Master Spas vs Jacuzzi

The Jacuzzi name is the synonym for all the hot tubs around the world. A lot of people do not know that this is actually the name of a brand that makes hot tubs and many other products

The first hydrotherapy therapeutic pump made by the Jacuzzi family was in the 1940s. Soon after that the engineers of the Jacuzzi factory developed a home version of the pump which turned any normal tub into a hot tub and became extremely popular. In the 1980s the family company focused on home spa experiences producing hot tubs, whirlpool baths or both. All of these products could be installed indoors or outdoors. With this new vision of installation made the company the synonym for the relaxation and entertainment for the family and friends around the world. The Jacuzzi Brand Company is a worldwide known company by its products, design and quality. 

Master SpasJacuzzi
Fiberglass Reinforced BilletsProfusion Shell
Vac-Formed ABS Pan BottomCurvalux J-500 Cabinetry
Manifold Plumbing SystemProlast Covers
Coated Wood FramePatended Syncrylic Material
DuraMaster Premium SkirtingFully Insulated 
Icynene Foam InsulationDurable Proplymer Base
Quiet motorSmartseal Technology
Advanced Therapeutic SystemTool-Free Cabinetry 
Spas and Swim CombinationPremium Touches
Accessories (Wi-Fi, UV-C Sanitation, Bluetooth Audio, covers, rails, steps, filter fossers, bromine floaters, pool cleaning items, towel bars, bath bombs, spa caddies, spa aromatherapy crystals, LED lightning) Quality Constructions
Easy Maintenance
Powerpro Jets
Programmable Filtration
Performance-Engineered Plumbing
Plug and Play
Smarttub System Benefits (custom made, remote monitoring,easy to use)

All hot tub manufacturers  put in the first place the hydrotherapy. When it comes with Jacuzzi hydrotherapy that is a very special experience with high flow low pressure modes. That delivers personalised sensations. The specialization is that Jacuzzi designs products based on the average dimension of males or females bodies in order to deliver this personalisation in the hot tub. The Jacuzzi Aqualibrium gives the most significant experience with hydrotherapy because it includes the precise blend of heat, buoyancy and the right jets.

The Jacuzzi J-345 was the hot tub that I had a chance to use. The first thing that the owners had to say was the easy way of maintenance. The built in water purity features help water stays fresh. They also had the good local dealer whose expertise was in the fast delivery, providing all the props needed and excellent service with the polite staff. They really value every and each customer so the delivery and set up went with no problems. 

Another one experience with the Jacuzzi SPa was the Salon Spa which offers the powerful combination of the best features given by the tub, powerful jets and soothing air bubbles. It is a combination of Whirlpool and Pure Air which provides the perfect massage and stress relief. Personalised massage is another very useful tool for complete relaxation. 

When it comes to Master Spa hot tubs it  has a reputation for excellent innovations in all products and features. Every Master Spa item is designed to complete therapeutic experience. Design is also specially engineered with different smart features which deliver all the good aspects of the tubs. Master spa tabs have advanced features like insulation, filtration and heating systems. It’s easy to maintain with many outstanding performances.

Master Spa is one of the fastest growing companies. Within just ten years they are in the top 5 manufacturers of the hot tubs in the world. Aside from their therapeutic use, relaxation and swimming are also included. 

I think that Master Spa offers the most enjoyable hot tub experience with its excellence in design and performances. What is more, it eliminates cold spots while maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature. It also always keeps the cold air out and in this way we are free from condensation. It is environmentally friendly because there are no ozone destroying gases. If you are looking for reliable therapeutic features this tube type is the one. But, what should be improved is their dealer network. In some places it is very hard to find one or you must travel too far. Pricing is also in consultation with the dealer. What is also important is that every part of these hot tubs is made and produced in the USA. I love this brand because it uses premium components and rigorous standards for each of the suppliers. If you want just a simple relaxation with peace or a swim spa, Master Saps are the right choice. 

In my opinion when it comes to using the Jacuzzi tub better than Master Spa, what I found amazing is the FX – 12 Therapy seat that delivers a spiral action massage which relieves stress and pressure in a short time. The new Heated Soak gave a longer soak without adding more hot water. Warm water helps with circulation and relaxation. In this way hydrotherapy has its full potential. Soothing waterfall gives special pleasure to a high back design. With a gentle neck massage it helped my insomnia a lot. So, according to all of these features which are offered with the Jacuzzi tub, it is obvious that my personal vote goes to the Jacuzzi tubs. Partly because of the history of making hot tubs and partly because of the millions of satisfied customers and some kind of a tradition in using the hot tubs. It is a worldwide production with many employees and satisfied customers providing the ultimate enjoyment of relaxation and therapy release. 

Tradition, quality, politeness and devotion makes the Jacuzzi hot tubs appreciable within families even for entertainment and relaxation.  

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