Best Hot Tubs in Colorado [Deals]

Hot tubs are a personal sanctuary. They help one to relax, decompress and unwind after a hectic day. Health experts will tell you that these tubs offer multiple health benefits. This is particularly true for those suffering from muscle soreness and body discomfort.  

Whether you’re planning to use the tub for recreation or health purposes, be sure that you’ll find your perfect choice in Colorado. Colorado hosts countless renowned hot tub suppliers. Some include:

The suppliers have ultimate control over the tub’s specifications, design, and manufacturer. This way, they deliver top-notch quality hot tubs built with excellent standards. 

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Why Choose Hot Tubs in Colorado?

The hot tubs sold by Colorado suppliers go through a thorough heater, water, and electrical tests.

The suppliers present multiple options. From the collection, you’ll get to choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Additionally, the hot tubs here have low price tags. Others come with discounted prices, sometimes up to 60% off the original price. With this, you needn’t wipe your bank account with one swipe, because of a hot tub.

Top 5 Best Hot Tubs in Colorado

Grandee® 7 Person Hot Tub

Are you looking for decent seating and legroom for at most seven persons? Look no more, Grandee® 7 person Hot Tub is one of the most oversized units in Hot water production. The spacious interior featured by this unit is crowd-pleasing. It will keep your whole family connected.

It boasts an ample 38-inch depth space and includes two seats. Each seat features a secured Moto-Massage® DX jet. The jet philosophy design gives you access to the specific jet you’re using. You don’t have to power all the jets.

The tub is a top-tier leisure product that is visually appealing. Besides this, the unit comes with innovative technology that beats most of its competitors. For starters, the interior sides have a striking metallic effect from the brushed bronze and nickel finish. More to this are the shale and sandstone cabinets, which come with a rough texture and elegant colors. 

Don’t worry about comfort; you’re still covered! The hot tub comes with sculpted seats that have stylish details. One such component is the comfort-control system that allows you to customize the massage’s strength. 

Unlike many other hot tubs, this version has customizable lighting zones for creating a lovely ambiance outside and inside the tab. 

Lastly, it is the wireless and waterproof remote control. Things get better with this control system as you’ll have ultimate control of the lighting from whichever seat.


  • Versatile; ideal for both taller and smaller users. 
  • A wireless remote system
  • Massage seats
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Spacious to accommodate seven persons


  • Costlier 

Vanguard® 6 Person Hot Tub

Another large-sized product from Hot Water Productions is clear evidence that the supplier deserves your concentration!

This version accommodates a crowd thanks to its well-spaced interior. It is family-friendly and will fit up to six people and still offers decent legroom. 

Be ready for a whole-body massage from the tub’s seats. Each seat features a Moto-Massage® DX jet, together with other targeted jets to soothe your shoulders, feet, back, and neck. The true definition of ultimate comfort!

It employs the luminescence® multi-color 4-zone lighting system for an elegant ambiance around the hot tub. 

And who said taking care of hot tubs should be a daunting task? This hot tub demystifies this thought by featuring an A+ easy-care saltwater system. It works well, and when coupled with a low maintenance cost, the product is something you’d want for your home.


  • 38 jet systems for full-body tension relief
  • Decent space
  • Reliable lighting system 
  • 5-year warranty
  • Easy-care saltwater system


The manufacturer’s manual lacks all the info for diagnosing the control circuits.

Dimension One Sarena Bay Hot Tub

Find the globe’s first rounded hot tub at Colorado Springs Hot Tub Sales and Service Inc. 

Unlike the ordinary squared hot tubs, this elegant centerpiece has a patented design to complement your backyard retreat. Another bonus feature is the bubbling fountain of the tub that gives more luxury than words can describe.

Each UltraLounge™ pair is well-equipped with a customizable Dynamic Massage Sequencer™, including six massage styles, three speeds, eighteen combinations, and a Flex Massage Pillow™. With all these, be ready for a complete body massage!

The generous space accommodates a seating capacity of 7-8. This way, you can gather your family or best friends and have some good time relaxing.

It’s time to enjoy the relaxing lighting FX that color your tub and give you a Disney-land environment. 


  • Has an optional Bluetooth system
  • Comes with 100% standard foam insulation
  • 84 jets that offers dynamic massage options


  • Has high maintenance costs

Aspen® – 880™ Series

Sundance Spas proudly serves the neighboring areas of Colorado Springs, and these include Fountain, Black Forest, and Woodland Park. 

If you’re a resident who’s looking for a large non-lounge hot tub, this product is worth considering. It is one of the few hot tubs that includes a bench seat, Accu-Ssage™, and the Intelli-Jet™. All the seats are tailored towards giving you a full-body massage therapy. 

Honestly, the tub features the best of your expectation, including the Fluidix® and unique SunScents™ aromatherapy jets for tension release and skin-soothing. 

No compromise is made on the design; the hot tub has a stunning design on the SunSide™ cabinets. Additionally, the multicolored SunGlow™ LED light system perfectly delivers a long-lasting impression. 

Whether you’re excited by the bold hues or soothing shades, settling for an excellent color blend begins with a lovely palette that will match your backyard decor seamlessly.

The premium SunStrong® and genuine vinyl covers retain heat and help to keep the water cleaner. Crafted particularly for your hot tub is the marine-design cover that adds an elegant touch in the palettes to coordinate well with your cabinetry and shell. 

The backlit and footwell grab bars are present to give you ultimate comfort. 


  • Multi-colored light system
  • Excellent color blend
  • Guarantees ultimate comfort


  •  Has a high maintenance cost

Tristar ™ 3 Person Hot Tub

Hot Tub Heaven Inc. proudly supplies high-quality hot tubs in the Colorado Springs Area. One such powerful equipment is the Tristar ™ 3 Person hot tub; a soothing, triangular hot tub that accommodates three.

The hot tub features foam insulation and a cool down user’s seat. The design and shape of this unit make it ideal for small spaces. It can fit three adults comfortably.

The seventeen strategic in-built jets work powerfully by massaging your wrists, back, and feet.

Are you among those who hate spending lots of hours assembling components? So does Tristar ™ 3 Person hot tub! The unit allows you to save time and money thanks to the Plug-N-Play technology, which doesn’t require further wiring or the purchase of costly 220v installation.

This product understands that technology should make your life easier. Fill the hot tub and plug it into a 110v outlet. Nothing more is left, but to enjoy your hot tub bath!


  • Gorgeous triangular design
  • Plug-N-Play technology
  • Suitable for small spaces


  • Not family-friendly


Finding the best hot tub for your needs can be daunting. The above guide gives you a recommendation of the best hot tubs in Colorado. The products know best to blend high performance, luxurious style, and functionality.

There’s never a better time to make a hot tub Colorado purchase than now!

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