Why Are My Hot Tub Jets Not Working?

If your hot tub jets are not working, the cause is usually straightforward to fix, so you should not be too worried. Before consulting a technician, there are several things to inspect first, such as:

  • Filters, 
  • Pump, 
  • Valves, 
  • Water level, 
  • Drain cover, etc.

Any issues within these might cause the jets to stop working

Jets receive water outflow from the pump; the pump gets the water from filters, hence when jets stop working, the hot tub filters may be dirty or clogged, thus reducing the water flow. To resolve the issue, you should clean the filters to enhance the water flow. If your filters are worn out and cannot be washed properly, you might consider replacing them.

On the other hand, the air-clogged pump is the most common reason for the jets’ work interruption. Any air stuck in the pipeline might cause the pump to be unable to push the water through the jets.

Moreover, sometimes it just happens that you forget to open the diverter valves after repairing the hot tub without draining the water. These valves are positioned on both sides of your hot tub, and once you open them, the jets should regain their strength.

Also, you should add water to your hot tub from time to time because the water tends to evaporate when hot. If you fail to replenish the water, its low level might affect the water flow, as well as the hot tub heater.

Additionally, you should check that nothing is blocking drain covers because they have powerful suction, and their blockage might prevent the proper water flow.

How do you Fix Spa Jets not Working?

To fix hot tub jets that do not work, first, you have to determine what is causing them to break down; whether the cause is a clogged filter, or perhaps a bad pump, or air pockets that are stuck in the pipes, etc. Once you have examined what is causing the issue, then you can start resolving it.

Let assume the dirty filters are why the hot tub jets do not work. Clean or replace them if they are worn out and no longer usable.

Additionally, if you just refilled your hot tub and the jets are not working, there is a 99% possibility that some air is stuck in the pipes. When the airlock happens, the pump cannot push the water through the jets, thus disrupting their regular operation. To get rid of the stuck air, you should loosen the discharge pipe from your pump to release the air from your plumbing. When you turn the pump on, you should hear the air hissing out. Once the air is all out, your system will start discharging water. Turn off the pump and tighten the discharge pipe, and your jets should be operating as required.

However, the worst thing that could happen is a broken pump. To repair the pump, you should consult a technician. But, repairing the pump might cost you more than simply replacing it. Hence I would buy a new one because this is a more economical option and to replace it you do not need a technician, you can do it by yourself only by following the installation instructions.

My Hot Tub Jets are not Working After Refill?

The airlock is the most probable reason why the jets fail to operate after refilling your hot tub. It is almost impossible to drain all the water from your hot tub, especially from the plumbing. Hence when you refill the hot tub, pockets of air get caught in the pipeline between two bodies of water. If the air remains stuck in the pipes, the standard jets function will be interrupted. However, having an airlock situation is very easy to solve. All you have to do is loosen the unions at the pump, and the trapped air should leak out. You should hear the hissing sound while the air is coming out. Once the air is released, your hot tub jets will start operating as required.

What is the reason for hot tub jets not working on one side?

Many hot tubs use two pumps, each in charge of half of the hot tub. If one of these pumps does not operate properly, it might cause the jets in control of that pump to not work. Usually, but not always, pump one is a two-speed pump where low speed runs the heater, and high speed runs the jets. On the other hand, the second pump is a single-speed pump designed to provide the water flow through the jets. The most common cause of jets not working on one side is an airlock in one of the pumps. To test whether there is an airlock in one of the pumps, turn the working pump off and listen to the second one.

If you hear any struggle as if the pump is running but with difficulties, then the airlock is causing the jet’s issue. To release the air, turn off the power to your hot tub and loosen the unions on the air-locked pump. Once you ease the unions, start the pump, and the air will leak out. Turn off the power once again to tighten the unions. After air release, the jets should function properly. The airlock is a widespread issue that occurs when the hot tub is drained and then refilled.

On the other hand, hot tubs with a single pump might have a suction valves issue. These suction valves are positioned inside the hot tub near the floor in the center. Their task is to send the water from the tub to the pump. Hence, if one of the suction valves is clogged or closed for some unknown reason, the pump will not send the water to the jets; thus, the jest will not work.

My Hot Tub Jets are Working with Reduced Pressure.

Hot tub jets might work with reduced pressure due to dirty filters, clogged impeller, or limescale build-up in your jets. The hot tub filter plays a significant role and is the key to the clean water pumped through the jets back into the hot tub. Therefore if your filters are old and worn out, it might cause the jets to slow down and operate with reduced pressure.

Moreover, check your impeller for possible obstructions, such as pieces of torn fabric or hairs. However, if there are no visible clogs, calcium build-up inside the jets is possible. It would be best if you removed the jets and soaked them in vinegar to dissolve potential deposits.

Also, one of the reasons why the jets are working with reduced pressure is the low water level. Too little water might cause the air to find its way into the system through the jets. 

Finally, if none of the above is the culprit, you should check the valves that operate the hot tub jets. These valves operate automatically and might need some adjustment from time to time. Therefore make sure that these valves are opening and closing neatly.

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