Does Flex Seal Work on Hot Tubs?

Spas sometimes leak, and as with any water leak, the leak must be patched as soon as possible. You may already have Flex Seal in your home, but is it the best thing to use to seal a leaking spa? Or do you need to use something more specialized? I decided to investigate the possibility of using Flex Seal to seal a leaking spa, and this is what I found out:

Does Flex Seal Work on Hot Tubs? 

The Flex Seal does work as a spa sealant. But it should be mentioned at the outset that it is generally not a complete or totally effective solution. Unfortunately, it is not enough to simply fill the leak with Flex Seal fluid and let it work. 

The type of leak in your bathtub, the effectiveness of the application and your measures to prevent future leaks are all determining factors in the quality of your bathtub treatment with Flex Seal.

How Many Years does Flex Seal Last?

Depending on the environment, coats added and maintenance, many people have found Flex Seal® will last for years without cracking, peeling, or losing any of its strength or sealing properties.

Does Fix a Leak for Hot Tubs Work?

Fix-A-Leak is a concentrated material designed to seal leaks in spas, hot tubs, pools or almost any other material. Fix-A-Leak can be used for plumbing leaks and leaks in the spa shell. It seals holes up to 1/8″ in diameter and forms a permanent seal.

What is the Best Hot Tub Leak Sealer?

Although you can find plenty of products on the market, only a few of them work great to seal a hot tub that might be leaking. SpaChoice is such a sealer. First, you get a pack of four sealers. It means you can efficiently seal multiple leaks with the sealers.

The direction of use is also straight forward. Pour the sealer directly into the water but around the area that’s leaking. Once done, let the sealer do the rest for you. But it doesn’t work within a short time since you may get impressive results after 24 hours.

The sealers are for minor cracks and leaks on your hot tub. In case you are having trouble using the sealers, you can always download the user manual when you check the product’s technical specifications. As such, you will adequately seal any leaks if you invest in this high-quality hot tub leak sealer. 

Where do Hot Tubs Usually Leak?

A leaking hot tub loses more gallons than you might imagine. Water leakage may increase your water bills, and there is the need to prevent and stop any leaks. But knowing the vulnerable places is essential if you’re looking to stop any kind of leakage.

The pump is one of the common leaking spots in a hot tub. Be sure to check your hot tub’s circulation pump for any leaks. But make sure the power supply is cut off first for your safety and to prevent short-circuiting. 

The heater is another place to check for signs of leakages. Replacing the heater might be ideal if repairs won’t work. The valves might also leak, and they’re excellent places to check for signs of leakage. But that’s not all. Your spa’s shell and connection pipes might also leak. Once you’ve known vulnerable places, it becomes easy to find leaks and fix them before losing more gallons. 

What Is Flex Seal?

A flex seal contains rubber as a significant ingredient. It is a liquid rubber seal in a typical can. Therefore, it sprays out like an ordinary spray. It then seeps through the cracks causing the leaks and dry. The dried rubber remains watertight, meaning water will not seep through and cause leakage.

As such, a flex seal is an excellent seal for a hot tub. But it also has other uses. You can use a flex seal for roof repairs. Mobile homeowners and RV owners can also use this robust seal to repair any crack that might cause leakages, especially when it’s raining outside.

You can use a flex seal to fix cracks on your PVC pipes and hoses. The application of a flex seal could be limitless since it does an impressive work of sealing cracks. It is one of the best seals for hot tubs or spa.

How to Apply Flex Seal on Your Hot Tub?

Most hot tub owners don’t know how to apply flex seals to prevent water leakage. The good news is that you can read the instructions on the can and figure out how to use the flex seal.

In case you can’t read the instructions on the can, be sure to read on for more information.

Once you have found the cracks on your hot tub, be sure to check that the hot tub’s surface is clean, grease-free and contains no dirt and oil. Then spray the surface with the crack in one sweeping motion of the hand. 

But make sure the spray is 8 to 12 inches from the surface. You will create an even coat on the surface this way. Let the coat sit there for 24 to 48 hours. You can then add an extra layer of coat, following the same procedure as the first one. 

Preventing Future Leaks?

Preventing future water leaks ensures you don’t incur extra water bills. But adequately sealing any crack is the best way to avoid any future leaks. You can also frequently check the jets, pump, and pipes for leakage signs. 

If you notice a component that leaks water, be sure to fix it before it’s too late. Check the area around the base of the hot tub for any leaking water. Also, be sure to check that the water level remains the same when you have covered your hot tub. You might prevent future leaks if you take these actions. 

Do I Need to Drain the Water from The Tub Before Using Flex Seal?

You don’t need to drain your hot tub when looking to apply a flex seal to prevent water leakage. You could, but it’s not necessary. When planning to seal the cracks, you need to know where they are. Checking if your hot tub loses water is a clear sign that there are cracks through which water leaks.

Spray the flex seal over the cracked surface in a sweeping motion of the hand. This will apply a uniform coat of seal on the crack. The coating will dry after 24 hours and completely seal the gap to prevent water from seeping through. But be sure to apply the flex seal in a well-ventilated room for your safety. 

How Long After Using Flex Seal Can I Use the Tub?

Flex seal excellently coats the cracked surface to prevent water leaks. The coating dries after 20 minutes, but that doesn’t mean you should start using your hot tub after 20 minutes. Instead, be sure to use the hot tub after 48 to 72 hours.

At the end of this period, the coat will create a perfect watertight seal that prevents water from seeping through the cracks. Once the flex seal has dried for up to 72 hours, you may resume using the hot tub. 

Since flex seals such as Flex short also work on wet surfaces, they will correctly seal the cracks, even if your hot tub has water inside of it. 

But they work best when your tub has a dry surface. Therefore, you should dry the surfaces you’re looking to seal before applying a flex seal product.

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