7 Most Common Hot Tub Problems And Their Repairs

Picture this: It’s been a hot day and you cannot wait to get home and relax in your hot tub. You grab your cold drink, a towel, and a robe. Then, upon getting into the spa, it doesn’t function as it should. No need to worry! Here are some of the most common problems with hot tubs and how you can fix them yourself. 

1. The Hot Tub Does Not Heat

A hot tub not heating the water is one of the most common problems you may encounter as a hot tub owner. You do not have to worry if your tub is not heating up. You can solve the systemic hitch by following these steps.


  1. Review and correct the water level
  2. Unblock the blocked passageways
  3. Wash filters with clean hose water under high pressure
  4. Soak and rinse the filters in plenty of water
  5. Reset the heater
  6. Turn the heater breaker on and off
  7. Check for an airlock if you filled up the water in the tub recently
  8. Repair any damaged component of the system
  9. Replace the heater if all else fails

2. Malfunctioning Jets

Hot tub jets cause water to move in a turbulent manner creating a ripple effect. You can enjoy the ripple effect as a massage. If the turbulence is not generated, then you cannot enjoy the massage. You can make the jets functional again by following the steps the manufacturer offers.


  1. Turn the jets on and off for 10 minutes
  2. Open up the jets
  3. Clear the jets of any dirt, calcium, or debris buildup
  4. Fill the water tub
  5. Clean the filters
  6. Unblock affected water lines

3. Pumps Making Noise

Fill the water level in the tub as recommended by the manufacturer. Always ensure the bearings of the pump are functioning. They propel the pump, and the pump is the lifeblood of a hot tub. Pump bearings with a problem will make a lot of uncomfortable noise as they rotate. If the pump works more than the manufacturer recommended, it can also develop technical issues. Listen carefully and note the pitch of the noises.


a) Deep Growling

  1. Top up the water to the required level
  2. Clear blockages to stop overworking the pump
  3. Ensure that valves are open

b) A high-pitched sound

  1. Lubricate the bearings regularly
  2. Replace worn out bearings for improved performance
  3. Call a reliable hot tub expert

4. The Control Panel Showing an Error Code

Check the control panel regularly. If there is an error, the control panel will indicate it. This will save you time finding out the problem. Stick by the guidance of the manufacturer to fix the problem. You should do nothing if you are unsure of the steps and call a professional. The techniques for troubleshooting the errors vary with hot tubs. Solve every mistake by the appropriate troubleshooting technique.


  1. You should review owner resources
  2. Look for a troubleshooting guide to fix the error
  3. Seek an electrical guide if it is an electrical issue
  4. Follow the recommended steps precisely

5. Dirty Water

Water in the hot tub must be clean. It should have a clear appearance that you can see the floor of the tub. If you notice water that is murky, full of foam, or cloudy, it indicates a problem.

Also, the smell of the water should be familiar, which may include a tinge of chlorine. If you notice an unfamiliar odor, act immediately. Check purifiers and similar agents that you mix with the water to notice any change. Review the entire tub to see if there is another related issue to the dirty water.


  1. Drain the dirty or murky water
  2. Clean the tank after drainage
  3. Fix parts that may be broken
  4. Refill with clean, freshwater
  5. Treat the water with appropriate sanitizer

6. No Bubbles

Ozonators produce air, which creates visible air bubbles from the tub surface. When you turn the power on, bubbles should be visible. A day when you cannot see bubbles means the ozonators have a mechanical problem. The air originating from the Ozonator cannot escape through the clogged passageway, thus thwarting the formation of bubbles.

Several factors can block the air passageway. The check valves and all tubing must be clog-free. If foreign particles enter the check valves or the tubing and clog them, air cannot find its way outside. If you unblock the blocked elements, you can restore the bubbles. The water must be clear as you observe the bubbles, and any sign of cloudiness shows that ozone is missing.


  1. Check for ozone by testing the water
  2. Clean up the tubing once or twice every year
  3. Replace the check valve
  4. Replace or repair the tubing
  5. Use chlorine and other recommended chemicals to cover for ozone if it is absent
  6. Replace the unit if it is more than three years

7. Damaged Hot Tub

Chemicals meant for a hot tub can affect the tub surface after prolonged use. To reduce the chances of chemical effect to your tub, only apply recommended substances. It would be best if you were cautious because even the recommended chemicals can still harm the tub. Low-quality chemicals may even affect the tub adversely. You shouldn’t use such chemicals in the tub.

Always follow the regulations of the manufacturer. It will enable you to use suitable chemicals that do not corrode the body of the tub. If it is rusted, its wellness purpose ceases. You can use it for hydrotherapy. It may no longer be therapeutic due to corrosion.

Before you pour the chemicals into the tub, always confirm the concentration level to ascertain it is on precision. You will get more health benefits and longevity from the hot tub when you apply proper chemicals and couple them with regular maintenance.


  1. Apply water care products in your hot tub
  2. Use chemicals recommended for hot tubs only
  3. Ensure any chemicals you apply are to the right concentration
  4. You can use chemicals for spas but not those meant for swimming pools
  5. Use quality chemicals from legitimate and reputable sources
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