Are Bullfrog Spas Noisy?

Bullfrog spas are considered to be much quieter than other conventional spas. However, almost every newer spa is quieter than the old ones due to their improved pumps, because pumps produce most of the noise. Moreover, the noise also comes from the transmitted sonic vibrations throughout the shell of the hot tub. However, this kind of noise is typical while the pumps and motors are operating, but it should not be excessive and disturb you nor your neighbors.

Today’s Bullfrog spas are using Well Spring filtration pumps that filter the water and produce almost no noise whatsoever and reduce the running costs simultaneously. In addition, their pumps are vibration-free circulation pumps that are more than eight times more effective than standard circulation pumps.

But, if your Bullfrog spa is producing more noise than usual, you should probably check the spa’s motor shipping bolts, which can contribute to the vibrating noise, but the bolts can be removed upon your hot tub installment.

Are Bullfrog Spas worth it?

Yes, Bullfrog spas are worth buying because of their non-metal structure, non-susceptible to rust, reduced amount of plumbing, high-quality equipment, energy efficiency, as well as their up to 10 years warranty period. Most customers decide on Bullfrog spas mainly because of their lack of plumbing and their modern technology. Less plumbing means that you will have fewer holes and hoses, fewer leaks, and thus fewer repairs. With less plumbing, your spa will have less power loss, providing you with more powerful jets. Moreover, Bullfrog spas Wi-Fi feature enables you to control your hot tub using your phone. Whether you want your water and spa ready for soaking when you finish your work, just one click will make it possible, as if you were at home already. 

Additionally, Bullfrog spas use a dual filtration system which enables maximum water filtration. As a result, even though there is 90 % less plumbing than a traditional hot tub, Bullfrog spas can still clean more water in less time, which means that less energy is used in the process.

The one thing that makes Bullfrog spas especially worth buying is their energy-saving technology. Their spas are completely insulated to prevent heat escape. Additionally, the spa’s plumbing is immersed in hot water; thus, any heat from water in the plumbing goes back to the spa water rather than escaping into the cold outside environment. The heat from the equipment compartment is also transferred to the spa water, which is another addition to energy conservation.

Overall, owning a Bullfrog spa will prove helpful because of their lasting material, which many Bullfrog spa owners approve of, as well as because of the reduced energy costs.

What are Bullfrog hot tubs made of?

Bullfrog spas are made of their patented Endura Frame support structure resistant to rust, rot, mold, or mildew. The Endura Frame is a sturdy molded ABS frame that will never rot or rust because it is not wood or metal. As opposed to wood, ABS plastic will not expand or contract when exposed to moisture and temperature changes, thereby providing much better support for your spa shells. In addition, their lifetime warranty supports their structure quality. Bullfrog manufacturers even add extra support in more frequently used areas to fortify overall spa integrity and support the thousands of pounds of water it may hold. Moreover, their sealed ABS base prevents moisture and prevents rodents and insects from entering the spa equipment.

Additionally, Bullfrog manufacturers produce spas with as few holes and plumbing as possible to increase the spa’s reliability and make them leakproof. Also, most of their plumbing is accessible on the Jet Pack itself and not underneath the hot tub, making them easy to access in case of repairs.

Bullfrog, like most manufacturers, uses acrylic to make their spa shells. However, acrylic is available as a single sheet or a two-layer laminate. Bullfrog uses the latter, which is ABS plastic and much more substantial than a single sheet acrylic. Moreover, to make their shells much more robust and durable, Bullfrog is one of the few brands that use Isotec (the most advanced rigidizing process) to rigidize their shells. Isotec is proven more robust than fiberglass that bonds well to acrylic, and does not release any toxic fumes.

Bullfrog spas consist of Balboa spa packs and Gecko or Waterway pumps, which are the largest manufacturers in these areas that make the parts readily available in case of need during and long after your warranty expires.

Are Bullfrog Spas comfortable?

After reading many reviews about Bullfrog spas with safety, I can say they are among the most comfortable hot tubs ever produced. Even the manufacturers themselves boast of their design which is not only made of the highest quality materials, but they also claim that it provides the comfort you want from your favorite hot tub.

In addition to containing comfortable seats, Bullfrog also allows you to choose a specific Jet Pack system that fits your needs, thus providing a personalized hydrotherapy experience. There are 18 Jet Packs that you can choose from that are interchangeable and can be moved to different locations within your Bullfrog spa, depending on your preferences. Moreover, every Jet Pack system focuses on specific body areas and provides an appropriate massage accordingly. For instance, the high-pressure Neck Masseuse Jet Pack provides an intense neck massage targeting tense neck muscles. In contrast, Reliever Jet Pack provides a combination massage that targets your lower oblique, providing a direct-pressure deep tissue massage while at the same time soothing your upper lateral muscles.

Owning a Bullfrog spa will ensure a quality time alleviating stress with soothing massages, thus improving your hydrotherapy experience.

Is Bullfrog Spas a good brand?

A long-standing reputation for quality, sturdiness, duration and state-of-the-art technology indicates that Bullfrog Spas is a good brand. Many of their customers are satisfied with their innovative design and JetPak system but, above all, the low energy consumption. During summer, the electric bills for operating a hot tub usually do not exceed 20 dollars per month, while in winter, the bill might increase by an additional 10 dollars per month. Of course, the running cost depends on where you live, whether you live in warmer or colder areas. Nevertheless, your hot tub operational cost might exceed 50 dollars a month if you live in an extremely cold environment, but this is only in exceptional cases.

However, the one crucial thing is the dealer from whom you buy your Bullfrog spa. It would be a false statement to claim that Bullfrog never has any issues with their spas. They do, but they are doing their best to meet customers’ needs and resolve any possible problems. Still, as long as you have a good dealer that provides excellent customer service support, your satisfaction with the Bullfrog hydrotherapy hot tubs will not cease. On the other hand, Bullfrog’s customer support offers you the possibility to contact them directly if your dealer fails to answer your needs.

Another proof of their long-lasting quality is that Bullfrog spas are under one of the most extended warranties in the industry. They are so confident in their patented EnduraFrame structural support that it has a lifetime warranty, while their spa shell structure has up to a ten-year warranty. Their spa shells are among the strongest because of the reduced plumbing, which reduces the need for drilling: fewer the holes, the greater the structural integrity. Bullfrog spas have only one hole per seat instead of one per jet, found in conventional spas. The JetPak fitting remains in the main body of water, making it easier to remove in case of repair and without using any tool.

Additionally, their JetPak technology allows you to control your massage experience and have full power in every seat.

Where are Bullfrog Spas Built?

Bullfrog International is a private company founded in 1996. It operates under the Bullfrog Spa brand as a manufacturer and wholesaler of premium portable hot tubs, with its headquarters in Salt Lake City in Utah. Bullfrog Company is the only manufacturer in the world that produces custom-built hot tubs. Their customization is enabled by their patented JetPak Therapy System, which allows you to choose the model and position of the jets inside your hot tub, depending on your preferences.

In 2002 Bullfrog Company was recognized as the fourth fastest-growing company in Utah. Nowadays, Bullfrog International distributes licenses and retails its spas not only in the United States but also in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Even though all manufacturing is done in Utah, Bullfrog also uses materials from other American companies and factories all over the world.

In 2011, Jerry Pasley, a former executive at Jacuzzi and Sundance Spas, became the CEO at Bullfrog Spas. Under his management, Bullfrog spas increased their production and international prominence.

Are Bullfrog Spas expensive?

Bullfrog spas are among the affordable hot tubs designed to fit most budgets, but their final prices depend on your hot tub customization. Bullfrog hot tubs have all the desirable upgrades and features among modern technology hot tubs, such as the unique JetPak system and Alexa smart app integration. 

However, even though final Bullfrog spa prices depend on your personal preference on how to customize your hot tub and which features you choose to have (whether you opt for Enhanced Ozone system, Frog Ease filtration system, or Well Spring filtration pump, etc.), they do offer three different price ranges that can give you an insight of how much money you can expect to spend. The three pricing ranges are following:

  • Mid-tier,
  • High-tier, and
  • Luxury.

Mid-tier ranges between $5,000 and $8,000 and are known as their X Series spas. The high-tier marked spas, also known as the R Series, cost between $9,000 and $12,000. And the A-Series and STIL Series, which belong to the luxury range, cost between $13,000 and $18,000.

I will emphasize once again that the overall price depends on your personal customization preference and your budget. Still, as you can see, Bullfrog produces a spa for everyone’s pocket; it is up to you to decide which one suits you best.

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