Master Spas vs Caldera – We Review Them For You

Master SpasCaldera 
Fiberglass Reinforced BilletsEasy Water Care
Vac-Formed ABS Pan BottomEnergy Save
Manifold Plumbing SystemSimple Operation
Coated Wood FramePowerful Massage
DuraMaster Premium SkirtingHigh – Quality Components
Icynene Foam InsulationAll Climate Cabinetry
Quiet motorInsulation with no VOC Emission
Advanced Therapeutic SystemEfficient Pump and Heater
Spas and Swim CombinationCustom High – Density Covers
Accessories (Wi-Fi, UV-C Sanitation, Bluetooth Audio, covers, rails, steps, filter fossers, bromine floaters, pool cleaning items, towel bars, bath bombs, spa caddies, spa aromatherapy crystals, LED lightning) Accessories (lights, speakers, jets, pillows, diverters, Lighted Assist Bar, Foot Ridge, 

Master Spas vs. Caldera Spas

According to the table,I can say that both of these hot tub manufacturers possess ergonomic seating. Body pressure is equally distributed and anatomically structured. Caldera spas has each seat positioned directly for the massage of the particular muscle group, including here: Ultra Massage, Atlas Neck Massage, EcstaSeat and Angle Calf, whilst these types of massage are available only on some of the Master Spas tubs. Another Caldera Spas advantage that I find worth mentioning is the lighted assist bar that is very useful for safely getting in and out of the tub. 

Dura Master Premium Skirting is an exclusive product of Master Spas for the authentic wood grain patterns while Caldera Spas offer a bit more modern materials presentation. Spas and Swim combination is the benefit of the Master Spa but Caldera Spa offers strong messages for every part of the body within very suitable seats.

What is extremely useful and  beneficial is that Caldera Spas offer relaxation in a personalized way, where you can adjust your own massage, its strength and position. There is a range of cabinet and colour choices with lightning and waterproof sound system. Not only the outside design but inside as well makes these tubs enjoyable with special attention to every detail. With technical design the great advantage is that the EnergyPro pump and tub heater offer savings by using 80 percent of energy to transfer to the water as heat.

What I found very interesting is that Master Spa has a reputation for excellent innovations in all products and features. Every Master Spa item is designed for complete therapeutic experience. Design is also specially engineered with different smart features which deliver all the good aspects of the tubs. The hot tubs are very elegant and attractive for the customers and my opinion is that the company invests a lot in its representation. The cooperation with the famous swimmerMichael Phelps resulted in creation of one of the most popular Swim Spas. Master spa tabs have advanced features like insulation, filtration and heating system. It’s easy to maintain with many outstanding performances.

On the other hand, what distinguishes Caldera and puts it in advantage is firstly the FreshWater Salt System, which is a patented design that automatically generates chlorine from salt. I find this particularly interesting because of the system that provides the maximum of enjoyment. Another very useful thing is FiberCor Insulation and EnergyPro System for saving energy hence saving money. Also, Advent Touch Screen from any seat presents as well the quality of the usage of this type of tub. These are all very good technical advantages which make Caldera tubs attractive and interesting.

Even though Caldera is placed below Master Spa and some other hot tubs manufacturers, it gives the good quality for the price. 

Master Spa has the one great disadvantage and that is the accessibility.  If you are looking for one of the tubs it is very often the case, that is sometimes difficult to reach for. Some places of delivery or the dealers’ places are too far and people lose patience in visiting or asking for them.

In my opinion, if one is looking for complete enjoyment for the decent price, Caldera Spas is the good choice. For your money I think one will get an enjoyable hot tub. Dealers are close to find and very negotiable. There are a variety of choices with hot tubs and all of them offer a very memorable relaxation. 

Kauai Caldera Hot Tub, the three person tub, was the first one that I personally had a chance to try in the backyard of my parent’s house. They use it 6 to 7 nights a week. My parents work a lot and both of them are on their feet all day long so they find the use of the tub very relaxing and therapeutic. The jets which are very powerful and are on the backs, calves and feet with the lounge chair make them very happy and refreshed. What I have found very useful is that I could position the jets on my lower or upper back. The massage I had helped me with my sleep a lot. PH is pretty steady. It took them a while to learn how to regulate but it turned out just fine in the end. They also purchased the salt system extra and it keeps the water clear. It requires very little maintenance. This was their best investment and purchase.

I have a small backyard so I tried to find a hot tub which is suitable. It took some time but I finally found one from Master Spa type. I wanted the enjoyment of swimming but having a pool was too much for my finances. Relaxation and fun was the other reason as well as entertainment with my friends. An H2X Challenger 15D. This swim spa was installed close to my house. It is very easy to maintain with a small footprint. How I see it is in this way it is a great alternative for the swimming pool. The extreme therapy seat makes my back feel relaxed with the powerful jets.

In the end, I would always choose Master Spa because of the very creative solutions even for the small spaces and the offer is very interesting.

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