Ideal Hot Tub Temperature — What Should It Be?

It is excepted of new hot tub owners to ask about the most optimal hot tub temperature.

There are some factors to consider like your health risks, your body temperature, air temperature but generally, you want your hot tub temperature to be between 26°C (78 F) in summer and 40°C (104 F) during winter, and most optimal around 37°C (98.6 F) which is the normal body temperature.

Hot Tub Temperature Range

As I said before, anywhere from 26 °C (78 F) to 40 °C (104 F) is acceptable. Sometimes, if the summer heat is unbearable, you might consider lowering the temperature even further to cool yourself off.

In case there will be elderly people or children, you might want to stay away from the minimum and maximum temperature and try to make it so it is comfortable for them the moment they step in the hot tub.

There are plenty of devices that can accurately measure your temperature, not not all of them are convenient. Here are some models available on Amazon.

Body Temperature vs. Hot Tub Temperature

As I previously mentioned, the most optimal hot tub temperature is the temperature of your body, which is on average around 37°C (98.6 F). If you are soaking in winter, then you want to set your hot tub temperature slightly higher because the air temperature will be lower and will cool off the water.

On the other hand, if you are taking a bath during summer, you might want to adjust your temperature to be slightly below the 37°C (98.6 F) mark. Again, you will want to listen to your body and if you need some cooling off, then why not lower your temperature.

Finding The Perfect Hot Tub Temperature

This is really interesting topic since some people prefer to cook their bodies in 40 °C (104 F) water and some prefer to keep it at the body temperature level.

I personally like when the water is super hot (considering health risks) because I get used to it pretty quickly and after 3 minutes it doesn’t feel that hot any more. Your body is amazing because it will adapt to almost any water temperature within that range.

One thing I don’t like when I soak in 40 °C (104 F) is that I start to sweat and I keep sweating long after I leave the hot tub.

Weigh the pros and cons of soaking in low versus high temperature and assess your current mood.

Health Risks & Children

There are some general guidelines you should follow before you dip into hot tub:

  • If you are pregnant, you should really check with your doctor who should be able to tell you if you can go in the hot tub or should stay away from it.
  • If you have kids that are under age 5, they should not be in water over 35°C (95 F), and should not stay longer than 5-10 minutes at a time for their safety.
  • You should stay away from hot tub in case you have open wounds or skin rash or any other skin problem.
  • As previously mentioned, hot water tends to make you sweat so you should plan to rehydrate while in a hot tub. (AS)


How Long does it Take for a Hot Tb to Heat Up?

This varies depending on heater size, flow, size of the hot tub, ambient temperature and quality of insulation. Generally speaking, a hot tub will warm up 1 degree per hour.

What Should I do With the Hot Tub Temperature When I Go Away?

It is worth reducing the hot tub temperature to save money on heating costs and potentially cut chemical consumption. Most hot tubs have freeze protection so there is limited risk of freezing in the winter if you do this. 

My Hot Tub Will not Reduce in Temperature, What Should I Do?

In the heat of summer, sometimes the ambient temperature means that the hot tub temperature is very hard to reduce. The best thing to do is either partially drain and add cold fresh water to reduce the temperature or to leave the cover off for a period to bring this down. 

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