Master Spas vs Arctic Spas – Which One is Better?

To choose the right hot tub is a lot like choosing your life partner. Once it becomes a part of your life, it is something that will stay with you for a long time, so the importance of choosing the one that will be a blessing cannot be overstated.

Both brands, Master and Arctic, are still relatively recent products on the market, they are very different in nature and features, so it is worthwhile to explore and compare the two types.

Research is always an important factor in buying any product and provides valuable insight for shoppers and hot tub enthusiasts around the globe. While Master Spas are famous for their therapeutic values and affordable prices, Arctic Spas are a symbol of innovation and adaptability.

Master Spas

Master Spa is a hot tub that offers the owner a price-affordable wellness spa, mainly known for its therapeutic values, combining exercise and enjoyment by using the body‘s natural magnetism for hydrotherapy sessions.

The wide range of custom features and types allow the potential buyer to choose one within his defined budget and desired options.
Because of their wide array of prices and additions, there are many types of Master Spas, with a range of 28 – 57 jets. Here are some of the most popular series of Master Spas, that all have different types:

  • The Twilight series offers 8 different hot tubs, for 3 to 7 people. Some standard features are ergonomic seats, bio-magnetic therapy system and an Orion light installment. Additional features include Wi-Fi, Dream Lighting, natural water sanitation and more. They are 34 to 38 inches deep, with the capacity range of 200 to 395 gallons.
  • The Getaway series have 4 lightweight and lasting hot tubs that are affordable to potential buyers. Most models are simple plug-and-play system, requiring only a 120-volt outlet. Standard add-on options are Duramaster Polymer cabinets, EcoPur Charge filtration, Colorscape LED lighting with stainless steel massage jets. Capacity ranges from 225 to 390 gallons.
  • The Michael Phelps Legend series that has a premium option –  included lighting, sound and Wi-Fi.
  • Clarity series spas have EcoPur Charge water purification, StressRelief Neck along shoulder seats and energy efficiency. Other options include Dream Lighting and a Fusion Air sound system. This series offers six models and capacity of 5 – 8 seats. The size of models varies as well.

Other Details

Master spas offer safety additions, such as rails, steps and covers. The noise from the motor is low and can be neglected. The price range is within $6,000 – $15,000. They are made in the United States and are a great deal for buyers looking to combine durability, relaxation and exercise, but those looking to personalize their hot tub may not find it quite appealing.

Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas first appeared on the market less than three decades ago. They represent an innovative kind of spa, designed for all weather conditions, very easy to maintain and can be fully adapted and personalized to owner‘s wishes, using the latest construction techniques and energy efficiency. It is an all-weather luxury spa designed to fit any home. They offer a unique way to reduce stress, spend time with your family and remote control of the spa.

Like Master Spas, Arctic Spas have their own set of series with different characteristics:

  • The Custom Series promises excellent construction and technology, providing the owner a unique sense of comfort, entirely designed to suite his needs. The offer includes 9 different types of spas. Capacity ranges from 2 to 9 seats and up to 60 jets with up 4 pumps.
  • The Classic Series is a result of 25 years of classical arctic engineering. This series offers  different models with a range of 1 to 7 seats with a maximum of 40 jets and up to 2 pumps.
  • The Core Series represents the foundation of Arctic Spas construction techniques, a series that is suitable to fit any reasonable budget. It includes 6 different models with a maximum of 40 jets and a range of 2 – 6 seats. Most models use a single pump, some can be adapted to use 2.

Other Details

Arctic Spas were originally created to accommodate even the harshest of climates. Their models are generally oriented to luxury and personalized use of the owner. The unique feature of controlling and monitoring the hot tub with a mobile app is something that definitely stands out. The lifespan of Arctic Spas ranges between 5 and 20 years, depending on their maintenance and frequency of use. The prices vary between $4,000 and $16,000.

Key features and distinctions

Master Spas advantages: low motor noise, hydrotherapy, wide price and model price range range, affordable for a lot of customers because his versatility-

Limitations: limited personal customization for buyer, best upgrades come with great cost, average lifespan is 10-12  years, often issues with authorized dealers that sell this model. One of the largest issues is cleaning and keeping the hot tub sanitized.

Arctic Spas advantages: Lots of innovative design in forms for luxury customers, different settings and changes to jets and seats. New construction techniques and technology, suited for all types of weather. Ability to monitor and control your spa with your mobile phone or laptop.

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