What Are Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs?

Self-cleaning hot tubs are the ones with an automatic dosing and efficient filtration system. Contrary to the expectation of many people, self-cleaning hot tubs are not maintenance-free.

The major difference that they boast is the fact that they boast minimal maintenance saving you both money and time.

Does A Hot Tub Clean Itself?

The term ‘self-cleaning’ means that a tub cleans itself through the circulation of water via its filters. Even modern hot tubs that boast the best filtration systems require manual care and maintenance frequently.

Of great importance to note is the fact that the term self-cleansing does not mean that a tub takes care of all its processes completely.

It is true to say that many hot tubs in the market today can be considered self-cleaning because the technology being referred to is the tub’s water filtration system.

How Does A Self-Cleaning Hot Tub Work? (Features Of A Self-Cleaning Hot Tub)?

Owning a hot tub means you must put in the work such as:

  • Adding chemicals
  • Changing filters
  • Conducting pH filters
  • Cleaning and replacing water

Essentially, self-cleaning tubs work by doing the following:

  • Adding chemicals to the water automatically
  • Using an extra-effective filtration system
  • Eliminating debris from the floor of the hot tub

If you see a hot tub marked as ‘self-cleaning’ it does not mean it has a miraculous system. You must do the above-mentioned things.

Non-Features Of A Self-Cleaning Hot Tub

Self-cleaning tubs aren’t a one-stop solution or remedy to all your tub care and maintenance. They also have their limitations.

If you intend to own a self-cleaning hot tub, you will still need to do the following:

  • Rinse and change filters
  • Remove and refill water
  • Thoroughly and manually clean the surfaces
  • Test pH levels

As much as these tubs can remove some debris and add chemicals, they still can’t eliminate clogs and drain water by themselves. They also can’t analyze their pH levels or replace filters. On top of that, even with their automatic chemical systems, it is still necessary to frequently check the chemical levels of the tub to be on the safe side.

Occasionally, adding some chemically manually is necessary. Simply put, there is no short cut to hot tub maintenance unless you want to sacrifice your tub’s cleanliness and functionality.

Why Should you Consider Installing A Self-Cleaning Hot Tub?

Having established the facts around self-cleaning hot tubs, it is only fair that we ask ourselves the million-dollar question, is it worth it to buy such a tub?

The bottom line is the fact that if you are looking for a hot tub that boasts as minimal maintenance as possible, you should consider buying a self-cleaning hot tub. On the other side, if you don’t have the additional cost or do not mind extra maintenance, then there is no need of buying it.

You should consider purchasing a self-cleaning hot tub because of the following reasons:

Minimal Maintenance

One of the greatest worries of many potential buyers of hot tubs has to do with maintenance. Issues such as cleaning, draining/refilling water, and changing filters are a put off to some potential buyers.

The good thing about buying a self-cleaning hot tub is the fact that it brings with it minimal maintenance. The cleaning systems and pressurized filtration of these tubs not only filter but also clean 100 percent of water within minutes.

They employ the world-class tech that features the best environmental standards/practices to ensure your tub needs as low maintenance as possible.

A great attribute of the filters of self-cleaning tubs is the fact that locating and rinsing them is a walk in the park. Because of the tub’s quick draining system, it is possible to effortlessly and swiftly drain and empty water.

Safe and Clean Water Guaranteed

Another thing that would-be owners of hot tubs worry about is the hygiene of their tubs. If you do not clean or treat your hot tub frequently, bacteria inside the water can pose countless health risks to a user.

An incredible attribute about self-cleaning hot tubs is that you can replace the water as frequently as possible to guarantee the cleanest possible environment.

Save Money

Most of the self-cleaning hot tubs in the market today are incredibly efficient. Each model comes insulated to world-class standards that utilize the best technology to reduce running costs drastically. Through the tech, you are guaranteed of lower energy costs and fewer chemicals.

In addition to saving you money, you are guaranteed the utmost safety.

How Much Do Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs Cost?

Just like with any other purchase, the price of self-cleaning hot tubs is on a range. It all depends on your budget. Good ones feature a starting price of around $7,450. Higher end ones could be priced thousands more.

How To Reduce Maintenance Without Buying A Self-Cleaning Tub

As we have indicated earlier, if you don’t have the budget, you can just settle for the normal hot tub since it is possible to reduce maintenance. You can bring down maintenance without breaking the bank through the following ways:

Frequently and Thoroughly Clean and Replace Filters

Through cleaning and replacing filters frequently is another strategy, you can employ to reduce maintenance. Ensuring the filters remain fresh brings the workload on your tub’s pump. In addition to that, it also makes the filters more effortless and quicker to clean.

Normalize Showering Before Getting Into Your Tub

Showering before you hop into your hot tub is highly important. It helps you get rid of residue, oil, and debris that might make the tub’s water dirty and clog its sanitation system. This is the last thing you want in your quest to bring down maintenance costs and time.

Always Cover Your Hot Tub

When you are not using your hot tub, it is prudent to always leave it covered. When in the market for a hot tub cover, you should settle for one that is highly insulating, light-weight, and usable.

A high-quality cover is efficient at drastically lessening maintenance in various aspects by protecting it from animals, dirt, leaves, and dust. It also ensures your pets or children do not fall.

In addition to safety and maintenance benefits, having a cover brings down your costs of running a hot tub. Energy-efficient covers split your energy bills into half.

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