. 

What is also very important is the water pressure. It is obvious that the higher the pressure the faster the filling. But beside that one must be aware that the pressure is not the same in all parts of the country. People in the country area have lower pressure in comparison to newer city areas or towns which have higher water pressure. Also, the water pressure depends on the length and diameter of the garden hose that one is using. The higher water pressure is when the opening of the hose is smaller.

Proper care on the hot tub makes it last longer so even the equipment that you use for the filling should be of a high quality. To someone choosing a garden hose for filling the hot tub might seem a very simple errand but yet it should truly be something to pay attention to.

How Often Should I Put Chemicals in My Hot Tub?

You should put the chemicals in every three to four days. It is very important to do this if you use your hot tub very often. Keeping your hot tub in a well state is a very important thing. Maintaining it in a proper way keeps the hot tube the longest lifespan. 

One of the important things is checking and adjusting the chemicals in the water. When putting chemicals in the water it is of great importance to know the quality of your local water. Then you have to be aware that putting chemicals in the water is done fairly often and one must be careful when doing this. Even before every single use the chemicals in the water should be checked. How to do this? There is a simple way of buying a test strip to check the water and keep track of it. Also always check the chart printed on the container. 

Because of the difficulty of keeping the chemicals in balance the objective should be the ideal range with all of them and make the perfect amount of the chosen sanitizer and ph level. When adding the chemicals, always put them in order and wait for a couple of hours before adding any other. It is important to be aware of the size of your hot tub and the sanitizer that you use. It depends on the level of each of the chemicals. 

When changing the water and chemicals depends on how often you use the hot tub. It is very useful to check the chemical balance on a daily basis especially during the period of time when the hot tub is frequently used. Always be careful for any other signs that something is wrong with the chemical balance like the changes on the skin in a way of discomfort, itchy skin or eyes. 

Chemicals are the part of the hot tub maintenance which should be dealt with great caution. If one is not careful a lot of damage can be caused as for the hot tub as well as for the people who are using it. 

How Long Does it Take to Fill an Inflatable Hot Tub?

To fill an inflatable hot tub on average takes about an hour. It depends a lot on the size of the hot tub. 

After the filling it takes twelve to twenty-four hours to heat up the water. The day is hot or cold.  Another factor is whether There are a variety of models of the inflatable hot tubs.this also affects the filling. And depending on that the price is also different. And the size of the inflatable hot tub should suit your own lifestyle and purpose of the use. If one likes the gathering, people should consider using the bigger one, but then it takes more time to fill and heat the water. Inflatable hot tubs do not take a lot of space and they also can be installed indoors. They come with the electrical long cable so there is no need in buying a new one. 

It is not difficult to maintain the inflatable hot tub. It is not complicated to clean it with the sponge and some chemical products. Also one of the maintenance duties is keeping the water clean and that is not difficult as well. 

The inflatable hot tub is a good solution if you do not want to invest a lot of money but still want to experience the enjoyment of the spa experience. It is suitable for the house and yard, easy to maintain and not so expensive. And yet it can be used for intimate gathering and entertaining friends. But before purchasing be free to do the full research on the models and prices as well as warranties. 

How Long Does it Take to Fill a Lazy Spa?

It takes on average from one to two hours.

The filling of the lazy spa should go up to the recommended line. The time depends on the water pressure and the lazy spa model. Lazy spas are these days very durable and that all is accomplished by engineering and innovations. 

What makes the lazy spa very useful and efficient is the filling up which takes up to five minutes. It is also energy efficient according to the independent study. Besides that it has an innovative and modern design. Because of the modernization one can enjoy this hot tub all year long. These types of lazy spas are very durable and easy to maintain. This allows a lazy hot tub to be set up in every part of your housing. Just like all other hot tubs it can be used for your own relaxation or friends’ entertainment night. How many people can use it is given in the clear instructions in a manual book. 

Also, the lazy tub can last for years if properly maintained and cleaned. It should be stored properly especially if the temperature is low in order not to damage the pump. Water in the lazy tub should be kept clean and chemicals should be added regularly so that it can give the full enjoyment. What else is also important is that it does not take long to heat the water but one must be careful when dealing with electricity and the heaters. Every model is different and manual instructions should be followed with great caution. 

People who use the lazy hot tub are generally very satisfied, especially with the easy way of setting them up as well as the maintenance. Delivery and kind dealers are also some of the reasons which make this brand very popular and attractive for many users.

Should I Fill the Hot Tub Before Electricity?

Yes, you should do that. But before that check all electricity powers as well as heaters, pumps, jets and filters.

First thing to do before starting filling is to install the filter cartridge and then place the garden hose over the filter area. Water should go up to the recommended level which is given in every manual guide. Low water level could cause the heating elements and pumps as well. 

When powering up the hot tub be sure that you hire a professional electrician to do this. Before powering up one should check all the electrical installations which are needed for the safe usage of the hot tub. Even if something goes wrong after the powering you can always drain the water out of the hot tub and check the installation. 

When the heating of the water starts it takes from seven to twenty-four hours to raise the temperature in the hot tub. The heating depends greatly on the hot tub model, voltage and the outside temperature. Just to be sure that everything is working, press all the buttons on the controller so in that way all the components could be checked. So turn up the heaters, jets and blowers to see if the water is flowing. 

After starting the hot tub, check any possible leaking and the temperature rises. Be sure to set the temperature to the desired level. And when you are sure that everything is running smoothly, balance the water in your hot tub using the chemicals which are required in order to maintain the hot tub regularly. 

Many people have tried this process and did not have any major issues if the full process of installation and preparation steps were undertaken. It is very important that the hot tub position and setting up is at the appropriate place. Also electrical components are of major importance and their installation should be covered with great caution. Position and safety of the hot tub are also very important issue for the regular use of the hot tubs.

What Happens if You Run a Hot Tub Without Water?

If you run a hot tub without water it might damage the heaters  or the pumps.

The full damage depends on the model of the spa which is owned. Most hot spa manufacturers have the over temperature sensors which turn off the heaters if the pump is not running so that prevents any possible damage. If the hot tub is designed without this the damage might be with the heaters and it all depends on the model and the type of the heaters. The hot tub has one characteristic and that it is not like a normal tub. The heaters only heat the water that flows, not the standing water. So according to this the heaters might be damaged but to be sure one must contact the professional electrician in order to do the full validation and checking of the heatres. 

The other problem that might occur is that the pumps might be damaged because there was not a water flow. If there are no sensors which control the work of the pumps it might provoke a certain damage. Many models have controls over the pumps which automatically turn them off if there is no water. 

The best way to be sure that one is taking good care of the hot tub and its installation is to read the manual very carefully. If something is still unclear one should feel free to contact the dealer for any need for help and assistance. 

Can I Turn the Hot Tub on Without Water?

Yes, you can. But then be prepared for the damage of the heaters, jets and pumps.

Before starting to use the hot tub read the manual guide very carefully. Even on youtube you can find step by step how to start your hot tub. Do not hesitate to look them up. If you are not sure you can always call for help with the dealer company for any further assistance. Hot tubs usually begin with the proper filling with the water from the garden hose. Always have in mind that you should fill it up to the line and not more than that or lower in order for the heaters to work properly.

Bear in mind that hot tub maintenance is cheaper than repairing the hot tub. Always keep the maintenance schedule on time so that your hot tub is well and safe for use. There are some things that should be avoided when using the hot tub and managing the hot tub without the proper reading of the manual guide should be the first thing to have in mind. These basic maintenance like keeping your spa safe, sanitary and functioning, are the most important steps which should be taken on time in order to keep the hot tub lasting longer. 

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