What is a Mineral Santitized Hot Tub?

A mineral sanitized hot tub keeps your water clean and healthy using minerals derived from nature.

It is a system that uses silver and copper to purify the water, making it sparkly and softer. In addition, silver serves as an antibacterial means that even kills some viruses and fungi, while on the other hand, copper fights algae.

Using a mineral hot tub system does not mean that you do not have to use chlorine or bromine anymore. On the contrary, you will still use those chemicals but in less amounts than before. Sitting in a hot tub sanitized with chlorine, you will likely get either rash, eye irritation, or dry hair due to the harsh chlorine nature towards the skin. However, using more minerals and fewer other chemicals makes your purified water gentle on the skin and hair without a chlorine smell.

Another mineral hot tub advantage is that it is less expensive. Using less chlorine or bromine saves you money. 

Additionally, minerals require replacing every four months, while other chemical sanitizers must be added every week to clean the water.

In conclusion, the mineral hot tub system does not substitute for chlorine but keeps its levels much lower than usual, thus providing sparkling clean water without the unpleasant smell.

Can you use minerals in a hot tub?

Using minerals to sanitize the hot tub has become more widespread from year to year. They make the water pure naturally using copper and silver. Copper reduces algae growth, while silver kills bacteria and some viruses. However, they cannot be used on their own because there are some contaminants that minerals are ineffective against. That is the way they need to be used along with other sanitizers such as chlorine or bromine. But, compared to the hot tub that uses only chemicals for sanitizing, a mineral hot tub reduces the use of these sanitizers to disinfect the hot tub. Thus, you will not be experiencing itchy skin or irritated, red eyes, nor the unpleasant chemical smell. The use of these chemicals in a mineral hot tub is reduced drastically: bromine decreases by up to 50% and chlorine by nearly 75%.

On the other hand, there are some mineral hot tub disadvantages. For example, adding copper to your water can cause stains or turn your water green if there is already high copper saturation in your water source. To avoid this, you can use a metal sequestrant to keep the copper from accumulating so it can be filtered out of the water. However, be advised not to use too much of it because you do not want to make the mineral sanitizer ineffective.

What do hot tub mineral sticks do?

The mineral sticks represent the effective and the simplest way to add minerals to your hot tub and reduce the level of chemicals, thus making your water healthy and sparkling clean.

The process of purifying water via mineral sticks is relatively easy and does not require any maintenance; they are simply added to your hot tub’s filter cartridge to keep the water clean and can last up to 4 months.

The hot tub mineral sticks work with the existing flow rates installation; the pump runs the water through the filter, and mineral sticks release copper and silver in the process and send them to the hot tub.

After being released into the water, the minerals improve the water’s condition by destroying bacteria, making it softer, more transparent, preventing odors and dry, itchy skin.

Where does the mineral sanitizer go in a hot tub?

There are three possible ways to install the mineral sanitizer in a hot tub:

  • Inline system purification
  • Floating dispenser
  • Mineral sticks

The inline purification system means that your hot tub has this system pre-installed by the manufacturer, and once installed, it is a permanent part of the water system. It is a compartment that is built in the water plumbing into which you put the mineral cartridges. The advantage of the inline system is that the water is systematically pumped through the system when the hot tub is on. In addition, it is entirely out of sight and maintenance-free because the cartridge needs to be replaced every 3 to 4 months.

The floating purification system is a much easier way of turning your classic hot tub into a mineral that comes with both minerals and bromine. The mineral and bromine cartridges are connected and work together in purifying water. They are attached to a floating dispenser in the water when the hot tub is not in use and released at a constant rate. You should be aware that you need to take out the dispenser from the water when you want to soak in and return them after you finish using the hot tub.

Using mineral sticks is the easiest way to add minerals to your water. You simply put the mineral sticks into your hot tub’s filter, then turn on the hot tub, and as the water passes through the filter, it also passes through sticks, thus releasing minerals into the hot tub. This system requires no modification to your hot tub, and it is the best option if you do not have a built-inline system.

How does mineral sanitizer work?

Mineral sanitizer works by adding specific amounts of minerals such as copper and silver to the hot tub water.

When added to the water, those minerals eliminate algae and bacteria growth simultaneously, thus reducing the demand for chlorine or any other chemicals.

When the water interacts with these minerals, the contaminants are destroyed almost instantly, improving the water quality and leaving the water clean and sanitized. Besides killing bacteria, mineral sanitizer also neutralizes chlorine acid and helps to maintain PH levels.

It should be pointed out that minerals do not degrade or evaporate like chemicals. On the contrary, they provide constant sanitation to the hot tub, which results in softer water, reducing eye irritation and dry skin.

Are mineral hot tubs easy to maintain?

Essentially, mineral hot tubs are a lot easier to maintain than any other hot tubs that use just the regular chemicals.

When treating your hot tub water with chemical sanitizers, you first have to measure them out and then put them in the water. After adding chemicals, you need to wait for them to disperse before using your hot tub again. Adding chemicals needs to be done weekly.

On the other hand, when you use minerals to sanitize your hot tub water, you can use fewer chemicals, and you do not have to wait for their reaction with water to be over to soak in the water. The reduced need for chemicals means less or no skin irritation. Another significant thing is that mineral sanitizers keep PH balanced for a more extended period. Balanced ph means no cloudy, contaminated water. Instead, your water is clean, healthy, and sparkling.

The mineral cartridges need to be changed every three to fours months, which turns out to be not only easier to maintain but also much more affordable.

In addition, mineral cartridges are easy to change and do not require any additional equipment such as gloves or masks.

However, you should continue testing and balancing the water and shock it at least once a week.

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