Master Spas vs Hot Springs

When shopping for hot tubs, you should always clarify the experience you seek. This makes it easier when narrowing down your options. 

While Master Spas and Hot Spring Spas are quality brands, the former is prevalent for its wellness features, and the latter has excellent capabilities when it comes to water systems. 

Both have different models and different price ranges, but you can always find one you like based on how much you are willing to pay and what you seek to get from the purchase.

Hot Springs Spas

This is a brand that has been in operation since 1977. Its tubs come with portable saltwater systems, a variety of jets, and excellent massage features. Thanks to their Smart Jet system, energy conservation will finally become a reality in your home. 

Their rotation and directional jets add on to the amazing hydrotherapy features, plus the company is a California Energy Commission and SpaSearch certified brand.

Price Range

Hot Springs Spas is among other luxurious brands you will find in the world today. However, you will still find relatively affordable models from $6999 for the two to the three-person tub.

Its premium Limelight and Highlife Collections start from $8999. The brand prices its models depending on the size, features, taxes, and installation costs. You can either directly contact them for an accurate price list or talk to a local authorized dealer.

Hot Springs Spas Models

Hot Springs have three models, the Hot Spot Spas, Limelight, and Highlife collections. All three have interchangeable features, including large power indicator and lighting Ozone systems, and dual freshwater salt systems.

The Hot Spot Spas come with a variety of lighting massage jets and seating features. The most popular of the collection is the Relay, Rhythm, and Tempo spas.

You will enjoy:

  • lounge seating,
  • LED dimmable lights, and
  • cushioned headrests with the Relay series.

Hot Spot Spas can fit as many as seven people, and models come with wireless entertainment.

The Limelight Collection has five models:

  • Flash,
  • Beam,
  • Flair,
  • Pulse, and
  • Prism

Their capacity ranges from four to seven people, with all models coming with different jet styles. Other luxurious features include LCD screens, exterior lighting, optional wireless entertainment, and power indicator lights that light up whenever the tub is ready for use. This collection offers some of the best Hot Springs capabilities minus a pocket-breaking price tag.

The Highlife Collection includes:

  • Grandee,
  • Sovereign,
  • Envoy,
  • Triumph,
  • Prodigy,
  • Jetsetter,
  • Jetsetter LX, and
  • Vanguard


It features:

  • Tri-X filters,
  • multiple jet configurations,
  • multilayered foam insulation, and
  • customizable lighting.

The product is strong and durable thanks to the ABS-backed acrylic and polymer shells. Its sculpted seating and captain’s chair are unique in the Envoy model.

Hot Springs have a different warranty for their three collections. Hot Spot Spas have a five-year warranty on their shell and a two-year warranty on some of their components, such as the no-fault heater and Moto Massage jet. Relay, Rhythm, and Tempo also have LED light assemblies two-year warranty.

Both the Limelight and Highlife collections have a (7) seven-year warranty on the shell and a five-year warranty on the Everwood cabinet material. The Highlife collection’s wireless remote has a one-year warranty. You can find out more information about the brand’s warranty policies on the manual or by contacting support.

Hot Spring Tubs’ Maintenance

Water care is much easier with Hot Springs Spas thanks to their Ozone system, which has MPS and Silver ions. You will also not need to pay too much attention to the Limelight and Highlife collections’ saltwater systems. The system offers sanitation for a full year. It converts salt to chlorine, which then deals with any germs or bacteria in the water.

You will need to rinse the tub’s filters monthly to avoid clogging and deep clean quarterly. The Tri-X filters are dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean. The company recommends one to refill the tub quarterly after deep cleaning.


  • They are energy-efficient models
  • Has a wide price range
  • Easy to maintain
  • Customizable features


  • Sold only through local dealers or the manufacturer’s website
  • Limited warranty on some models

Master Spas

Master spas is among the best therapeutic hot tub brands in the world. Being in the market for a bit over twenty years now, the brand is relatively still young. However, it competes favorably with other older brands and has found a way to cement its name thanks to its quality products. 

The most admirable part of having a Master Spas hot tub is the various customizable features.

It has in-built Wi-Fi capabilities, UV-C sanitation that offers supreme water treatment, and excellent Bluetooth Audio.

Aside from its amazing therapeutic features, the brand’s prices are quite competitive, thanks to their biomagnetic and hydrotherapy systems. You can acquire a great model from as low as $4000 and secure a premium option at around $15000.

Their models have both hot tub and spa swim advantages allowing one to enjoy a nice relaxation while still keeping up with regular exercises.

The brand is available in four different collections:

  • The Healthy Living Series,
  • Michael Phelps Legend Series,
  • Twilight Series, and
  • Clarity Series.

Master Spas come with different accessories, including their covers, rails, and steps. You can purchase other accessories by the brand, including filter flossers, bromine floaters, pool cleaning items, and towel bars. Try using their bath bombs, spa caddies, and spa aromatherapy crystals to enhance your relaxation.


  • Has a quiet motor
  • Advanced therapeutic systems and accessories
  • Perfect swim spas and tub combinations


  • Has limited customization
  • Must consult local dealer for pricing

Master Spas vs. Hot Springs Spas

Both tubs are almost incomparable when it comes to a heightened and reliable relaxation, especially when Michael Phelps Swim Spa Model by Master Spas and the Host Springs High Life Next Collection are concerned. However, Master Spas will be a go-to option for people looking for reliable therapeutic features.

On the other hand, Hot Springs spas are of high quality, and their shells are quite durable. They are, therefore, the best option for longevity. Customization is also easier with this brand, and maintenance is relatively less stressful.

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