How Often Can I Safely Use A Hot Tub?

I talked to a person who says he has been using his hot tub once or twice a day, every day, because he has arthritis. Younger family members tend to use theirs once or twice a month with friends. I came to the conclusion that if you are injured and need comfort, the hot tub will get used a lot more. I may be wrong, but it seems that the older you get, the more you get to use your hot tub.

I have certainly seen people buy a new spa and after the novelty wears off, the frequency decreases. I’ve also seen people looking to buy a new spa to replace their 15-year-old hot tub and they say they still use it almost daily. Most are somewhere in between and I’m not sure there is a predictor of use.

I’ve had hot tubs for several years now, and I’m sure the use goes up and down. I bought mine to be used mostly in the winter. I live an area with strong winters and the hot tubs in winter are great and are used several times a week. And friends love to come and use them well. The key was to have it close to the house. No one wants to go through the frozen tundra to get to the tub.

During the summer the use decreases, as we prefer to cool off in the pool, but still use it from time to time. Especially after heavy work in the garden and muscles are sore.

I see people refuse to use their Jacuzzi because it becomes too much expensive to use it (i.e. they bought a cheap spa with bad insulation and they don’t keep the water clean).

I think you have to wonder why you’re buying the hot tub.

If you’re buying a hot tub as an accessory for your pool, then sure, I can see that it’s not used much. Although jumping from hot water to cold pool water is invigorating.

A hot tub is very different from a swimming pool, so if you think that since you already have one pool you won’t use the other one, I don’t agree. The pool is bigger and can be used for floating, exercising, cooling down and many people can use it. Almost everywhere, the pool season is only a few months. Hot tubs are almost all year round.

But certainly it’s a case by case deal. And it is a lot like owning boats. I know people that have boats that use them all the time and I also know people with boats that have lots of dust on the boat cover.

What Comes as the biggest shock for new tub owners is water issues. They notice that the water quality changes from month to month which is not appealing at all. That is when everything changes and you realize that you need to go and get a course on how to maintain your hot tub. Or you go online and start reading about hot tubs.

A lot of people see the maintaining of the water as a complication so they slack off a bit and they get lazy. They try to throw in a few chlorine tabs but then when they go to get in the water they notice that the water stinks or is foamy or both.

And then they start avoiding the hot tub water and say “ah maybe next week”. You have to realize that maintaining the perfect water requires some work in the beginning until you get it right.

how often can i use a hot tub

Is it Bad to Go in the Hot Tub Everyday?

When buying a hot tub, many people will ask their dealers: “Can I use a hot tub every day?

The short answer is yes, it is safe to use the spa every day.

But the best question would be: “Will I use my hot tub every day?“.

Your dealer or the research you have collected to compare spa models and features cannot answer this. Instead, you should evaluate your lifestyle and priorities to determine how often you will bathe in your hot tub.

You may have friends or relatives who own a hot tub and use it daily, or you may know other people who have used their hot tub less and less over the years. Most surveys conducted by hot tub dealers and manufacturers indicate that most hot tub owners end up using their hot tub more than they expected before buying it.

If you expect to fall into this category, you should take a look at your lifestyle and ask yourself some questions.

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