What Is A Thermal Blanket For A Hot Tub?

A hot tub thermal blanket is a floating blanket above the hot tub. It is used to insulate the warm water inside the hot tub in order to keep it from evaporating during winter months, when the air is drier and cooler.

A hot tub thermal blanket can be quite cost-effective to own and very useful because it keeps most of the water inside the hot tub and stops possible problems from occurring when the water level is low.

A thermal blanket is actually a floating plastic blanket that is of the exact shape as the hot tub water surface. The blanket is made of thousands of small air sacs which allow it to float on the surface of the water, beneath the regular hard thermal cover. When these two covers are combined with each other, they can provide the maximum degree of heat retention possible inside a hot tub. The function of the hard cover is to keep the cold air out, and the thermal blanket helps to preserve the heat in the water inside the hot tub.

Thermal blankets are a very useful addition to the hot tub set up and are regularly used outside in the winter, but they can also be used indoors on hot tubs as well. Most likely they will cause a reduction in the water’s heat loss over a 24 hour cycle period and reduce the cost of energy consumed for topping up the hot tub constantly. They also prevent any malfunctions from occurring due to low water levels.

When spring comes, thermal blankets should be stored away until next year. Spring is a time when the temperature starts to rise, so there is no need for a thermal blanket anymore. They are a very effective add-on to the hot tub and can be of much benefit if used properly.

Do Solar Blankets Work on Hot Tubs?

Yes, solar blankets can be quite effective on hot tubs. They preserve the heat inside and reduce evaporation, chemical loss, and the amount of debris that can fall into the hot tub.

The most important function that solar blankets perform is protecting the warm water and keeping it from getting in contact with the cool winter air and evaporating quickly. Solar blankets are effective in this manner and they allow longer usage of the hot tub during colder months.

Solar blankets are also important for preserving chemical balance in the water. Their functionality is very good and varied. To keep the solar blanket in place and stop it from being blown off by the wind, it is a good idea to lay over the blanket a few heavy objects on each end. Screws can be used as well to secure the solar blanket and ensure it does not get blown off.

Solar covers do work, they successfully retain heat and prevent it from escaping into the air. They also reduce the risk of too much water loss, something that can always cause problems if the hot tub is running. If the water level has dropped too low, the hot tub can easily malfunction.

When used properly, solar blankets can reduce the loss of temperature inside the hot tub and mitigate the effects of water evaporating into the air. This is important to have in mind, in addition to the prevention of chemical loss.

Are Thermal Hot Tub Blankets Worth it?

Yes, thermal hot tub blankets are really worth the cost as they can reduce the loss of heat up to 95%. This is of the utmost importance during the winter months when most heat loss and evaporation occurs.

This is a very beneficial characteristic of a thermal blanket, especially during the winter when the hot tub is more exposed to heat loss. This is due to the fact that when heat escapes, the heater must work twice as hard to make up the heat it has lost.

Hot tub thermal blankets also reduce the amount of evaporation, making it energy-efficient and also providing protection to the hot tub hard cover.

They also can prevent any debris from falling inside and damaging the hot tub. Thermal hot tub blankets are worth the money that is spent because they provide protection to the hot tub in so many ways. By preserving heat and reducing water loss, they also preserve the chemical balance inside the water and keep it safe for the bathers to enjoy themselves for a longer period.

It’s much more practical in economic terms to maintain the hot tub’s temperature rather than heating it from scratch each time it is being used. If the hot tub needs to be heated up from cold each time the owners want to use it, this would have a serious impact on the hot tub’s running costs.

The thermal blanket will ensure that the hot tub is safe and properly insulated throughout the colder months when evaporation is at its peak. They are used in combination with a hard hot tub cover to create an insulation barrier from the environmental effects. Their application in this manner is quite effective and produces very noticeable results. It should represent an important addition to the hot tub equipment and be used whenever needed.

How do you Build a Thermal Cover for a Hot Tub?

A thermal cover for a hot tub can be built if proper materials are obtained. This is done in cases where it cannot be bought in a store for a specific model of a hot tub or if the owner simply does not wish to spend money on it.

Such an endeavor can be performed by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Measuring the hot tub;
  • Step 2: Cutting the materials used in building a hot tub thermal cover;
  • Step 3: Wrapping the insulation foam into heavy plastic;
  • Step 4: Gluing the foam to the wooden boards;
  • Step 5: Painting the wood and installing the hinge.

Building a thermal cover from scratch is quite an undertaking and it requires not only materials but proper knowledge of how thermal covers function. Hot tub thermal covers have a specific purpose, they provide the necessary insulation in order to preserve heat inside the hot tub.

In case the thermal cover is not assembled with proper care and skill, it will not function properly and heat from the hot tub will continue to escape into the surrounding air. This is why it is important to know exactly what to do when building a thermal cover for the hot tub. It should not be taken lightly.

Building a thermal cover from scratch is only advised in conditions where there is no option of buying one in the store. However, a certain number of hot tub owners prefer to build their own thermal covers, some to save money, others just for the sake of building it.

This is not that uncommon, especially in smaller communities, where the people are used to being more practical and skilled with their hands.

Do Floating Hot Tub Covers Work?

Floating hot tub covers are generally considered to be cost-effective and an inexpensive way of protecting the hot tub. They help to protect and reduce damage to more expensive parts and save money in this way.

They also reduce the amount of chemicals that need to be constantly added to the hot tub to preserve the chemical balance of the water and make it safe to use. Floating hot tub covers work in combination with the hard hot tub cover and create a valuable layer of insulation between the fresh air and warm hot tub water.

Floating hot tub covers are not expensive and can be easily set up. It is always a good idea to safely secure them once set up, so they do not fall off. These covers also provide precious protection from the elements and keep any debris caused by wind or rain from falling into the hot tub and contaminating the water.

However, the primary function of floating hot tub covers is to preserve the heat inside the hot tub and stop the warm water from evaporating. They are quite effective in this way and are considered a very useful addition that every hot tub owner should consider buying.

They are also very practical to use and when combined with the hard hot tub cover, provide a very effective barrier that keeps the chemical balance in place and also drastically reduces water loss due to evaporation.

They are relatively straightforward to set up and can last for several years if used properly. It is a good and affordable purchase that keeps safe a larger, much more expensive investment. Hot tubs have their own way of working and if they are not properly insulated during winter, they can malfunction. This happens most frequently due to too much water loss.

How do you Use a Hot Tub Blanket?

The proper way to use a hot tub blanket is to position it with the bubble side down onto the hot tub water to provide maximum effectiveness. The way the cover works is that sunlight heats up small pockets of air inside the cover, which in turn heat up the water.

Hot tub blankets are another smart way of protecting the delicate parts of the hot tub from any damage. They provide additional heat to the water and keep it from evaporating into the environment. They are especially important during the winter months because the danger of too much evaporation is at its highest during this time.

They are also considered to be a major contributing factor in terms of cost-effectiveness. By preserving heat, hot tub blankets save the energy that would have been used to constantly heat up the water inside the hot tub. They are also cost-effective in terms of chemical loss. By preserving chemicals, they keep the water safe to use and clean from any contaminants.

Additionally, hot tub covers offer protection from any harmful outside debris that could fall inside and damage a hot tub component or simply get the water dirty.

If left uncovered, especially during long periods of exposure, the hot tub water would be lost to steam, meaning that it would evaporate. Keeping the hot tub covered ensures that it will have a long life span and its components safe from any damage or malfunction caused by excessive water evaporation.

Hot tub blankets are inexpensive and easy enough to set up but are very useful in a variety of ways. They should be considered as a must-have part of the hot tub equipment and can be used for years, during colder months. Once spring comes and temperatures rise, the blanket can be stored until next winter without any difficulties.

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