Can a Hot Tub Help You With teh Flu? [Congestion]

Yes, your hot tub can help with your flu. There are a few advantages of using a hot tub when you are sick especially when you have a cold or congestion issues.

Hot Tub Will Help You Increase Temperature To Fight Viruses

One of the most common symptoms of a cold or flu is a `fever`. A fever is your body’s way of defending itself against viruses. Soaking in your hot tub to raise your body temperature and create a slight fever can help boost your immune system and prevent the cold virus in your nose from multiplying. The next time you want to rid your body of harmful germs and viruses, look no further than your own backyard!

A hot tub won’t make your cold or flu go away, but it can help treat uncomfortable symptoms. The benefits of hot water are:

  • Relieve chest congestion by breathing in steam
  • Unclog nasal passages with the moisture
  • Warm you up if you have chills
  • Relieve headaches by dilating blood vessels
  • Relax your mind and muscles to sleep better
  • Eliminate germs to prevent them from spreading
  • Relieve muscle pain with a hot water massage.

Hot Tub Will Help You Sleep Better Which Helps With Your Flu

Sleep is your body’s way of regenerating and healing itself. But it can be hard to get quality sleep when your nose is running and your body is sore. But there’s good news: bathing in your spa is naturally relaxing, which can help reduce stress and promote better sleep. Your body responds to de-stressing in the spa in the same way it would during meditation or other relaxing states. Also, once you get out of the water, your body temperature drops, which increases the feeling of drowsiness. A single relaxing soak in your hot tub can improve your sleep and help your body recover faster.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Hot Tub For Pain Relief

  • Treat yourself to Epsom salts. This will help boost your magnesium levels, an important mineral for bone and heart health. To learn more about the benefits of Epsom salt, click here.
  • Make sure the water is not too hot. This is especially important if you have heart problems. A healthy temperature is between 92 and 100 degrees.
  • Take a bath for no more than 20 minutes. Don’t overdo the time spent in the bath. The maximum benefit is achieved after about 20 minutes.
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