How Do I Make My Hot Tub Private? — Must-Read Tips

Who doesn’t love a soak in the hot tub, especially in the afternoon? Well, there’s only one problem that the hot tub is very open to your liking. Of course, you don’t want neighbors throwing weird glances at you. You want to have that hot tub privacy.

How exactly can you make your hot tub private? Let’s have a look at some of the best and cost-effective methods.

  • Build a gazebo
  • Use a private screen
  • Plant trees and shrubs
  • Build an outdoor room
  • Build a wall around it

Build a Gazebo

If you live in an urban or suburban area with so many apartments rising above your building, a gazebo is the best. A gazebo built above the spa will prevent onlookers in apartments from seeing you as you soak.  A gazebo also protects the wiring of your hot tub, adding another benefit.

Use a Private Screen

A private screen is not only easy to install but also easy to fold and store. Private screens come in different sizes and materials. You only need to erect the screen whenever you want some private time at your hot tub, after which you can store it away.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

Another way to make your hot tub sessions private is by planting shrubs and trees around it. You can plant in pots or the ground, depending on your preferences and size of the plants. Make sure the plants you choose to grow thick to offer the privacy you need. The plants should also remain green all year round for maximum privacy.

How can I Hide my Hot Tub?

Let’s face it; a hot tub left to lie in your garden may not fully integrate with your beautifully landscaped outdoor space. There are different methods you can use to hide your hot tub so that it blends in with your landscape.

Let’s have a look.

Use Spa Covers

When not using your hot tub, spa covers can come in handy to help you conceal it. If you prefer, you can also build a deck above the spa. Then, you can slide the cover over the deck, covering the tub when not using it.

Build an Outdoor Room

Another genius idea of hiding a hot tub is building a room to surround it. The room can double up to create a spa environment where you can enjoy a hot soak.

Build a Wall Around the Tub

You can also hide the hot tub completely using a concrete wall. You only have to customize your hot tub and cover it using a concrete wall. By doing so, you’ll completely cover the sides of the tub, only leaving the surface.

What do you Put Around a Hot Tub?

We all know what a perfectly customized hot tub can do – yes, it relaxes your mind after a long day. But what do you put around your hot tub to give it a personal touch? Here are some of the ideas you can try out as a DIY project or through experts.

Build a Deck Around it

Are you that person who loves having friends over the weekend? Or do you enjoy some time in the hot tub with your family? Well, you can build a simple deck around the tub.

To make it even more appealing, you can place some flowers and simple furniture. The spa can also double up as your home bar where you enjoy drinks with family and friends.

Construct a Bench

Did you know you can build a bench around your tub? You only have to make sure that you use sealed wood to prevent rotting when the wood absorbs water. The bench is an excellent way of giving your hot tub a modern look while at the same time acts as your resting place after soaking.

Should a Hot Tub Be in the Sun or Shade?

Whether to place the hot tub in the sun or shade is determined by the climate in your area of residence. For example, if you live in a warm area with lots of sunshine, it’s best to have your tub near a shade.

Otherwise, your spa sessions will be uncomfortable. Consequently, if you live in a chilly area, you should place your spa near a shade, such as a gazebo, to protect you from the harsh weather.

It’s also important to consider your privacy. If you don’t mind neighbors looking at you as you relax after a long day, then it’s no problem placing the tub on the sun. However, if you value your private time, you can set the hot tub near a shade, probably behind some trees.

Can you Build a Deck Around a Hot Tub?

Yes, you can build a deck around your hot tub. However, you have to consider the model of the deck you want in place. You want to make sure the deck constructed aligns with your landscape.

Another critical aspect to consider when building a deck is leaving the front part of the spa accessible. This is because you need the front part of the tub during servicing.

As you build a deck around your tub, it’s paramount to consider safety. Make sure that the spacing between the decks isn’t more than a ½ inch. Bigger spaces can cause accidents such as toes sticking in between.

At the same time, a small spacing is great because it helps to drain water and also allows the wood to contract and expand.

According to experts, it’s also essential to have a strong foundation for your spa independent from the deck. A hot tub is massive; placing it on uneven ground may cause it to break down. Of course, you don’t want your investment going into waste.

How do I Build a Deck Strong Enough for a Hot Tub?

A hot tub weighs about 5,000 lbs when filled with water and the occupants. That’s beyond what a deck can support. Therefore, you should have a strong frame for your hot tub independent from the deck. Then create another frame for your deck.

You need to install footings at each corner of your tub. The size of the bases is usually determined by the size of the hot tub when filled with water and occupants. In most cases, builders place the hot tub at a lower level than the deck to allow easier climbing and to make it comfortable on your hips when getting off the water.

Either way, it’s worth noting that you can build strong decks that can support your hot tub comfortably. Ideally, a deck built below 2 inches above the ground can support a standard hot tub. If the deck is above the ground with more than 2 inches, then you need to support it using posts.

The posts used to support a raised deck should be no more than 30 inches apart. You should also reinforce the posts using concrete. You want to make sure a hot tub placed on the deck is sturdy enough to support your leisure activities.

What is the Cheapest Hot Tub Landscaping Material?

If you’re working on a budget, there are so many ways you can landscape the area around your hot tub as a DIY project. Here are some of the cheapest and most readily available materials.


If your home has good soil, then you don’t have to buy soil. You only need to buy compost to enrich it. If your area has malnourished soil, then it’s okay to visit your local nursery, stone yard, or garden center and buy some.  These places also sell compost.

If you love the outdoors, you can also create compost in the comfort of your home. You can use leaves from trees around and organic waste from your kitchen. Cover the mixture until it fully incorporates forming compost.


At the early stages of your plants, you need to cover them with mulch. Mulch not only helps in the preservation of moisture but also protects the plants from harsh weather. You can use dry leaves from your fence as mulch, which means you don’t have to buy. Eventually, the mulch decomposes, enriching your soil, making it a win-win situation.


The other material you would need is, of course, the plants. You can use ornamental grass to give your outdoors that beautiful look. You can also use short shrubs or even fragrance herbs. Alternatively, you can have a mix of different plants for that therapeutic feel as you enjoy in your hot tub.

How do you Build a Privacy Fence for a Hot Tub?

Before you embark on building the privacy fence, you ought to determine the size, especially on the height. The size is determined by how high you want the wall and the level of privacy you need. Of course, size varies from person to person.

You can also use a privacy screen fence or a wooden fence, depending on your preferences. Here are the steps to follow if you choose a privacy screen fence.

  • Determine the size of the fence
  • Create a frame for the screen using wood planks
  • Fix the screen fabric onto the frame
  • Repeat the above steps for each screen panel
  • Attach the panels to each other using door hinges
  • Once done, the end product should be a set of interlinked screen panels

But what if you want to build a wooden fence instead of a screen? Here are the steps to follow.

  • Determine the size of your fence
  • Get wood planks and measure to your desired sizes
  • Dig holes at each corner of the area you want to have a fence
  • Place strong posts at each corner and pour concrete to reinforce them
  • Create a frame for your fence
  • Fix the wooden planks on the frame using some nails and a hammer until the area is all fenced
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