30 Best Hot Tub Accessories Deals (Gifts) [2024]

I am always on the lookout for the best hot tub accessories (deals) that I can find. Those should be super helpful and affordable at the same time.

Here is one specific use case, where if you haven’t already realized what hot tub accessories are all about, then you will soon understand. Imagine if you spend 15 to 30 minutes in a hot tub, and 5 of them you spend reaching for things and leaving them back on a table nearby, or removing scum and watching for your glasses, then you just wasted perfect time that could have been spent relaxing.

This is where you could use a nice holder for example to put your things on or maybe a floating cup holder, floating cards etc.

Or if you prefer to get into your hot tub during the night to watch the stars, wouldn’t it be nice to add some glow to your hot tub that would immensely affect your love life in a positive way? 

Looking For The Best Hot Tub
Accessories For Winter?

I went out to find 13 hot tub accessories that are simply perfect for the upcoming winter and cold days. They will help you look better, enjoy more, and spend less on your electricity bill. See the list here.

I went out and found 21 useful hot tub accessories that really make sense and would be a great addition to your hot tub accessory list. I will let you on a secret; we will have bonus hot tub accessories for you to check as well, so let’s start.

1. Hot Tub Cup Holder – Hot Tub Accessories

Hot Tub Cup Holder

It’s not just about making your drinks and snacks look cool while you relax in your hot tub. It is also about being practical and getting the most out of your drink while in the hot tub with this drink holder.

It has 2 cup holders and a tray to rest your personal belonging while you relax such as your phone, air pods, etc. The tray is mounted on the top of the sidewall and a good thing is that the cup holders can be separated from the tray. Let me know how long does the ice stays in the glass while you are sipping your cool drink in the tub.

Intex 28500E PureSpa Attachable Cup Holder and Refreshment Tray Hot Tub Accessory for Select PureSpa Models, Holds 2 Standard Beverage Containers, Tan
  • Convenient and good-looking beverage tray keeps refreshments within reach as you enjoy the warm, relaxing comfort of your spa
  • Holds 2 standard-sized beverages containers in the cupholders and features a larger open area for other drinks, snacks, or items
  • Securely attaches to the walls of your spa and removes for convenient storage; Dimensions (L x W x H): 10.25 x 8.60 x 7 inches
  • Durable laminated construction resists damage from water; Not for use with hot liquids, alcohol, glass, breakable cups, or electrical objects
  • Designed for use with Intex PureSpa models 28401, 28403, 28404, 28413, 28421, 28423, 28453

2.Turtle Oil Absorbing Sponge – Hot Tub Accessories

Turtle Oil Absorbing Sponge

When it comes to maintenance of your hot tub, you need all the help you can get. Especially if it doesn’t cost a lot. I found that Oil Absorbing Sponge makes hot tub maintenance so much easier and honestly I would feel guilty for not having it and still letting my wife clean the tub.

So what the oil-absorbing sponge does is that it absorbs inanimate scum, suntan lotion, body oils, make-up/cosmetics, pollen, etc. without absorbing any water. How much help can it be?

In addition, it improves filtration and helps to eliminate prevent the creation of a scum line while prolonging the life of the filters. There is nothing fancy about this one really except that it does an amazing job for almost $11. The cheapest help ever.

How To Use Oil Absorbing Sponge?

It’s really simple and there is only one thing you have to do. Just put two sponges in a water-filled pool or bathtub. Done.

There is no harm in leaving it in all the time. It usually tends to float over the filter so it doesn’t bother us. Then when you feel it is getting saturated, just squeeze out, clean and reuse it a dozen more times.

And the best of all, it keeps the oil inside of the sponge. Once the oil is absorbed, it will not expand in your pool or tub.

3. Hot Tub Speakers (#1 Selling Hot Tub Accessory)

Hot Tub Speakers

Alright, so there is another thing that will enhance your enjoyment in the hot tub. The wireless waterproof speaker by SKYWIN is really the perfect answer to high-quality audio for both indoors and out. 

You can hang it from just about anywhere with its uniquely designed built-in hanger to get the best out of its light show.

Or just let it float since the speaker is fully waterproof and can be submerged in three feet of water without any issues. Now, this is awesome and I usually don’t look any further once I find something that has it all. Why waste your time.

What else I like about this one is that you can reuse it over and over, making it the best choice for trips to the beaches, baths, boats and pool parties. The loud stereo sound can be heard for miles and wireless connectivity makes it super easy to pair up and select your favorite tune. Whatever you are into these days, you can turn it on within 20 meters (7 feet).

Connect to your smartphone

It wouldn’t be complete without the ability to connect it with ease to your smartphone or tablet. The speaker can also serve as a handsfree speakerphone making it easy to talk with people while you are busy relaxing in the hot tub or sunbathing by the pool.

Shockproof, Dustproof And Damage Resistant

So we had that it is waterproof, can be paired with your phone, great audio. But how much resistance can it provide? 

Well, superb. The way it is designed with the shape and material makes the wireless speaker highly durable as well as shockproof, dustproof and damage resistant. 

Skywin Floating Pool Speaker with Lights Accessories - Floating Pool Lights Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories - Water Resistant Wireless Hot Tub Accessories for Adults
  • Larger size and superior sound quality: Our floating pool speakers are bigger and deliver better sound quality than other floating speakers on the market, allowing you to enjoy your music to the fullest while floating in the pool.
  • Inflatable hot tub accessories: Our floating pool speaker with lights is the perfect addition to any inflatable hot tub setup, providing high-quality sound and a fun lighting feature.
  • Waterproof and durable design: Our waterproof pool speaker is built to withstand the elements and has an IPX7 waterproof rating, making it suitable for use in and around water.
  • Floating pool speaker with lights: The built-in lights on our floating pool speaker add a fun and unique aspect to your pool parties, providing both sound and visual entertainment.
  • Long battery life: With a built-in rechargeable battery, our waterproof bluetooth speaker for pool provides hours of continuous playback, allowing you to enjoy your music all day long.

4. Portable Outdoor Towel Tree – Hot Tub Accessories

Portable Outdoor Towel Tree

STABLE BASE: The hollow bottom of the towel tree is cleverly designed to be filled with water. What that does is it makes it easy to be carried and also stable when filled with water. That means it won’t easily tip over in the wind or rain. It’s generally proven to be safe and stable. Simply helpful!

ADJUSTABLE BARS: Sometimes you want to spread your towel over the arm so you can slide it more to one side. The three arms can easily be configured to suit your unique needs. One thing to know while adjusting the bars to your preferred length is to properly divide the towel weight in order to prevent tipping and ensuring all your towels dry properly.

PORTABLE: Since this rack will probably be used seasonally, the good thing is that once you are done using it, you can easily take it apart and move it inside for convenient storage. In case you are traveling, you can easily break down the rack and bring it along wherever you go. I really love it since it is really convenient and it is worth every penny.

MADE FROM FURNITURE GRADE PLASTIC: Regardless of where you live, you will probably experience different weather and get plenty of sun and rain during the year. Since your towel rack is going to be outside, you need it to be built from a durable material.

The creators of the rack thought of that and they created it from the same plastic that is used to make the rest of your outdoor furniture. You can forget about rust, crack, or discolor.

Once again, worth every penny and at this point, there is no reason not to get one for yourself. With my wife and two kids, we would need 4 towels and this rack would certainly hold it without any issues. And I am glad to see it on the rack instead of on the patio floor.

CONVENIENT SIZE: Most of the people who own hot tubs already have enough space to not really be looking at the size of the rack. Still, this outdoor towel tree measures 65-inches high x 25-inches wide x 8.5-inches deep.

I guess they have thought about that as well. As I said before, a huge plus for me is simply seeing the organized hot tub area since the clothing and towels are the ones that contribute the most to this issue.

Milliard Freestanding Portable Outdoor Towel Tree, Three Adjustable Bars, Weather Resistant Plastic – 65 inches x 25 inches– Stylish Bronze Colored Pool and Spa Towel Rack
  • STABLE BASE: The hollow bottom of this towel tree is designed to be filled with water, so it will not easily blow over or tip in the wind or rain. Because you want your tree to be safe, sturdy, and secure.
  • ADJUSTABLE BARS: Three arms can easily be configured to suit your unique needs. Adjust the bars to your preferred length to divide the towel weight, preventing tipping and ensuring all your towels dry properly. PATENT PENDING.
  • PORTABLE: When summer is over, easily take apart your tree and move it inside for convenient storage. And if you’re traveling, you can easily break down the rack and bring it along wherever you go. So convenient!
  • MADE FROM FURNITURE GRADE PLASTIC: Your towel rack is going to be outside, and you don’t want it to get ruined from inclement weather. That’s why we created it from the same plastic used to make the rest of your outdoor furniture. Will not rust, crack, or discolor.
  • CONVENIENT SIZE: Outdoor towel tree measures 65-inches high x 25-inches wide x 8.5-inches deep. Make it yours today and enjoy a neat, clean, and organized pool area.

5. Spa Tender Hot Tub Ice Bucket – Hot Tub Accessories

Spa Tender Hot Tub Ice Bucket

I will suggest a couple of different holders in this article but I guess what I am looking for is to get the most out of the one I find. With this one, I like that it is multi-functional since it has pretty much everything I need.

I like hot and cold beverages almost equally and I like having them together on my hot tub tray, like one after the other, immediately, starting with the hot one.

The Spa Tender is the first hot tub caddy that functions as a towel holder, an ice bucket, a cup holder, a tablet stand, a phone holder and as a glass and mug holder. I honestly don’t know what else I could use. 

Another important feature of this hot tub accessory is that it is really easy to mount and remove quickly for storage and cleaning. In addition, just like the rack we talked about, The Spa Tender is made from durable UV resistant polyethylene material that will last for many years or as long as you decide to keep your hot tub.

The Ultimate Hot Tub Tray .Enjoy Convenient Snacking and Drinks with This Combination Hot Tub Table, Drink Holder, Snack Tray, and Hot Tub Ice Bucket, Towel Holder, Phone Holder and Tablet Stand.
  • Uniquely Functional Design - Allows this sturdy ABS Hot Tub Tray to hold everything you need when in your hot tub or above ground pool. The bucket side can be used as an ice bucket for drinks and snacks or a holder for your towels. The tray can hold your wine glass, mugs , phone , I pad or tablet , books, snacks or hundreds of other items
  • Easy to Install - Just two screws in the side of the cabinet to hold the mounting block and the spa tray slides right on .The tray rests on the side of the hot tub for extra support and sturdiness.
  • Easy to Remove - the tray when leaving the spa . The Spa Tender tray will lift right off when you are done for the night so you can put down your cover.
  • Dish Washer Safe - Just put your Spa Tender Tray in the dish washer to keep it sparkling clean when you are done using it.
  • Never Again Leave The Water - to change the music or get your towel, sunglasses, or phone. Relax and keep essentials at your fingertips with your side-attaching hot tub table

6. Underwater Submersible LED Lights – Hot Tub Accessories

Underwater Submersible LED Lights

I found this hot tub accessory to be an amazing replacement for the expensive stock hot tub ambient lights. It is super affordable and if you are not getting a new hot tub for you and your family or you simply can’t afford to add the ambient lighting, then there is no reason not to buy these. Here are some details about it:

CORDLESS RGB POOL LIGHTS: Set of two (2) wireless Starfish submersible LED lights. They are excellent for a pool, hot tub, pond, shower, bathtub, water fountain, spa, vase, hookah or indoor decoration.

You can choose from 16 color preferences and 4 dynamic color-changing modes which is more than enough considering that each person usually has a single color they prefer. Regardless of the color you pick, it will definitely add warmth to your home and patio area

IP68 WATERPROOF MATERIAL: So all the lights appear to be made of IP68 waterproof materials and have a rubber O ring for extra protection, making these 10 bright LED bulbs 100% submersible and water-resistant.

MORE CONVENIENT: It is perfectly OK to assume that you could control this 2-pack of underwater lights using a remote while hanging them on a wall, floor or ceiling. Portable and packs easily. Check!

EASILY REUSABLE: No cables, only batteries. Once you insert the batteries (3 AAA), tightly secure, and you can forget about it for some time! You can repeat this when the batteries run out. 

MULTI FUNCTIONAL: I think this one would be an interesting gift for someone who owns a hot tub. Because it is really the perfect accessory for any occasion: party toys, romantic evenings, holidays and pretty much any time you need to relax.

You can add a colorful accent to your floral bouquet arrangement, flower vase, centerpieces, plants, glass bowl, fish tank, illuminating a hookah, boats and docks, waterfall, or simply light up your backyard landscape.

UBEGOOD Submersible LED Lights with Remote, Waterproof Underwater Led Lights [Battery Operated] Decoration Light for Aquarium, Hot Tub, Pond, Pool, Base, Vase, Garden, Wedding, Party [4 Pack]
  • 【Waterproof IP68 Design】These underwater LED lights are made of premium double-layer waterproof material and with a soft silicone O-ring for watertight sealing.
  • 【16 Colors 4 Modes】Each water light comes with a 24 button energy saving remote controller. 16 unique colors and 4 different modes are available. A cool thing to change the ambiance you want within seconds.
  • 【Indoor and Outdoor】Submersible lights not only used indoors for flower vases, fish tank, aquarium, hot tubs light decorations of daily used. Also widely used outdoors at swimming pool, fountain, ice bucket for a party or wedding decoration.
  • 【Battery Powered LED Lights】Each RGB light powered by three AAA batteries (The batteries are not included). Wireless and safe. Convenient to replace while the batteries runs out.
  • 【Create Amazing Light Show】Colorful lights effect could be easily added in your decor with these unique lights. Place it to anywhere you want to be lighted up, all your guest of the party would enjoy a great atmosphere and unique romantic feeling.

7. Inflatable Pool Drink Holders – Hot Tub Accessories

Inflatable Pool Drink Holders

There is this GoFloats US company that manufactures these inflatable cup holders. They seem to be working great and keep the drink in an upward position regardless if it is a can of Coke or a water bottle. This is especially interesting for kids who can choose among different shapes and colors. It won’t tip over which makes it valid for this list and obviously highly recommend. Be aware of counterfeit floats being sold by other companies on Amazon.

GoFloats Inflatable Pool and Hot Tub Drink Holders (3 Pack) (Choose - Unicorn, Flamingo, Palm Tree and More)
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Flamingle this summer with your flock of tropical flamingos!
  • TURN HEADS: Float your drinks in style with 3 flamingo drink floats
  • VERSATILE USE: Perfect addition for the pool, hot tub, lakes, ocean and more!
  • WILL NOT TIP OVER: Extra buoyant rafts designed to work with almost any size beverage

8. Essential Hot Tubs HS2-BLK Black Handi Step

Essential Hot Tubs HS2-BLK Black Handi Step

One thing you definitely need around your hot tub is the steps to get it, especially if you are having any kids coming over to a hot tub party. Surprisingly many people don’t have it and it would make a nice gift for the holidays. It is also beneficial for elders who now can now save an additional 6 inches when lifting their knees. These are really light and easy to clean.

Essential Hot Tub Heavy Duty Plastic Resin Spa Hot Tub, Inflatable Pool Black Handi Step, 6 x 32 x 14 Inches
  • SAFE, NON-SLIP STEPS FOR EVERYDAY USE: Our convenient, easy-to-grip stairs feature textured grooves to help you step up to your hot tub with ease, and can be used for hard to reach elevated patio or deck areas as well
  • DURABLE, WEATHERPROOF MATERIALS: Crafted from heavy duty plastic resin, our spa stairs are designed to look like real wood, are built to last, and can withstand all season wear and tear
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simply wipe down our sturdy steps with a damp cloth and dry with a towel to soak up excess moisture to ensure maximum safety
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Our Handi-Steps stool comes in one solid piece, requires no extra tools or pieces to assemble, and can be turned on its side for compact storage in your backyard shed or garage
  • MADE IN THE USA: Our Handi-Steps are manufactured domestically, measure 6 x 32 x 14 inches, and come in a beautiful espresso color that will complement your other outdoor furniture, home, or patio area

9. Kenley Hot Tub Booster Seat – Submersible Weighted Jacuzzi Spa Pillow – Washable Cushion Cover

Kenley Hot Tub Booster Seat – Submersible Weighted Jacuzzi Spa Pillow – Washable Cushion Cover

Every manufacturer designs their hot tubs to fit the manufacturer’s idea of an average person. If you’re a little shorter than that, or maybe you have kids, then the hot tub itself can be uncomfortable to use.

This shouldn’t prevent anyone from using their hot tub since they can use this hot tub booster seat. The idea behind the seat is a way to make any tub more comfortable for kids, teens and shorter adults.

It will definitely give you a more comfortable seat and provide some back support. Its weight and resistance in the water make it a great choice for aquatic exercises.

The practical inner compartment is weighted to prevent buoyancy. The comfortable cushion is weighted with 2lb of marble beads which prevents it floating away, so you can leave it in place as you move around.

The cushion cover can be removed and it is machine-washable, which makes it really easy when cleaning and provides maximum hygiene. A side handle strap makes the pillow simple to carry, making it an ideal choice for travel, spa days and holidays.

Hot Tub Booster Seat for Adults - Weighted Pillow for Bathtub, Shower, Jacuzzi & Spa - Washable Cushion for Outdoor Hot Tub - Must Have Inflatable Accessory
  • SUBMERSIBLE BOOSTER – Hot tubs and spas are typically filled to a standard depth, which can make them uncomfortable for anyone shorter than the manufacturer’s standard person. This spa booster seat is the best accessory you’ll buy, easily lifting you up.
  • STAYS IN PLACE – Weighted with 2lb of marble beads, this spa booster seat won’t float up or slide away when you shift around, go for a swim or fetch a drink. Designed to sink, it stays firmly in your seat.
  • INCREASE COMFORT – Fed up of uncomfortable seats when you’re supposed to be relaxing? This hot tub pillow makes any seat more comfortable as it has a shaped, padded section designed to increase comfort. It can be used as a back support in the tub as well as a booster seat.
  • MAXIMUM HYGIENE – With a removable, machine-washable cover, this hot tub pillow is easy to keep clean and hygienic. The water drains easily when you remove the cushion from the tub. Ensure it is fully dry between uses to prevent a build up of smells or bacteria.
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE – This hot tub booster seat measures approximately 15x12in and is 5in thick. This makes it the perfect size to fit any hot tub seat and is compact enough to carry with you so you never need to worry about being too low in a spa pool again.

10. Life Tray Table – Hot Tub Accessories

Life Tray Table

This Life Tray table is only a table without cup holders we saw before. The main advantage of this one is if you need to serve a bit more fruits or snacks and you want a clean, large surface.

It comes with adjustable legs which means that it will probably fit your hot tub just fine. It’s protective strips and drainage holes will keep your items in place and won’t let it slide while staying dry at all times. 

Life Tray Table
  • Tray table comes with adjustable legs to allow the tray table to fit securely to most spa and hot tu
  • Universal Adjustment
  • Protective Strips
  • Drainage Holes
  • 18" Long x 9.5" Wide

11. Spa Mineral Sanitizer Sticks for Hot Tubs

Spa Mineral Sanitizer Sticks for Hot Tubs

The main job of these silver spa mineral sanitizer sticks is to significantly improve the look & feel of water and to assure an odor-free hot tub while improving the performance of ozone-equipped spas. In the end, it all comes down to bringing you crystal clear water.

They are meant to be an alternative to heavy chemicals since they reduce bromine and chlorine usage by up to 50% in most spas. It is really designed to provide a healthier hot tub experience having more optimal pH levels.

It really has low maintenance costs with a duration of up to 4 months. In addition, it is easy to install and simplifies water balance. They are unaffected by heat and work with your existing flow rates Installation. All you need to do is to simply drop the sticks into your existing filter and let the silver mineral sticks do their work.

It is compatible with most spa maintenance products & designed to fit most spas and hot tubs. Also, it is compatible with ozonators and most suction-side and pressure filters.

Bilinavy Spa in-Filter Mineral Sticks Parts for Hot Tub Filter Cartridge, Last for 4 Months, Bule, 2PCS
  • Natural Spa Experience: The nature spa mineral stick can automatically add trace minerals to the hot springs, reducing impurities in the hot springs to create clearer and cleaner water, making you feel as comfortable as you are in a pure natural hot spring!
  • Extend Life: This silver nitrate stick can extend the life of the spa, keep the crystal clean, keep your spa sparkling clean and fragrant, and make the guest's spa experience unparalleled!
  • Exist for High-cost Performance: This hot springs silver ion stick is based on a product that was born through market research and customer needs. It has a maintenance time of up to 4 months, and the maintenance cost is extremely low. It can be used in conjunction with your existing filter. Just put your hot tub stick in the filter. You can enjoy a carefree spa experience for 4 months!
  • Easy to Install: This silver ion cartridge hot springs stick is equipped with a complete manual. The installation can be completed quickly according to the steps of the manual and is not affected by heat. It can be installed at the existing flow rate. Just put the hydrotherapy rod into the existing filter, and then Let the hot tub stick work
  • Applicability: The minimum required filter length for the spa hot tub filter mineral rod parts is about 6.5 inches, and the minimum filter hole diameter is 1-1/4 inches; suitable for spas and hot tubs up to 500 gallons / 2000L

12. Hoyle Playing Cards – Hot Tub Accessories

Hoyle Playing Cards

What’s a hot tub if you are not having some fun in it. I agree, some people will use it to relax and all they need is to be alone with the sounds of nature.

Other people like having a water version of games such as poker on water or solitaire. Having that in mind, some people have come up with these waterproof cards. Anyone who likes to play cards and love hot tubs will certainly enjoy this particular accessory.

This deck of cards is ultra-durable, waterproof and makes any game more fun. However, it doesn’t have to be water only. This one is suitable for the beach or camping. These cards are well-suited for almost any wet or humid situation.

Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards, Clear, 1 Deck
  • WATERPROOF PLAYING CARDS: Elevate your game night with our Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards. Our waterproof cards are designed to keep the fun rolling, regardless of the weather or location. Prepare to game on in style, come rain or shine, or accidental spill
  • PREMIUM PLASTIC CARDS: Our plastic playing cards feature an exquisite, opaque design, printed on premium plastic card stock. This exclusive aspect ensures high visibility and a luxurious feel without the worry of anyone seeing your cards
  • FLEXIBILITY AND EASE: Unlock seamless shuffling with our playing cards that remain flexible, even when wet. These high quality playing cards simplify the game, making every shuffle an effortless glide
  • MADE TO LAST: With our waterproof deck of cards, durability meets convenience. These cards are sturdy enough to withstand intense play, yet soft enough for comfortable handling. Plus, they're easily hand washable for extended longevity
  • PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Turn any outing into a playful escape with these waterproof, plastic playing cards. Whether you're at the lake, beach, camping or tailgating, this deck of cards is your go-to game companion

13. Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights

Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights

I really really love these ones. They have this retro look and provide such good lighting at night and they can run on solar power. The lights are perfect for your gazebo or porch. In case you also want to do some barbecue, you won’t need any extra flashlights since they will provide enough light for you. It will be dimmed enough to not overwhelm you and still let you enjoy your romantic dinner.

They are getting increasingly popular as indoor lighting too, such as bedrooms, restaurants, and bars. They are high-efficiency, 2 watts LED standard base bulbs.

These LED lights are approved for residential and commercial lighting. And the good thing is that they never get hot even after being on for hours. However, keep in mind that they are made for use with 110v. They come with 3 years warranty which is more than enough.

Brightech Ambience Pro - Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights - Hanging, Dimmable 2W Vintage Edison Bulbs - 48 Ft Commercial Grade Patio Lights Create Cafe Ambience In Your Backyard
  • ELEGANT OUTDOOR STYLE: Patio lights with Edison filament bulbs create great vintage "Italian Style" bistro ambience
  • CREATE A CANOPY OF LIGHT ABOVE YOUR PATIO: Use decorative black gazebo lights/pergola lights for a beautiful light canopy outdoors
  • DESIGNED TO LAST: Heavy-duty, commercial-grade weatherproof strand lights for your exterior stand up to plenty of weather
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTING DESIGN: 15 energy-saving, balcony lights that plug in use a high-efficiency design so the lights don't get too hot
  • 48 FEET OF LIGHTS: Features 15 lights total on a 48-foot strand, with 1 socket every 3 feet

14. Baby Light Up Bath Toys Floating Ducks 

Baby Light Up Bath Toys Floating Ducks 

Another great piece for kids and babies. It can be used in a hot tub as well since the water activates them and they can last for a long time. It is a set of 3 ducks that are flashing lights. These ones are designed for toddlers but you can choose others that are more appropriate for older kids. 

No products found.

15. Storage Seat – Contemporary Indoor and Outdoor Bin Stores Tools

Storage Seat – Contemporary Indoor and Outdoor Bin Stores Tools

O, boy, do I like this one. Generally, I like anything that helps me achieve order around the hot tub. I think most people enjoy spending time in an organized environment. This is a great 22-gallon storage box that can also serve as an extra seat on your porch, deck or right next to your hot tub. 

Just like when choosing any other patio furniture, you should also pick materials that resist fading and can keep the rust away.
It is 20 inches high and will have enough space for storing any pool toys, tools, outerwear, grill supplies, gardening items and more.

And one last thing. The lid flips open on hinges for easy access to your storage. Rainwater will flow off the box to prevent water pooling.

Suncast 22-Gallon Small Deck Box - Lightweight Resin Indoor/Outdoor Storage Container and Seat for Patio Cushions, Gardening Tools and Toys - Store Items on Patio, Garage, Yard - Mocha Wicker
  • DECK STORAGE BOX: Beautiful plastic outdoor box has a 22-gallon capacity for patio, deck, yard, porch, garage, and shed storage!
  • DURABLE: Water-resistant poly resin construction resists fading and rust to keep your box looking new for years to come
  • VERSATILE: For use indoors or outdoors to store pool toys, grill supplies, patio cushions, gardening tools, sports equipment, yard gloves, and more!
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Lid flips open on hinges for easy access to your items. Rain water flows off of the box to keep your belongings dry and free from mildew and rust
  • SMALL SIZED: Storage box measures 15"L x 15"W x 20"H, the perfect size for your outdoor space

16. Floating Pool Thermometer

Floating Pool Thermometer

This is a nice blend of a toy and a functional hot tub thermometer. It’s just funny because all you can see is a duck floating around. On the other hand, you definitely need such a thermometer that is not a digital one. You can always rely on this one. It has two temperature scales F and C. The maximum temperature is 120F or 50C.

Floating Pool Thermometer by Aquatix Pro Cool Style Water Temperature Thermometers with String, Shatter Resistant, for Outdoor & Indoor Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs & Aquariums (Duck)
  • NO GUESS WORK: Aquatix Pro Pool Thermometers Provide Accurate Reading in Both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Maximum Temperature 120F and 50C.
  • PREMIUM BUILD: Duck Style Swimming Pool Thermometer, Exceptional Quality, Built from Durable Material & Shatter Resistant.
  • EASY TO USE: Clear Temperature Reading Display in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Reads Up to 120 Fahrenheit and 50 Celsius.
  • COMPATIBLE: Ideal as a Pool Water Thermometer, Pool Spa Thermometer, Hot Tubs, Fish Ponds, Aquariums and All Other Types of Systems.
  • OUR PROMISE: We go the extra mile to ensure you are fully satisfied with your purchase. With the Aquatix Pro satisfaction promise you get one year warranty on all our products. If you are not satisfied we will refund you the full price, no questions asked!

17. Monitor System with Hot Tub Accessory Set

Monitor System with Hot Tub Accessory Set

For those who still need to get a digital thermometer, now you can get the best one. What’s great about this one is that you can use your smartphone, tablet or computer to monitor the temperature and the humidity level at your home, business or rentals. You can benefit from SMS and email notifications when certain thresholds are reached, or when batteries are weak.

With the winter coming up, it will be most beneficial for monitoring the hot tub water temperature, especially when there is a power outage. The purpose of this is to prevent frozen pipes or property damage.

18. Rubber Runner Mat, Black

Rubber Runner Mat, Black

Have you ever had issues with a slippery surface around your hot tub? This item is probably one of the best hot tub accessories that can save you from breaking your hip, and I mean it.

It’s diagonal texture can trap mud, sand, water and dirt to keep your deck and patio mess-free and prevent slippery surfaces. It is designed to withstand frequent use and different weather conditions. It is super easy to clean it afterwards by just using a hose and some soap.

CLIMATEX Indoor/Outdoor Rubber Runner Mat, Door Mat For Floor Protection, 27" X 6', Black (9A-110-27C-6)
  • RUBBER RUNNER MAT: Diagonal texture traps mud, water, sand, and dirt to keep floors mess-free and prevent slippery surfaces – made to withstand frequent use and weather conditions without deteriorating
  • INCLUDES: One heavy-duty, commercial grade 27 inch x 6 foot black rubber runner mat - water repellent and made with a proprietary blend of recycled materials
  • INDOOR USE: For use in both residential and commercial environments – perfect for breezeways, garages, workshops, manufacturing facilities, indoor playgrounds, and fitness facilities
  • OUTDOOR USE: Protect your deck and patio from splatters while grilling, keep sand and dirt outside, and provide traction for wet surfaces on boat docks, tail-gaiting, and camping
  • EASY TO CLEAN: With no additional backing or fabric liners, simply wash with soap and water – cleaning with hose is recommended

19. Unbreakable Silicone Wine Glasses

Unbreakable Silicone Wine Glasses

Have you ever broken glass with children around? The first thing I did when someone broke it was to pick the child up because there was glass shattered everywhere.

Your hot tub area is usually where you walk with bare feet and the last thing you want is to have some glass laying around.

Many of us would pass on having your favorite drink served in a glass whereas now you don’t have to. These silicone glasses are ideal for your hot tub and because it is not made of glass, there is no real hazard of cutting your feet or hurting your child. This is one of those items where I would feel guilty if something had happened and I didn’t use them instead.

Arrow 16 oz Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses, Set of 4 - Crystal Clear, Shatterproof - Made in the USA, BPA Free - Ideal Reusable Outdoor Wine Glasses for the Pool, Picnics and Camping
  • Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses, Set of 4 - This pack of crystal clear plastic wine glasses are ideal for filling with your favorite glass of wine. Because accidents happen, the shatterproof plastic is a great alternative to glassware, especially when around kids and animals. Includes 4 x 16 ounce wine tumblers.
  • Must-Have Features - Each plastic stemless wine glass is MADE IN THE USA from food-safe BPA free plastic. They are shatterproof, reusable, durable and break-resistant. Please note that the wine glasses are not stackable and are best if washed by hand.
  • Crystal Clear - The clear plastic glassware is elevated, compared to traditional disposable plastic wine tumblers. Fill with wine, water, cocktails and juice.
  • Use for Entertaining - Keep on hand for your next event when you don't want to use your delicate crystal wine glasses. They make ideal outdoor glassware, for example, they are a convenient travel wine glass, perfect for use on the boat, at the pool or on your next camping trip.
  • Comfortable to Hold - Slightly rounded with a smooth rim, they are easy to hold and drink from. Lightweight and intended to be reusable, just like glass.

20. Kleeger Non-Slip Home Hot Tub Pillow

Kleeger Non-Slip Home Hot Tub Pillow

Ultimate relaxation experience. This is how I would call this one. This is a hot tub pillow with back and neck support. It is completely anti-mold/mildew and waterproof.

It has built-in suction cups with extra padding to provide that ultimate relaxation experience. If not this one, you have to get something for your neck because most of the time the edges of the hot tub shell don’t naturally fit the shape of your neck, which will ruin your time in the hot tub.

Kleeger Non Slip Home Spa Bath Pillow With Back And Neck Support. Waterproof, With Built In Suction Cups, Extra Padding For Ultimate Relaxation Experience
  • 【ULTRA COMFY】3D Air Mesh Bath tub pad is carefully designed to provide the highest level of comfort to relax your body. Tub pillow applies the best ergonomic design to avoid neck fatigue. The head rest pillow can help you sleep comfortably on the tub, allowing you to enjoy comfortable head and neck support in the bathtub for a truly relaxing spa experience.
  • 【PREMIUM MATERIAL】The bathtub pillow is made of high quality polyester fiber, which provides enough grip and provides a super soft and comfortable experience. Convenient cleaning method, faster drying than towel.
  • 【NON-SLIP】Bath tub cushion has 4 Strong Suckers, which can be firmly attached to the tub wall. Simply fix the suction cup. Press all 4 suction cups hard to stick the pillow.
  • 【NOTICE】To remove it, Please DO NOT forcefully pull off the pillow from the bathtub. Scrape off each suction cup with a card or gently pull the pillow up along the tub wall. After bathing, please clear up the pillow with clean water and dry it under a ventilated place.
  • 【PERFECT GIFT & MISSION】 Hoovy sells outdoor inflatable and toys for all aged children. Our purpose is to provide high quality interactive toys while using high quality materials and attractive designs. Our commitment is to inspire smiles on the children playing with our toys and inflatables, and to give back, by donating 10% of proceeds to charity!

21. Non-Slip Bath Cushion for Hot Tub

Non-Slip Bath Cushion for Hot Tub

Last but not least, a full-body mattress. You won’t even touch the hot tub shell with this one. For me, it is probably in the top 5 hot tub accessories. It has quick drying 3D air mesh that allows water and air to flow through and it looks luxurious. It is really easy to clean it by hand or in a washing machine.

It makes a great gift for anyone who owns a hot tub because they probably don’t have this one in their collection.

Full Body Bath Pillow for Bathtub, Upgraded Non-Slip Bath Cushion for Tub, Spa Bathtub Pillow Mattress for Head Neck Shoulder and Back Rest Support,Hot Tub Accessories – 50"x 15"
  • ★ PAMPER YOURSELF COMPLETELY - With a wide size and pleasant contour shape, your bathtub will look more luxury. This bath pillow can cradle you while enjoying your hot bath, creating a charming spa environment at home.
  • ★ WASHABLE and QUICK-DRYING - With 3D air mesh technology, this full body bath pillow adopts mesh material, allowing water & air to flow through for quick drying. It is easy to clean by hand or machine wash. With built-in hook for easy drying or storage.
  • ★ SUPER COMFORT- This spa bath pillow consists of multiple fiber layers and mesh, it perfectly combines with hot water and foamy bubbles, making you fully relaxing and comfortable bathing experience!
  • ★ UPGRADED SUCTION CUPS - 13 upgraded suction cups are more powerful and stitched by cut-resistant threads, no worries about falling off, holding the bathtub mat firmly on the bathtub, no-slipping and sliding away when bathing or getting in or out of the tub.
  • ★ THE WONDERFUL GIFT: The bath pillow comes with a fine bag, it is a good gift to your loved ones, making them feel relaxed same as you.

Bonus Hot Tub Accessories

1. Patio Umbrella Light

Patio Umbrella Light

How many times have you found yourself sitting around the patio table in the evening, or relaxing in a hot tub with your friends only to call it a night when the sun goes down? As a bonus for this list, I want to show you this LED umbrella that has the perfect lumination for your time outdoors.

If you would ask how to be sure the light stays on different sized poles: the light is secured by two crescent-shaped rubber clamps which are held against the pole by strong springs.

It is super easy to install. No extra tools needed or wires and electrical sources. All you need to do is to clamp to your umbrella with the built-in auto adjustable strong clamp. It can also be hung anywhere else using the two hooks, pole mounted.

OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light 3 Brightness Modes Cordless 28 LED Lights-4 x AA Battery Operated,Umbrella Pole Light for Patio Umbrellas,Camping Tents or Indoor Use
  • 1.3 brightness Mode--press once for 4 LED lights(Dim),press twice for 24 LED lights(Bright), or press three times for 28 LED lights(Super Bright).Suit your need for different brightness on different occasions.
  • 2.Convenient--No need for extra tools,easy to clamp to your umbrella with the built-in auto adjustable strong clamp,also can be hung anywhere using the two hooks,pole mounted,fit poles with a diameter of approximately 0.86'' to 1.81''.
  • 3.Energy-saving and Bright--With 28 energy-saving LED bulbs,led energy saving and environmental friendly.
  • 4.Multiple functions--Suitable for camping,BBQ,playing CARDS,or lying on your leisure chair in the evening with your families or friends.
  • 5.Available electrical source--Requires 4*AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED),which can be easily purchased in common shops. Easy to carry and prepare for batteries backup.

2. Sunnyglade 10.8′ x 10.8′ Gazebo Tent with 2 Removable Side Walls for Your Hot Tub

Sunnyglade 10.8′ x 10.8′ Gazebo Tent with 2 Removable Side Walls for Your

This soft-top gazebo is featured with stylish design, extremely durable construction and it is functional enough to keep you away from sun rays while making your hot tub area much more visually appealing. It provides enough space for a good number of your relatives and friends underneath. It has a central hook in case you want to hang your LED lights.

It can create a relaxing environment from the sun and rain with this well-appointed open air-style gazebo.

It is made by Sunnyglade Patio, a top designer and manufacturer of high-quality gardening products, so we know it is good.

All I am imagining right now is being able to hot bath in the rain, but covered with this gazebo of course.

Sunnyglade 10.8' x 10.8' Gazebo Tent with 2 Removable Side Walls for Your Yard, Outdoor, Garden, Patio or Party
  • Material : Polyester fabric with Heavy duty powder coated steel frame for rust & corrosion resistant
  • Enclosure wall kit : 2-side screens can protect you from hot sun and can adjust these two screens
  • Waterproof : Aluminum construction with rust-resistant, powder-coated finish making it waterproof
  • Footing : Stake hole for staking down your canopy for a sturdy placement, 8 stakes included
  • Outdoor : This beautiful canopy gazebo is the perfect to any space outside, garden or near a pool

3. Set of 12 Mood Light Garden Deco Balls

Set of 12 Mood Light Garden Deco Balls

Here the third bonus accessory today. It is Mood Light Garden Deco Balls that are simply too fun to hang around. They feature 7 different colors and they provide the most fun when the jets are on and they are floating around the hot tub. They are not called Mood Light Balls for no reason. There is something calm and relaxing about just watching them float around. It can be used instead of candles as well or placed in a bowl.

FlashingBlinkyLights Floating Lights for Pool (Set of 12) 3” Round Light Up Pool Glow Balls Color Changing Pool Decorations LED Lighted Balls for Pool
  • INCLUDES: 12 Round Floating Balls of Light, Hard Shell, Each 3" Diameter Similar to a Baseball.
  • EASY TO USE: Remove Button Cover and Press Button Repeatedly to Choose from 7 Steady Colors plus Slow Color Change. With a Coin, TIGHTEN Each Battery House Before Use!
  • VERSATILE: Great for Decorating Pool Parties, Floating in Ponds and Fountains, Lighting Up Gardens and Walkways, Making DIY Centerpieces, Ambiance at Weddings, Proms & More!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & SAFE: CPSIA Compliant + Waterproof, First Please Check Every Battery Case is in Tight.
  • REUSE FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Batteries are Replaceable so LED Balls Can Be Used Again & Again. DRY OFF After Use and Look Inside Battery House to Ensure No Moisture - You Can Avoid Rust.

4. Escape Aromatherapy Bath Crystals

Escape Aromatherapy Bath Crystals

We have treated all the senses except the sense of smell. I still remember the smells of perfumes when I was in primary school, so it is definitely related to your memory. These crystals will enhance any spa or bath experience.

Whether it is about romance, peace of mind or well-being that you are seeking, these crystals help set the mood, arouse emotions, relax your state of mind and remember all of that for a long time.

Relax Spa & Bath - Escape Therapy Epsom Salt Collection – 4-Pack Aromatherapy Bath Crystals, 22oz Each – Infused with Vitamins for Relaxation & Skin Health – Lavender, Coconut, Jasmine, Green Tea
  • Indulge in Paradise: Our Escape Collection includes four 22 oz. bottles of scented Epsom salts; Lavender Palmarosa, Verbena Lime Coconut, White Musk Vanilla Jasmine, and Green Tea, for a luxurious home spa experience.
  • Aromatic Bliss: Infused with natural colorings and scents, our bath crystals offer a powerful aromatherapy experience, promoting relaxation and enhancing mood with every soak.
  • Soothing & Healing: Each soak is a remedy for everyday aches and pains, encouraging self-healing and detoxification while providing a serene escape from the hustle and bustle.
  • Revitalizing Skin Care: Rich in Dead Sea salts, our crystals are blended with moisturizers that renew and soften the skin, ideal for use in spas, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and whirlpool baths.
  • Pure & Safe: Our spa-safe formula maintains water chemistry, ensuring a safe and enjoyable bath for children and pets, without damaging, staining, or affecting any equipment or surfaces.

5. CoverMate 7930 Spa Side Handrail with Base

I bet you never thought of this. This is a must-have if you have kids or elderly people who want to use your spa. It can be fixed in any position and will fit any hot tub up to 40 inches in height. The slippery ground is dangerous. Don’t risk breaking any limb over 20-minute bathing. Be safe.

CoverMate 7930 Spa Side Handrail with Base
  • Handrail rotates 360° to allow for assisted spa entry or exit
  • Locking feature allows the handrail to be fixed in any position for increased safety and peace of mind
  • Unique under-spa base eliminates attachment to the spa cabinet
  • Fits spas up to 40" in height

6. 12V Low Voltage LED Landscape Light (Around Hot Tub)

I absolutely love these and regardless if you get this from LEONLITE store or not, you should have some in your backyard and I find it great to place around your hot tub. They are really easy to install and they illuminate enough to create a lovely environment for your family, especially at night while you are you in your hot tub. This isn’t a hot tub accessory per se, however, I think you can still combine it with your hot tub to get a unique look of your hot tub area.

LEONLITE Low Voltage Landscape Lights, Unique Lighting Effects LED Pathway 172LM 3W 12-15V AC/DC, IP65, Aluminum Outdoor Driveway Light, 3000K Warm White, Black Finish, Pack of 6
  • ✅ Love at First Sight: Experience the mesmerizing glow of our landscapeg lighting. Illuminate your space with captivating and immersive 360° lighting, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere
  • ✅ Transform Your Pathway Today! Unique in the market with captivating downward glow and eye-friendly design, Illuminate your pathway with comfort
  • ✅ Safety & Easy: Our low voltage path lights offer enhanced safety for your outdoor and humid lighting use with hassle-free installation. Please note that the package does not include any installation accessories such as transformers, cables, wire connectors, or clips, which need to be purchased separately
  • ✅ Made for Outdoor Use: Rugged aluminum housing with corrosion resistance & heat dissipation. IP65 rating brings better waterproof performance, best choice for outdoor wet locations, resistant to damage of heavy rains
  • ✅ Trustworthy Brand: As a leading provider of professional lighting solutions, we prioritize quality above all else. Rest assured when you choose our products, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours and a 2-year warranty. Contact us anytime for prompt assistance

7. The FROG @ease SmartChlor Cartridge (75 % less chlorine)

The FROG @ease SmartChlor Cartridge is connected to the FROG @ease Mineral Cartridge and placed in the hot tub to sanitize the water. The combination of sanitizing minerals and SmartChlor Technology kills bacteria two ways with up to 75% less chlorine.

I think this is great if you are not so sure about using too much chlorine in your hot tub and especially if you have kids like I do. Maybe try going with this and see how that works for you.

No products found.

9. Aqua Chek Aqua Chek Trutest Digital Reader

I wish I knew about this one before, but the moment I discovered it I include it in here. How cool is this that you can just insert your test strip and get the reading on your device. I think there are many people who will appreciate this.

AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader For Pool and Spa Water Testing - Tests for Free Chlorine, Free Bromine, pH, and Total Alkalinity - Quick & Accurate Results Includes 25 TruTest Strips (Blue)
  • BENEFITS: TruTest provides digital results with the accuracy of AquaChek test strips; ideal for customers who aren't comfortable distinguishing color
  • AQUACHEK ACCURACY: Using medical industry technology, our test strips offer comparable accuracy to liquid tests; No measuring & counting drops of reagent, leaving less room for error
  • FEATURES: Combines the ease & accuracy of AquaChek test strips & digital technology; Easy-to-read LCD screen shows numerical results; Includes 25 TruTest Strips
  • EASY TO USE: No interpreting colors; Just dip the test strip, remove it, & insert it on the test strip reader; Accurate digital results in 15 seconds; Test water at least twice a week
  • DIGITAL RESULTS: Numerical test results show ‘low’, ‘ok’, or ‘high’ indicators for each of the four test parameters; Will only work with TruTest Digital Test Strips

10. Hot Tub Safety Rules

Listen, if you don’t already have this, then you absolutely need to have it. Having written rules hanging from aside to serve as a reminder is a real lifesaver. And I am confident enough to say that it will help you save money too by forcing you to take good care of your water. That will cause you in needing fewer chemicals, hence, you will end up saving some money. Check it out below.

SmartSign 15 x 10 inch “Hot Tub Safety Rules - Shower Before, Enter And Exit Slowly, No Jumping Or Diving, Children Must Be Supervised” Sign, 55 mil HDPE Plastic, Blue, Black and White
  • DURABLE PLASTIC: 'Hot Tub Safety Rules' signs use 55 mil thick HDPE (high density polyethylene) which is much better than comparable styrene that becomes brittle and breaks. Signs can last up to 2 years outside.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Signs have pre-punched and pre-cleared mounting holes for easy installation. Signs mount to walls, fence posts and doors, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Semi-flexible plastic allows the sign to conform around slight curves.
  • DIGITAL PRINTING: Signs are digitally printed in high resolution for high-end finish and over coated for additional protection.
  • MADE IN USA: All components are made in the USA and offer superior quality.
  • PACK CONTENTS: One 15 x 10 inch blue, black and white Sign.
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