Are Inflatable Hot Tub Pumps Waterproof?

Inflatable hot tub pumps are waterproof. Usually, all the components of an inflatable hot tub are waterproof and the pump is not an exception.

But this depends mostly on the material used in making a hot tub and its quality. Inflatable hot tubs however, have a waterproof layer that will not allow rainfall water to penetrate.

The majority of hot tub pumps and the hot tubs are made of vinyl and PVC materials to protect them against water. This is one of the reasons they can withstand heavy rains without allowing any water inside.

Is the Hot Tub Pump Waterproof?

The hot tub pump is waterproof. It will not get damaged by rains. But it is recommended that you put it indoors when the weather is extremely bad and wet. The pump’s seal are made to prevent water from entering areas that can develop problems when wet. So being water waterproof doesn’t mean it should be left outside exposed to rains and water, especially when connected to a power outlet.

Hot tubs and pumps that get damaged by water are substandard. Your hot tub pump should not be affected by rains as long as it’s made of high-quality materials and therefore waterproof.

Can you Use a Hot Tub in the Rain?

It is absolutely possible to use a hot tub in the rain. However, it should be minimal rainfall as too much of the rainwater can affect your hot tub ph. When most people buy a hot tub, they only have sunny days in mind. They forget that rains will come at one point during the year. While it’s safe to use your hot tub in the rain, it’s not during a thunderstorm.

As you enjoy a warm bath, some little drops of rainwater on the skin can be exciting. This is one of the reasons most use a hot tub in the rain. It’s 100% safe, but you can do the following to make it more comfortable:

  • Keep warmed towels and bathrobes. You can warm them with a dryer and make sure they are not exposed to the rain.
  • Drink some hot cocoa or tea to stay warm. Your hot beverage should be in stainless steel flask and avoid using glass in the hot as broken pieces can ruin your inflated hot tub.
  • Wear a pair of slippers or shoes to avoid slipping and falling due to the wetness on the ground. You can also hang an umbrella to shield yourself from the rain if you feel it’s too much to have dropping on your skin. Let it be an umbrella that you can leave outside or hang on your hot tub; it will come in handy some other time when it’s raining.

Can you Sit in a Hot Tub During a Thunderstorm?

You cannot sit in a hot tub during a thunderstorm. It is dangerous, and you risk getting electrocuted. In the US alone, hot tub lovers ranging from 10 to 20 suffer injuries due to the use of a tub during a thunderstorm. They are usually caused by lightning because it is not safe to be around water or in a hot tub during the storm. However, some people believe the hot tub is usable throughout the year and end up endangering their lives.

Nothing beats the feeling of sitting in warm water during winter, but you should think of doing it on a stormy day. Water can easily get charge concentration if struck by lightning because it’s an excellent electricity conductor. This can lead to a serious electrical shock, which can be fatal. You should never use your hot tub in adverse weather such as a rainstorm or thunderstorm.

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