My Hot Tub Won’t Stop Running

The reason why a hot tub constantly runs, if it was not designed otherwise, might be a faulty heating element. 

If the heating element touches the manifold, it can cause heat to transfer to the sensor and cause it to trip. Additionally, the heating element might be burned out, which can cause the residual heat to raise the water temperature, making the pump run all the time. In this case, you will have to replace the heating element and make sure that it does not touch the manifold.

Moreover, your hot tub may constantly be running if placed under direct sunlight, which may increase your water temperature and melt your circuit board. A faulty circuit board affects the pressure switch or heater circuit.

Other potential problems are a faulty thermostat timer or damaged wiring. Either way, if your tub is constantly running, it is an indicator of an issue that should be identified and resolved as soon as possible, and you should seek professional advice.

Should my Hot Tub be Running all the Time?

Hot tubs are designed to be switched on 24/7 and run continuously. 

It should be on to keep the pumps cycling the water through the filtration system and distribute the heat throughout the water to keep it clean and warm. Stagnant water is a fertile ground for breeding bacteria and growing algae, making the water turbid and not healthy to spend time in. Hot tub circulation pumps make the chemicals such as chlorine and bromine circulate and be evenly distributed, to maintain water’s cleanliness and prevent the bacteria from spreading.

Another reason why the hot tub needs to be running constantly is to reduce the costs. Hot tub pumps help maintain the temperature. It is much more economical to maintain the water temperature than to heat it from the starting point. In addition, since the pumps ensure that the water regularly circulates, thus keeping it reasonably warm all the time, it does not take as long to heat it every time you want to soak in.

If your hot tub runs all the time but sounds quiet and works properly, then you have nothing to worry about. However, you should consider turning it off if you do not plan to use it over winter or for a longer period. But, you need to pay close attention that you drain the water after switching it off and wipe it down thoroughly in order not to leave any water residue to avoid a chance of freezing inside plumbing or spreading bacteria.

Can you Run a Hot Tub with Low Water?

It would be best if you never run your hot tub with low levels of water. If you either underfill or overfill your hot tub, the outcome can be catastrophic. You have to check your hot tub water level regularly because if it is too low, it can cause significant flow issues and shut down a heater element.

If you underfill your hot tub, the pumps will be overworked, and it will suck in air with leaves and other debris that might enter your pump system and eventually destroy it.

To prevent this from happening, you should check your water level at least once a week. The more often you use your hot tub, the more often you need to check the water level. This is because your hot tub will lose water over a few days, even if you do not use it regularly. After all, the heat makes the water evaporate.

Should I Turn my Hot Tub Down When not in Use?

It is not recommendable to turn your hot tub down while not in use. The reason is primarily due to economic reasons. If you turn down the temperature every time you are not using your hot tub or exit the water, it will make your electricity bill over the top. It is pretty much cheaper to maintain the constant water temperature than to turn it down and heat it over again every time you want to use your hot tub. According to many hot tub owners, it costs them only one dollar per day to run their hot tub and five dollars if they have to heat the water from scratch.

On the other hand, if you plan to go away from home for some time or decide that you do not want to use your hot tub over winter, you should turn it off. First, however, you need to drain the water and leave it empty and protected from external influences.

How Often Should a Hot Tub Run?

Your hot tub should be kept on running all the time because it has many features that help maintain the water temperature and cleanliness. When someone talks about running a hot tub, it usually refers to running the circulation pumps, which enable the filtration system to clean the water. Most hot tubs have an automatic circulation schedule that makes the pumps cycle the water periodically all day. Usually, the filtration system is set to run two times a day for 3 to 4 hours. However, you could set the timer to work off-peak hours if you are worried about spending too much electricity. Also, if you notice that the water is getting turbid, you can increase the filtering time. The longer the pump runs, the cleaner the water will be.

Should Jets be on When Heating a Hot Tub?

When on, the jets improve the water heating process in your hot tub. The jets dispense the heated water more efficiently and break up any cold pockets of air stuck in the pipeline, thus causing the hot tub to heat up faster. An average hot tub with a 4kw heater element will increase the water temperature by five degrees in one hour. On the other hand, with the jets turned on, that time will be improved by approximately ten minutes. Many hot tubs have timers that automatically start the jets when the heating process is on to filter and heat the water faster and circulate it to prevent freezing if the air temperature is too low.

There is no general rule that the jets have to be on while heating water, but they make the process more effective.

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