Master Spas vs Artesian

Plumbing system with both spa tubs is of excellent quality with high performances. Pressure is equal among jets. When it comes to cabinetry, Master Spas are of coated toe kick in order to suppress moisture and on the other hand Artesian Spas are hand sculptured with durable natural materials.

Quiet motors is the feature that is related to both these tub types. Both spas use quality foam insulation to create thermal barriers and maintain energy efficiency. Body pressure in both types of tubs is equally distributed and when it comes to accessories to follow the order they are the same in the offer. Innovation technology is present in both of these tubs, with Wi-Fi connection, LED, audio etc. 

Nevertheless, Master Spa has a reputation for excellent innovations in all products and features. Every Master Spa item is designed for complete therapeutic experience. Design is also specially engineered with different smart features which deliver all the good aspects of the tubs. Master spa tabs have advanced features like insulation, filtration and heating system. It’s easy to maintain with many outstanding performances.

Master Spa is one of the fastest growing companies. Within just ten years they are in the top 5 manufacturers of the hot tubs in the world. Aside from their therapeutic use, relaxation and swimming is also included. 

On the other hand, Artesian Spa is oriented toward body differences. Not each body is the same and following that Artesian tubs are designed. Because of this design is original with many options and features. The highest standards are included in production. It is a very durable construction built in the old fashioned way by sculpting. 

Master SpasArtesian
Fiberglass Reinforced BilletsSuperior Plumbing and Construction
Vac-Formed ABS Pan BottomMaintenance Free Cabinetry
Manifold Plumbing SystemErgonomic Design and Quality
Coated Wood FrameWhisperpure Circulation Pump
DuraMaster Premium SkirtingQuality Insulation
Icynene Foam InsulationABS Base
Quiet motorEfficient Heat Retention
Advanced Therapeutic SystemDiamondbond Backing 
Spas and Swim CombinationAdvanced Therapeutic System
Accessories (Wi-Fi, UV-C Sanitation, Bluetooth Audio, covers, rails, steps, filter fossers, bromine floaters, pool cleaning items, towel bars, bath bombs, spa caddies, spa aromatherapy crystals, LED lightning) Accessories (Directflow Personal Control System, Water Purification, Worldwide Wi-Fi Module, Topside Control Panel, Microsilk, H2O Powerful Jets, LED lighting)

What is incredible with Artesian are their neck jets. I also love foot blaster jets which give me the perfect massage. What lacks with these tubs is the marketing strategy as Master tubs have. I find it very annoying because their products are of good quality. That is something the management should work on.

Another benefit with these tubs is the water treatment system which works fantastically. The seats have their own pump and that gives the special pleasure in using them. They use smaller motors but it does not cause any trouble because their quality control works very well and payment on warranty goes without problems.

Control areas are also very easy to use and sub panels come with warranties. Direct flow pumps the whole station with a variable speed motor. However, Artesian cabinets are compressed foam synthetic material and the bottom is a standard wood bottom with a plastic seal underneath.  

master spas vs artesian

I think that Master Spa offers the most enjoyable hot tub experience with its excellence in design and performances. What is more, it eliminates cold spots while maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature. It also always keeps the cold air out and in this way we are free from condensation. It is environmentally friendly because there are no ozone destroying gases.

If you are looking for reliable therapeutic features this tube type is the one. But, what should be improved is their dealer network. In some places it is very hard to find one or you must travel too far. Pricing is also in consultation with the dealer.

What is also important is that every part of these hot tubs is made and produced in the USA. I love this brand because it uses premium components and rigorous standards for each of the suppliers. If you want just a simple relaxation with peace or a swim spa, Master Saps are the right choice. 

My neighbours have bought the Artesian Spa model called Grand Bahamas. And they think it is awesome. They did not have experience with the hot tubs before and this was a great discovery for them. They thought for a while about buying one and found a lot of information about different types of hot tubs. They were a bit confused at the start but then decided to make a list on what they are actually looking for.

The research took a while but they did not regret it. What they found in the end that was very suitable for them is Grand Bahamas. All the seats in the tub are very comfortable and relaxing. What they found pretty amazing are the lights in the night and waterfall. The foot blaster is especially usable. They have also learned a lot about caring and maintenance because they want it to last for some time. They are very pleased and happy with the use and they use it on a daily basis.

What I have personally tried is the Artesian model  Captiva 7×7 option. What was specially interesting was the shell with textured minerals. It gave a special image of the tub. Flat bottom I found was much more usable than that one with the hump in the centre because of the safety and security of all people and even children who are entering the tub. The Ozone option was a great choice as well.  There are many jets who act like spinners. There is also the opportunity to adjust water with three buttons.  It takes time to learn about cleaning cycle programs but what is needed to carefully observe is the water chemistry and filter cleaning.

However, HX2 Fitness Spas from Master Series gives a great deal of opportunities to stay active and be fit. It gives the perfect temperature all year around which makes recovery with therapeutic results. Exercising in water is also fun and exciting with all jets and water flow. I find this model pretty useful and fun.

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