How Many Gallons Is An 8×8 Hot Tub?

Knowing the amount of water your hot tub can hold helps you determine the quantity of sanitizers and cleaners to use. The process also enables you to calculate how much energy it takes to heat the water. Of course, you also know by how much your water bills will increase depending on the rates per gallon.

One of the most popular questions online is how many gallons is an 8×8 hot tub. Your 8×8 hot tub will be able to hold anywhere from 550 to 625 gallons of water.

Let me share a couple of ways to calculate these numbers, in case you want to do it yourself.

Do You Know How Heavy Is An Average Hot Tub?

One of the first articles I ever wrote on this website is about how much do hot tubs weigh and mainly because that’s something you need to plan ahead long before you buy your hot tub and depending on where you planned to position your hot tub. You can read this short article here.

There are two methods you can use to determine the amount of water in your spa.

Time Fill Method

With the time-fill method, you need a stopwatch, a 10-gallon bucket, and a hose. Now, turn on the water source and turn on the stopwatch. Fill the hot tub with water and once it’s full, record the time it takes in minutes and seconds. Then, using the same process, fill your 10-gallon bucket with water, and note how long it takes.

Multiply the minutes it takes to fill your bucket with water by 60 and add the seconds. With this step, you want to convert the minutes into seconds. Also, multiply the minutes it took to fill your hot tub by 60 and add the seconds together.

The next step involves dividing the seconds used to fill a hot tub with those taken to fill a 10-gallon bucket. Finally, multiply the figure you get after division by 10 to get the volume of water in a hot tub.

Dimension Calculation Method

The calculation of dimensions depends on the shape of your hot tub. The best approach is multiplying the length by width by depth. Use a tape measure to measure the dimensions of your spa. Once you multiply, divide the result by 1,728. Then, multiply the resulting figure by 2.4 if the hot tub has seats and 4.8 if it doesn’t have seats.

How Heavy is an 8×8 Hot Tub?

Hot tubs are heavy, mostly when filled with water and occupied by people. There are many reasons you would want to know the weight of your hot tub, one of them being time to move the spa. Depending on the model, the same sized hot tubs could vary in weight.

An 8 by 8 hot tub weighs about 800 lbs when empty, 4,300 lbs when filled with water, and 5,500 lbs with water and occupants.

How Many Gallons does a 6 Person Hot Tub Hold?

Now that we already discussed how to calculate the number of gallons a hot tub can hold, a 6 person hot tub holds between 325 to 475 gallons of water. Whether you use the time fill method or calculate the dimensions, you should arrive at a similar value.

How Many Gallons is the Average Hot Tub?

The average hot tub carries between 300 to 400 gallons of water. Larger sized tubs can hold about 600 gallons of water.

The sizes and shapes of hot tubs vary depending on the brands, so you can expect the capacity to change slightly from model to model.

How Many Gallons does a 7 Person Hot Tub Hold?

A 7 person hot tub holds about 450 gallons of water and weighs about 900 lbs.

How Many People can Go in a Hot Tub?

Hot tubs come in various sizes, and depending on the size, a hot tub can hold from one person to 8 people simultaneously.

It’s important to note that the number of seats in a hot tub doesn’t necessarily determine the people that can get inside.

Instead, the footwell determines how comfortable people are inside the spa without their feet touching. For example, a 6 person hot tub can even hold 4 or 5 depending on the size of its footwell. Nobody wants to touch feet with another person inside a hot tub.

How Many Gallons is a 5 Person Hot Tub?

A 5 person hot tub can hold about 300 gallons of water or 350 at most.

How Heavy is a Gallon of Water?

The density of water plays a significant role in how much it weighs. On average, a gallon of water weighs about 8.3 pounds.

How Long does it Take to Fill a 500-gallon Hot Tub?

Several factors determine how fast you can fill your hot tub with water. The pressure of water flow is the most critical consideration. If the water has low pressure, it could take a longer time to fill a standard spa.

The width of the hose also determines the rate at which water flows to the hot tub. On average, a 500-gallon hot tub takes between 60 minutes to 90 minutes to fill.

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