9 Best Hot Tub Automatic Chemical Dispenser – One Is Perfect

Sanitizing a hot tub doesn’t need to be a challenging task. Forget about the liquid detergent solutions and fancy spray bottles that end up consuming lots of cash with no worthwhile results.  

Things are now simple these days. Have you gotten yourself a hot tub automatic chemical dispenser?

Just drop in some chemical tablets, then simply immerse the dispenser in your hot tub. The big task, however, is getting the best equipment to suit your job. Thankfully, our top 9 list of best automatic chemical dispensers will save you time and make your decision making process simple. 

Should I use a floating chlorine dispenser in hot tub?

A floating chlorine dispenser can be an effective and convenient way to dispense chlorine in a hot tub. These devices are designed to release a measured amount of chlorine into the water over time, which can help to maintain a consistent chlorine level and keep the water clean and sanitized.

There are some advantages to using a floating chlorine dispenser in a hot tub:

  • Convenience: A floating chlorine dispenser can be placed in the hot tub and left to dispense chlorine on its own, without the need for manual dosing.
  • Consistency: A floating chlorine dispenser can help to maintain a consistent chlorine level in the water, which can be difficult to achieve manually.
  • Easy to use: Floating chlorine dispensers are easy to use and do not require any special knowledge or equipment.

However, there are also some potential drawbacks to using a floating chlorine dispenser:

  • Cost: Floating chlorine dispensers can be more expensive than other methods of chlorine delivery, such as tablets or liquid chlorine.
  • Limited control: With a floating chlorine dispenser, you have less control over the amount of chlorine that is being released into the water. This can be problematic if the chlorine level needs to be adjusted quickly due to changing water conditions.

Ultimately, whether or not to use a floating chlorine dispenser in your hot tub is a matter of personal preference.

Comparison Table

Here’s a glimpse of the main features that our top automatic chemical dispensers for hot tubs have. 

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`Item WeightWarrantyManufacturerHolding capacity
U.S. Pool Supply Chemical Dispenser2.39 ounces1-yearU.S. Pool Supplyfive one-inch tabs
Cclear Pool Supply Pool Dispensing Floater13.6 ounces2-yearCclears1-3-inch tabs
WWD Mini Floating Dispensing Unit2.39 ounces1-yearWWD1″ Chlorine or Bromine or tablets
JED Floating dispenser1.1 pounds1-yearJED1″ & 3″ tablets.
U.S. Pool Supply Collapsible Dispensing Unit2.39 ounces1-yearU.S. Pool Supplyfive one-inch tabs.
GAME Solar Light-Up Tablet Chlorine Dispenser1.75 pounds1-yearGAMESolar-powered
Daveyspa Dispensing Unit9.9 ounces1-yearDaveyspa1″ or 3″ Chlorine Tablet Tabs.
GAME 8000 Derby Duck6.4 ounces1-yearGame3 1-inch tablets
Life Deluxe Spa & Pool Chemical Dispenser6.4 ounces1-yearLife1″ chlorine or bromine

Top 9 Best Hot Tub Automatic Dispensers

1. U.S. Pool Supply Chemical Dispenser

Those who reside in the U.S. have definitely seen this dispenser and probably know that it’s a reliable brand. The unit perfectly fits small bromine tablets.

The unit has a 4.5-inch diameter. It features a collapsible tank with a maximum volume capacity of five one-inch tabs. It also comes with a thermometer molded on the sides with calibrations running from 0°- 50° C. 

The chemical dispenser helps you to control the chemical amount delivered into the hot tub through a control ring. This way, you’ll keep your hot tub foul, bacteria, and algae-free. 

U.S. Pool Supply Spa, Hot Tub, Small Pool, 4-1/2" Diameter Floating Chlorine & Bromine Chemical Dispenser with 120° F Thermometer, Holds 1" or 1-1/2" Tablets - Adjustable Chemical Delivery
  • Premium quality 4-1/2" Diameter chemical dispenser with a convenient 30° to 120° F (0° to 50° C) Thermometer molded into the side of the dispenser.
  • Holds 1" or 1-1/2" chlorine or bromine tablets (not included). Does not hold 3" tablets.
  • Has adjustable control ring for setting balanced chemical delivery. Includes tie string loop.
  • Ideal for keeping your small pool, spa or hot tub ready to use and free from contaminats and foul odors.
  • One Year - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Buy with confidence, if you're not satisfied with this item at anytime within one year of purchase, we'll provide a refund or replacement.


  • Professional grade make
  • 1-year warranty
  • Affordable 
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Accurate temperature readings


No cons reported

2. Cclear Pool Supply Pool Dispensing Floater

This dispenser gives you ultimate control to clean your hot tub. It is made of heavy-duty quality materials that outperform most brands. 

This version holds 1-3-inch tabs. Because it’s weighted and circular, the unit doesn’t turn over or sink while in the hot tub. It is built to last and thus, provides worth the value. 

It is foam-filled and boasts a robust twist-lock lid which prevents chemicals from falling out. This prevents chemicals from staining your hot tub and causing harm to your little ones.

Cclear Pool Chlorine Floater for 3 inch Chlorine Tablets, 40% Thicker Walls, 7 inch Large Chlorine Dispenser for Inground and Above Ground Swimming Pool, 2 Year Warranty (for 3-inch Chlorine Tablets)
  • Unsinkable Reliability – Keep your pool clean and pristine with your pool chlorine float from Cclear Pool! Your chlorine tablet holder won’t sink thanks to its foam filling and heavy-duty materials.
  • Safe to Splash – Chlorine stains at the bottom of your pool? Not with your Cclear Pool chlorine dispenser. Ensure chlorine tablets never fall out thanks to a secure, twist-lock cap.
  • Durable Design – Enjoy your pool chlorinator season after season. Unlike other chlorinators, your chlorine tablet dispenser features 40% thicker, UV-resistant walls that withstand wear and tear.
  • High Capacity – Maintain a spotless, swimming pool without needing to constantly refill your pool floater. Fit up to 5 individual, 3 in. chlorine pool tablets inside your dispenser’s wide compartment.
  • Our Promise – Our support team is always ready to help! To prove our dedication and because we know it’ll last even longer, we back your chlorine dispenser for pool for 2 years after purchase!


  • Value worth
  • Sturdy and therefore durable
  • Large holding capacity
  • Great design

3. WWD Mini Dispensing Unit

If you’re looking for an affordable dispenser that gets the work done before you realize it, this dispensing unit is worth your attention. The chemical dispenser has adjustable vents that distributes chemicals within no time. 

WWD mini floating unit measures 3 by 3 by 3 and is the perfect choice for kiddie hot tubs. Noteworthy, the unit is super small and thus not suitable for main pools where it can block filter and pump systems.  

This version is designed for use with both 1’’ chlorine and bromine or tablets. It works by automatically releasing the sanitizer into your hot tub. The dosage amount is adjustable and so, you’ll have ultimate control choosing the appropriate amount. 

WWD POOL Chlorine Dispenser for Pool, Floating Mini Spa Chemical Dispenser Chlorine/Bromine Tablet Floater1 Inch Tablets Holder Idea for Spa Hot Tub Inflatable Pool [ Foldable ]
  • 【 MINI SIZE 】: The above pool dispenser measures 4.1” x 4.26", designed for use with 1" bromine or chlorine tablets; A perfect size for a small pool, Inflatable pool, above ground pool, spa, kid water park, etc.
  • 【 QUALITY MATERIAL 】: The floating chlorine floater is made of quality ABS & PP material, can avoid rupture and fading caused by high temperature sunlight, durable to use.
  • 【 ADJUSTABLE FLOW 】: The inflatable pool dispenser is designed with adjustable vents for custom dosage amounts, you are in total control of how much chlorine is released into the water of your pool.
  • 【 EASY TO USE】: Our mini dispenser is equipped with a secure twist-lock cap, keeps stored chlorine secure, also easy to fill and replace. It can easily reach every corner of your pool to spread chlorine effectively, and provides a deep clean.
  • 【 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】: We are committed to providing satisfactory service. If there are any problems with our floating chlorine dispenser for pools, please feel free to contact us and we would be very happy to solve your problems.


  • Easy to adjust and fill the chemical outputs
  • Elegant design
  • You can control the dose amounts
  • A quick way to clean your tab


  • Only suitable for kiddie hot tubs

4.  JPT’s Floating Dispenser

Nothing beats the aesthetic appeal of shark fins floating in a hot tub. This floating dispenser is shark-finned shaped, and so, you’ll find it attractive and interesting.

It holds 2-4 tablets of 1’’ or 3’’. The product has pre-measured dispensers with screw-on vessels that allow easy replenishing of chemicals into your hot tub. 

The dispenser has 8 side marks on its canister. You can create an outlet or an inlet by poking the marks. This allows a precise liquid amount to flow out into your tub. 

Jed Pool Tools Floating Chlorine Dispenser - Shark Fin 454
  • Shark Fin Top
  • Screw on Canister Bottom
  • Canister Has Adjustable Chlorine Flow by Punchable Tabs
  • Holds 1" and 3" tablets.


  • Elegantly shark fin design 
  • Screw on the canister cottom
  • Adjustable chemical flow
  • Can hold 1″- 3″ tablets.


  • Most customers do not appreciate the design.

5. U.S. Pool Supply Collapsible Dispensing Unit

Another U.S. Pool Supply product appears on our list. At a 5 by 4.5- inch dimension, this is arguably a small dispensing unit, suitable for smaller hot tubs. The product has a holding capacity of five one-inch tabs.

The adjustable control ring allows you to control the dispenser’s dilution rate. With this, you can always be sure that no toxic chemicals will spill into your hot tub.  

U.S. Pool Supply Pool & Spa Floating Chlorine & Bromine 1" Tablet Chemical Dispenser, 5" Diameter, Collapsible Floater
  • 5" Diameter dispenser with collapsible tablet tank
  • Holds up to 5, 1" chlorine or bromine tablets
  • Adjustable control ring for balanced chemical delivery
  • Ideal for keeping your pool or spa ready to use and free from contaminates


  • Professional grade make
  • Affordable 
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Best for kiddie hot tubs


  • Too small and not ideal for large hot tubs

6. GAME Solar Light-Up Tablet Chlorine Dispenser

Just from its name, GAME gives you a whimsical solar shark item. This one comes with a tiny screw-on lid that locks chemicals on the inside. It is a unique product that has a competitive advantage over its competitors, thanks to the LED lights.

Its built-in panels charge these lights hence providing an 8-hour lighting for your tub. GAME brings you seven lighting options, ranging from funky pineapples to bright orange. You’ll choose what best meets your needs. 

Additionally, you’ll be happy to realize that the shark design has a tiny twin shark thermometer. This design is suitable for those who want a complete Sharkey set. It is durable and doesn’t compromise on functionality. The chemical dispenser fits both in-ground and above-ground hot tubs of any sizes.

GAME 12902-BB Solar Light-Up Shark Pool 3-inch Tablet Chlorine Dispenser LED Light Sensor, Grey, 6.54” x 9.25” x 12.48
  • Energy-efficient way to CHLORINATE your pool: the GAME solar light-up Shark pool chlorinator is an energy-efficient way to keep your in-ground or above-ground pool properly chlorinated.
  • Solar-powered: this chlorine dispenser for hot tubs and pools is solar-powered. The Solar panels charge the LED lights during the day, then automatically activate at dusk for up to 8 hours of brilliant light with a full charge.
  • Adjustable chemical-dispensing Rate: to ensure your chlorinated swimming pool receives the right amount of chlorine, we’ve designed this pool chlorinator to have an adjustable chemical-dispensing Rate (determined by the size of the pool).
  • TIPS OVER WHEN EMPTY: The GAME solar-powered chlorinator holds up to five 3-inch chlorine tabs (not included). The solar shark floater tilts or tips over once all of the chlorine tablets have dissolved and it needs to be refilled.
  • Perfect for above-ground or in-ground chlorinated pools: our chlorine basket can be purchased as our Derby duck or a cute tiki, globe, pineapple, Shark or volcano. It’s perfect for above-ground and in-ground chlorinated pools of multiple sizes.


  • LED lights
  • Suits both in-ground and above-ground hot tubs 
  • Durable
  • Excellent performance
  • Elegant twin sharkey set
  • Solar-powered

7. Daveyspa Dispensing Unit

Here’s another affordable product to keep your tub treated. Using this option ensures you get the correct amount of chemicals. The built-in thermometer gives accurate temperature readings. Together with adjustable vents, the dispensing unit gives you ultimate control on the chemical flow rate.

Whether you’re planning to use the 3-inch or 1-inch tablet, the unit will work well to ensure your tub remains sparkling clean. 

Daveyspa Pool Chemical Dispenser with Thermometer 3" Tablet Chlorine Dispenser for Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pools
  • Floating Dispenser with built in Thermometer Adjustment Ring to control the Chlorine feed rate
  • Swimming Pool Floating Chemical Dispenser for 1" or 3" Chlorine Tablet Tabs.
  • This heavy Duty floating chlorine dispenser is designed to be used with 3 inch tabs to provide a steady stream of chlorine into your pool or spa.
  • This dispenser works for in ground pools, above ground pools, and spas and comes with an adjustable chlorine output vent that can be set to your liking.
  • Features adjustable bottom vents for proper chemical dispensing.


  • Affordable
  • Accurate temperature reading
  • Adjustable vents


  • Pretty basic

8. GAME 8000 Derby Duck

One issue with most dispensing units is that they’re plain white and blue. Honestly, this is boring. GAME went beyond the norm and again, designed this Derby Duck version. 

The equipment holds 3 1-inch tablets. It tips or tilts whenever it’s empty. Therefore, no need checking it up after every hour. It has an expandable basket that lets you adjust the dispensing size for the correct distribution amount. 

This duck-like style isn’t enough; the unit also comes with a matching pool thermometer and so, you’ll have 2 bobbing ducks inside your tub.

No products found.


  • Lovely ducky design
  • Holds 3 1-inch tablet
  • Tips/tilts when empty
  • Expandable basket for adjusting distribution amount

9. Life Deluxe Spa & Pool Chemical Dispenser

Another chemical dispenser in our list that isn’t of a blue and white make is the Life Deluxe Spa & Chemical dispenser. This unit has an elegant gray color. 

It boasts an adjustable erosion and flow control. The product is also designed with a string that gives you easy reach hence suitable for tub maintenance.

Its adjustable chamber helps to control the rate of dilution. It holds 1-inch tablets and leaves tub looking spick and span. 

No products found.


  • Beautiful gray design
  • Adjustable control
  • Adjustable chamber
  • Tie string for easy access


Value for money is every buyer’s ultimate goal. Besides this, consumers are looking for a product that perfectly combines quality functionality and appeal. U.S. Pool Supply Chemical Dispenser doesn’t disappoint. This unit combines all these features while giving you power of control. 

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