Can You Use Bath Bombs In A [Jetted] Whirlpool Tub

Bath bombs can be used in [jetted] whirlpool tubs, but certain precautions should be taken in order to avoid damage to the jets within the tub.

Most bath bombs contain a mixture of baking soda, Epsom salt, and citric acid. These ingredients cause no harm to a tub. The real danger is found in more extravagant bath bombs that contain additives such as oils, dyes, confetti, glitter, and more.

These ingredients have the potential to stain or dye a whirlpool tub, cause buildup, and block jets. Therefore, when choosing a bath bomb to use, it is wise to pick simple varieties containing the most basic ingredients.  

What Happens if you Put a Bath Bomb in a Hot Tub?

When placed in hot tubs, bath bombs work just the same as they would in a standard bathtub. However, using bath bombs in a hot tub poses many of the same risks as using them in a whirlpool bathtub does.

When activated in a hot tub, bath bombs fizz and release the oils and other ingredients within them. These ingredients, particularly items such as glitter and oil, have the potential to block jet streams and cause build up on the lining of the tub. 

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Would a Bath Bomb Ruin a Hot Tub?

The use of bath bombs will not ruin hot tubs if appropriate care and precautions are taken. As a result, the use of bath bombs in hot tubs will create extra and obligatory maintenance routines to ensure the continued functioning of the hot tub in use.

If the proper precautions are not taken, the hot tub will cease to function correctly. For example, the oils found within nearly all bath bombs such as coconut oil and shea oil form an oily layer on the water’s surface which then attaches to the tub’s lining and adds bacteria to the water.

These ingredients also have the potential to throw off the pH balance of the tub’s water, and testing kits should be bought and applied to ensure the best water quality as unbalanced acidity may cause corrosion. 

Additionally, if left untouched the glitter, confetti, and flower petals released from many bath bombs will find their way into the jets of a hot tub. This results in blockages and complete malfunctioning of the jets.

To avoid this, bath bombs should be placed in a fabric bag, old socks, or stockings before being added to the water to ensure that none of the extra pieces go astray and end up in a jet. 

How do you Prevent Bath Bombs from Damaging your Jetted Tub?

Make sure to choose the right type of bath bomb for your jetted tub.

There are many bath bombs on the market that are made from simple ingredients and dissolve easily in the bathtub. Avoid bath bombs that contain flakes and other flowery residues.

Contain Bath Bomb Residue with Mesh Bags.

You can also use mesh bags to let the “good stuff” flow freely into the tub while you retain debris that could clog your jets. You may have an organza bag that you received as a gift at a birthday party or shower. These bags are great for dissolving bath bombs. If you don’t have small mesh bags, they are available on amazon. Click here to check the current price on amazon.

Turning Off the Jets

The jets in a bathtub are less likely to clog if you don’t use the jets. Jetted tubs work by sucking in water and forcefully expelling it to create bubbles. Some will say that it’s pointless to use a jetted tub without activating the jets. My jetted tub is so much deeper than the other standard tubs in my house. Taking a bath with a tub shower gives an even greater sense of luxury in the jetted tub, even when the jets are turned off.

Clean your Jetted Tub Regularly After Using Bath Bombs.

If you choose to use bath bombs in your jetted tub, it is important that you clean your tub regularly. A common method for cleaning a jet tub is to fill it with a low foaming cleaner such as dish soap and run the jets for 15 to 20 minutes. Then fill the tub with cold water and run the bath for another 15 to 20 minutes. This will allow the jet cleaner to be flushed out.

If you use bath sprays regularly, you should clean your bath thoroughly after about 2 to 3 bath sprays. If you use bath sprays that contain a large amount of flakes or other debris, you will need to deep clean more frequently. This method is used for many jet baths. It is best to refer to the owner’s manual for your jetted tub and follow the recommended instructions.

Have You Considered Switching From
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Is it OK to Use Bath Bombs in a Jetted Tub?

While not exactly recommended, bath bombs can be used in jetted tubs as long as the proper precautions are taken. As with whirlpools and hot tubs, the oils found in the bath bombs can cause scummy build up.

So, it is necessary to perform frequent, vigorous scrubbing to ensure proper cleanliness levels are maintained within the tub. Additionally, as previously mentioned, the extra pieces of bath bombs are likely to end up within the jets causing them to quit working. 

Therefore, it is advised to avoid using bath bombs with ingredients that do not dissolve and to place the bomb in a protective holder of some sort in order to catch the pieces in the event that such a bomb is used. 

Are Bath Bombs Bad for Plumbing?

Bath bombs can be detrimental to a household’s plumbing system if not used properly. However, they do not have to be harmful! The salts, oils, and pieces in bath bombs are what can cause plumbing issues. 

For instance, the salts within the bombs do not always fully dissolve. As a result, they catch and hold onto hair and other debris that finds its way down the drain causing blockages. Similarly, when cooled any oil that goes down a drain will congeal together causing clogs.

Finally, the additional floating ingredients in bath bombs can easily fall down the drain once again causing clogs, especially if they meet salt or stick to congealed oil. 

Therefore, users should ensure that no pieces find their way down a drain by avoiding using these types of bombs or placing them in a water-safe holder. They should also frequently clean out their drains with vinegar or have them professionally cleaned to ensure no clogs build up and water can flow freely. 

Do Bath Bombs Get you Clean?

Bath bombs do in fact clean one’s skin. Therefore, showering after soaking in bath bomb infused water is entirely a matter of personal preference. However, if remnants of the bomb such as flowers or glitter are left after use, it is wise to rinse off. Otherwise, a soapless bath should be more than enough to achieve healthy, clean skin. 

Is a Bath Bomb Generally a Good or Bad Idea?

Bath bombs are a great idea for many reasons. For example, no matter what skin type one has, there is a bath bomb to meet their needs. Overall, bath bombs are designed to cleanse, moisturize, and smooth one’s skin.

Additionally, the ingredients found in bath bombs are known to repair damaged skin and strengthen blood vessels leaving users with younger, healthier-looking skin.

Finally, the scents found in bath bombs have amazing aromatherapy benefits. Depending on what is included, bath bombs can energize, calm, and soothe which allows for the release of stress and an overall improved sense of wellness. 

Do Bath Bombs Expire ? 

Due to the all-natural ingredients that comprise bath bombs, they do have variable shelf lives and are less effective as time wears on. The expiration date of every bath bomb is dependent on its specific ingredients.

However, the information is often provided with the purchase of the bath bomb, and many expiration date guides can be found online to help determine the quality of a bath bomb based on its age. 

Can Bath Bombs Grow Mold ?

Bath bombs can grow mold. However, the occurrence is very rare and most often happens if the bombs are exposed to moisture or are left sitting in a wet are such as next to a bathtub. 

Bath Bomb Benefits? (What are Bath Bombs ood for)

Bath bombs have countless benefits and are used for a wide variety of reasons from simply relaxing after a long day to treating eczema or sore muscles.

They are efficient in improving one’s mood and increasing relaxation, adding moisture to and healing one’s skin, and soothing any aches or pains including headaches and tight muscles. Furthermore, bath bombs are a great way to treat oneself to a bit of pampering and alone time. 

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