Is My Hot Tub Ozonator Working?

There are 4 main clues that indicate whether or not a hot tub’s ozonator is working correctly including water clarity, odor, ozonator test results, and age.

If an ozonator is working, the hot tub’s water will be completely clear and odorless. This means that there is no smell, not that there is simply a lack of any foul smells.

If the hot tub smells like chemicals, it is highly likely there is a malfunction with the ozonator, and the water may not be safe for use.

Furthermore, if there is any doubt remaining regarding the ozonator’s efficiency, a Spa Ozone Test Kit can be used to provide a decisive answer.

Finally, age plays a large role in the effectiveness of an ozonator. The average ozonator lasts roughly 2 to 5 years.

After this time period, it is likely they will no longer function properly and will need to be replaced. 

Do Ozonators work in hot tubs?

Ozonators work in hot tubs and are a great option to ensure that the water is kept clean using fewer chemicals.

Ozonators allow ozone to be placed in hot tubs by combining 3 atoms of oxygen using UV light or corona discharge (CD). Ozonators must run 4-6 hours a day in order to keep a hot tub’s water clean.

However, ozone is a strong oxidizer of contaminants and works to oxidize and destroy any contaminants by breaking loose when exposed to them.

As a result, ozonators are efficient in reducing the amount of chemicals needed in a hot tub and are effective in keeping water clean if run properly throughout the day. 

How do you maintain an Ozonator in a hot tub?

Maintaining an ozonator is fairly easy and requires only 3 simple steps.

  • First, users should ensure that the ozonator is generating ozone. This can easily be done by buying and using an Ozone Test Kit.
  • Next, simple as it may seem, users should ensure the delivery system is delivering ozone. If levels are low, there is likely a failure somewhere in the system.
  • Finally, users should inspect the check valve to ensure that no water has made its way to it.

If the check valve comes into contact with water, it quits working completely.

If these steps are taken and applied routinely, users should have no issues maintaining a hot tub ozonator. 

How long do hot tub ozone generators last?

Once injected into the water, the ozone that generators produce lasts 12 hours. After this time, a hot tub’s water will no longer contain any sanitizer.

Therefore, it is recommended to run ozonators for at least 2 hours every 12 hours to ensure waters are kept clean. However, hot tub ozone generators themselves last roughly 2 to 5 years.

Newer models tend to last a bit longer while older models have shorter lifespans.

Regardless, all ozonators begin to have a decreased ozone output overtime and should be frequently monitored to ensure they are working properly and that the hot tub’s water is kept clean. 

Do you need chlorine with an Ozonator?

Chlorine or a similar substance such as bromine is still needed in a hot tub when using an Ozonator. Ozone is a powerful way to clean hot tub water, but it is a gaseous substance.

This means that it evaporates quickly and struggles to reach and disinfect every molecule of water in a hot tub, particularly in large models. This means that occasional use of chlorine and shocking should be implemented as well in order to keep waters clean. 

However, the amount of chlorine needed is significantly reduced. In fact, hot tub owners find they can use 25% less chlorine. 

Does an Ozonator kill mold?

An Ozonator will kill existing mold present in the water of a hot tub.

However, it is not typically meant to be used before any existing mold in a hot tub is removed and does not work to remedy the conditions that caused mold to accumulate.

This being said, ozone can only go where air can go, and Ozonators produce gas in quantities big enough to cause unstable elements in the water and alter to no longer be dangerous.

In other words, ozone combines with mold and works to change it in a way that alters the spores that create the mold particles.

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