Can Hot Tub Jets Cause Bruising – No, Here Is Why?

If you have had a history with sensitive skin that bruises easily, a rational question to ask is whether hot tub jets could cause bruising or not.

Hot tub jets cannot cause bruising because the jets are not strong enough to generate a pressure that could potentially damage any of your muscle tissues and blood vessels. However, it is possible to feel some discomfort if the hot tub jets are set to the maximum pressure.

Main Reasons For Feeling Discomfort In A Hot Tub

There can be a number of reasons why you might feel discomfort during your bath. Anything like poor hot tub quality to simply having different personal preferences. Let’s try to list some of the things you should be aware of if you would like to have a comfortable hot tub experience. This will certainly include a suggestion on how your hot tub can help you with your bruises and not cause them.

Are Hot Tubs Good for Bruises?

So what is the relation between bruising and hot tubs and are they really going to make things worse or help you heal it ?

In case you are a type of person that frequently gets bruises, then you should avoid getting into the hot tub while your injury is still fresh. For new bruises, the worst thing you can do is make it warmer because that would actually increase the swelling, and your bruise could look worse.

This is where the misconception lies. If you just injured your muscle and you are starting to see bruising, then you should apply ice to it and not go into a warm bath.

Now, if you let it heal using ice for a day or two and then jump into your hot tub, that can be really helpful. This is obviously not a medical blog and I can only speak from the hot tub point of view. What happens after a day or two, once you jump into the warm water, your blood vessels dilate and cause blood circulation to increase. An increase in blood circulation accelerates the natural process of healing.

To conclude this; soaking in your hot tub a day after your injury can help your body heal faster from cuts and bruises. (AS)

Can Hot Tub Jets Hurt?

Yes, it is true that hot tubs jets can indeed hurt you. This usually happens for two reasons; one is that the jets are to strong and the second one is that they are not adjustable. Not everyone’s body is ready to take the same amount of force to your muscles so hot tub jets should be able to adjust. Most of the cheap hot tubs face this issue, and reality is that saying that they have the strongest or highest number of jets is being used as an advertisement, but the truth is that none of those two facts matter to you.

So, what’s the proper way to look at these jets? Proper jet installation is the one where you install a jet inside the seating. This is what will lead to having therapeutic and comfortable hydrotherapy massage, assuming you are able to adjust the pressure.

All the hot tub jets should be placed strategically all over your seating area so the pressure can target anything from a stiff neck to sore lower back, including insomnia and migraine headache. This is the whole point of having jets work properly in a hot tub, to provide relief to where you need it the most.

Test Before You Buy

Picking a well-known manufacturer name from the hot tub industry will result in you buying the best hot tub on the market. This is one of the ways to ensure that your hot tub has everything you need to enjoy its soothing and comfortable design.

However, as you know, every hot tub comes with a price and you should be able to do some wet tests before you hand over the money. The wet test is exactly what you might think it is; you get in the hot tub and try it out. You should be able to turn the hot tub on and test all the features before you buy it. If at any point, you feel that the water jets are uncomfortable, try changing the settings until you find a sweet spot. Most of the time it is just a personal preference for how strong you want your jets to be.

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