13 Hot Tub Accessories For Winter You Need

Winter is coming and hot tub accessories are getting more popular, more specifically, hot tub accessories for winter.

Let’s quickly look at the most popular accessories for this year that would be an excellent gift or something that you would want to use yourself.

What’s the Average Price of a Hot Tub Accessory ?

The average price of a hot tub accessory can vary widely depending on the type of accessory and the brand. Some basic hot tub accessories like cover lifts, steps, and chemical dispensers can cost anywhere from $50 to $200. More advanced accessories like sound systems, lighting, and Ozonators can cost upwards of $500 or more. Inflatable hot tubs are typically more affordable and their accessories are also more reasonably priced. So, the average price of a hot tub accessory can range anywhere from $50 to several thousand dollars.

What’s the Least and Most Expensive Hot Tub Accessories ?

The least expensive hot tub accessories typically include cover lifts, steps, and chemical dispensers, which can cost anywhere from $50 to $150. On the other hand, the most expensive hot tub accessories can include high-end sound systems, lighting systems, and Ozonators, which can cost upwards of $1000 or more.

It’s worth mentioning that the cost of hot tub accessories can vary greatly depending on the brand, the features included, and the materials used in their construction. In general, the more advanced and feature-rich the accessory, the higher its cost will be. However, investing in high-quality hot tub accessories can enhance the overall hot tub experience and add value to the hot tub in the long run.

How to Choose the Best Hot Tub Accessories ?

When choosing hot tub winter accessories, consider the following factors:

  1. Purpose: Consider what you need the accessory for. Do you need it to protect your hot tub, or to make it easier to use during the winter months?
  2. Material: Look for high-quality materials that are weather-resistant and can withstand harsh winter conditions.
  3. Size: Make sure that the accessory you choose fits your hot tub properly and does not cause any damage.
  4. Compatibility: Consider if the accessory you want to purchase is compatible with your hot tub model and brand.
  5. Price: Look for a balance between quality and affordability.
  6. Brand reputation: Choose accessories from reputable brands with a good track record of customer satisfaction.
  7. Warranty: Consider purchasing accessories that come with a warranty, as this will give you peace of mind and protection against defects or malfunctions.
  8. Ease of installation: Choose accessories that are easy to install, or consider purchasing those that come with installation instructions.
  9. Maintenance: Look for accessories that are easy to clean and maintain, as this will help to extend their lifespan and keep them functioning properly.
  10. Energy efficiency: Look for accessories that help to reduce energy consumption and lower your energy bills.
  11. Comfort: Consider accessories that will enhance your comfort and make your hot tub experience more enjoyable.
  12. Safety: Look for accessories that improve the safety of your hot tub and protect you from accidents.
  13. Style: Choose accessories that match your personal style and enhance the aesthetic of your hot tub.
  14. User reviews: Read customer reviews and ratings to get an idea of the quality and performance of the accessory you are considering.
  15. Environment: Consider environmentally friendly accessories that minimize the impact of your hot tub on the environment.
  16. Availability: Make sure that the accessory you choose is readily available and can be purchased easily.

Here are some other things to consider when it comes to hot tub accessories:

  1. Compatibility: Make sure the accessory you choose is compatible with your hot tub. This includes size, design, and electrical requirements.
  2. Maintenance: Some hot tub accessories require regular maintenance, such as cleaning and replacing parts. Consider the level of maintenance you are willing to perform when choosing an accessory.
  3. Functionality: Think about what you want to achieve with the accessory. For example, do you want to improve the lighting,
  4. Weather resistance: If you live in a region with harsh weather conditions, look for accessories that are weather-resistant, such as waterproof speakers or UV-resistant covers.
  5. Safety: Make sure the hot tub accessory you choose has proper safety features, such as non-slip surfaces and protective guards around electrical components.
  6. Warranty: Check the warranty offered by the manufacturer to ensure that you are protected in case of any defects or malfunctions.
  7. Energy efficiency: Consider the energy consumption of the hot tub accessory and choose one that is energy-efficient to help reduce your monthly energy bills.
  8. User-friendly features: Look for accessories that are user-friendly, such as easy-to-use controls and simple installation processes.
  9. Brand reputation: Choose a well-known brand with a good reputation for quality, reliability, and customer support.
  10. Personal preferences: Finally, consider your personal preferences when it comes to style, color, and design when choosing a hot tub accessory.

Here are the 13 best hot tub accessories for winter:

  • Waterproof Hot Tub Cover
  • Hot Tub Cover Cap
  • Floating Hot Tub Blanket
  • Heated Floor Mats
  • Hot Tub Handrail
  • Floatable Drink Holder
  • Non-Slip Spa Pillows
  • Towel Warmer
  • Cover up Towel
  • Long Hair Swim Cap
  • Stylish Hot Tub Trunks For Men
  • Beautiful Water Bottle [Great as a gift]
  • Umbrella Hat For Rainy / Snowy Days

Waterproof Hot Tub Cover

ULTCOVER Waterproof 600D Polyester Square Hot Tub Cover Outdoor SPA Covers 85 x 85 inch
  • General to fit hot tub size up to 85”(L)x 85”(W). NOTE: This cover can not be used by itself without an insulated hard cover under it.
  • Made of 600D polyester canvas complex with waterproof backing. Tough enough to keep rain, hail, snow, dust, leaves and bird droppings away.
  • Well-made structured air vents at two sides keep ventilation, prevent the cover from being blown away, also keep your furniture dry and in good condition.
  • Heavy duty elastic cords allows adjustment for a tight and easier fit, especially during high winds and severe weather.
  • Full coverage design avoids the furniture exposure in the sun makes your hot tub always look like new.

Hot Tub Cover Cap

SpaTender Hot Tub Cover Cap 96"x96"x20" Waterproof Replacement Cap Protect Outdoor Spa Cover
  • QUALITY BEYOND EXPECTATIONS - SpaTender Pool Cover Cap is made of 150G Polyethylene with double UV resist layers that act as a sun shield. Our sheaths are tightly sewed to ensure 100% waterproofing through corners; an Elastic hem cord with a toggle allows adjustment for a tight and custom fit.
  • RESISTANT TO ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS - Protects your outdoor hot tub covers from dirt, dust, rain, hail, bird droppings, UV rays, etc. High-quality Polyethylene exponentially increases the survival rate of the Jacuzzi Tops in the Harsh Scorching Environment and the bone-chilling temperatures without deteriorating.
  • INEXPENSIVE PROTECTION FOR EXPENSIVE TUBS - SpaTender Caps are a cost-effective way of keeping your expensive outdoor and patio hot tubs safe. Instead of wasting Thousands of Dollars on "New Improved" covers available in the market, our product will provide maximum results in minimum spending. The insulated layering of our caps protects the expensive covers against cracks, decoloring or degradation due to environmental impacts.
  • CONVENIENT HANDLING - Simple, but the robust design of our pool blanket allows you to single-handedly put on and take off the sheath without any effort. It is so feathery and light weighted that even a child can handle it if adults are not around.
  • A MUST HAVE SPA ACCESSORY - Our cap is an essential part of every household having outdoor pools and jacuzzi tubs. We guarantee that SpaTender Cover Caps will be a beneficial addition to your hot tub accessories, so BUY NOW!!!

Floating Hot Tub Blanket

Horizon Ventures HV-8X7 Floating Spa Cover, 8 x 7', Blue/Black
  • Floating Spa Cover saves energy and money by insulating and helps keep heat and chemicals in the Spa
  • Excellent for Outdoor Spas; Unite Spas and Poolside spillover Spas Ideal for Swim Spas
  • Reduces room humidity and condensation for indoor spas
  • Will last for years

Heated Floor Mats

Woo Warmer Hot Carpet Under Rug Instant Radiant Floor Heater Electric Mat Electric Carpet Electric Heated Area Rug Hot Carpet Great for Yoga (720 watt 92" x 76.5" inches)
  • Heated Warm Floors: Now you can create a warm zone on your floor anywhere. Your central heat will warm your air but not warm your floor. Just slip your WOO WARMER under your favorite area rug.
  • Create Under Desk Warm Zone: Finding personal warmth for your feet when central heat is far from your work space just place it under your desk and feel the heat slowly rise up to warm Your Toes. Works best when sitting or laying on it.
  • Under Rug Heater : Your Woo Warmer plugs into any standard wall outlet and includes an Auto Shut Off after 6 hours. Our heater offers mild electric radiant floor heat for a fraction of the cost of conventional installed systems. To use the Woo Warmer, just cover it with any rug or carpet and plug it in.
  • Warmer Basements: Bathrooms and Offices - Up TO 115 Degrees Fahrenheit, the Woo Warmer is a versatile under rug heater that is a universal answer to spaces such as cold basements floors, large bathrooms and frigid offices with escaping heat. For all walks of life, the Woo Warmer is perfect for anyone playing, sitting, or sleeping on a floor. Ideal for sitting on the floor, toddlers playing on the floor, senior citizens and even pets!
  • Woo Warmer Works Best On Carpeted Floors: When you are sitting or laying on it for relaxing in the evening it’s a great way to bring the family together even your pets will all be warm and cozy lounging around on movie night. Yoga user will find this a great way to warm their Yoga mat.

Hot Tub Handrail

Medline Deluxe Plastic Tub Grab Bar, Microban Protection, 250lb Weight Capacity, Grey
  • Rugged enamel-coated steel assist grab bar features tool-free installation with non-slip, rubber-lined pads that clamp to tub surfaces without scratching them
  • Bathtub bar offers 1.25" gripping diameter to comply with ADA Guidelines and is designed to offer multiple grab points
  • Mounts vertically on tub walls from 2.75” - 6.25”
  • Microban Protection - Safety grab bar is infused with Microban technology for built-in protection that inhibits the growth of stains and odors from bacteria, mold & mildew
  • Shower rail bathtub handle supports up to 250 lbs.

Floatable Drink Holder

FEEBRIA Upgraded Pool Drink Holder Drink Float for Hot Tub,Beach and Party Decor (Sliver)
  • SUPER SIZE FUN: The best floating inflatable drink holder, Feebria has super sized our original party drink float to give you more room for even more fun. Hold everything you need without ever getting off of your float!
  • DESIGNED FOR REAL PARTIES: The definition of “fun-ctional”, our floating pool drink holder won’t flip when you put heavy drinks on it (even champagne bottles). More holes allow you to float what you need - drinks, phones, speakers, snacks!
  • SUPERIOR MATERIALS: Trust Feebria to make sure that you’re day of partying and relaxation doesn’t get popped. We use only the highest quality 0.6mm thick anti-static materials - soft to touch, too!
  • EASY TO INFLATE: Get the party started right away without struggling to inflate your drink float holder! Feebria’s swimming pool floating bar can be easily inflated - even use a hair dryer for super fast party prep!
  • YOUR PERFECT DAY MADE: Nothing is better than an afternoon spent relaxing in a swimming pool with great friends. Don’t interrupt the fun by needing to get out of the pool for drinks or to change playlists. Click “Add to Cart” now!

Non-Slip Spa Pillows

COMFYSURE Bath Cushion for Tub - Extra-Large Full Body Bath Tub Pillow & Non-Slip Spa Bathtub Mat Mattress Pad with Super Thick Breathable 3D Mesh Layers - Great Back Support (48"x 15")
  • 35% Thicker Padded Layers: COMFYSURE bath lounger was fabricated with breathable 3D air mesh technology, multiple layers are quilted into this spa bath mattress for silky soft comfort. A built-in headrest wedge lets you lean back while laying down straight. Feels like you’re lying on clouds!
  • Non-Slip & Quick Drying Hook: Includes 8 extra-strength, non-slip suction cups on the underside to hold the mat firmly in place, without it slipping and sliding away. A soft quick drying hanging loop on the end lets you hang it to store compactly.
  • Machine Washable: The water permeable layers with extra breathability are also waterproof, quick-drying with protection to keep your mat in good and healthy condition.
  • Large Size Fits All: At 4 feet long and 15 inches wide (48" x 15”), this bath pad accommodates the head, neck, shoulder, tailbone with exceptional back support of most adults and kids. Awesome gift for pregnant women. A bath accessory for the entire family!
  • Spa Experience Guarantee: Fully relax with the soft plushness of your bed with soothing hot water and foamy bubbles while soaking in a Jacuzzi. We GUARANTEE our luxury bathtub mattress will provide you with supreme comfort and peace of mind, OR WE WILL REFUND YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE!

Towel Warmer

WELLUR - Towel Warmer Bucket (X-Large)
  • Extra-large design can accommodate two over-sized towels.
  • Also works great for robes, blankets, and more.
  • Heating element thoroughly warms the entire towel - inside and out.
  • Built-in timer for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes of heat.
  • Press and HOLD the POWER BUTTON until it turns ON.

Cover up Towel

BY LORA Waffle Spa Girls Cover up Towel, Small, White
  • It is made of 210 gsm lightweight waffle weave fabric.
  • It comes with adjustable hook and loop fastener closure, elasticized top hem, and shoulder straps provide a secure fit.elasticized to provide secure fit. These girls wraps can be used for bath, spa, shower, swimming pool, lounge or sauna.
  • Generously sized waffle wrap for girls. This cotton blended wrap is great at the pool side as a cover up or for lounging at home or spa and pool use.
  • Small Size: Length 22" ; Width 36"; 0.55 Lb, Age 3-6; Medium Size: Length 25" ; Width 46"; 0.7 Lb, Age 7-11;

Long Hair Swim Cap

Stylish Hot Tub Trunks For Men

Kanu Surf Men's Flex Swim Trunks (Regular & Extended Sizes), Echelon Black/Green, Large
  • UPF 50+ quick dry microfiber: lightweight and durable for your most comfortable pair of swim trunks for the beach, pool or just lounging around
  • Triple needle side seams and rises make Kanu Surf swimming trunks and bathing suits among the highest quality you will own
  • Side seam pockets and cargo pockets give plenty of options for storage
  • Comfortable mesh lining
  • Full elastic waist and drawstring closure: Kanu Surf swimwear fits true to size

Beautiful Water Bottle [Great as a gift]

MAMI WATA Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – 24 oz – Tritan Plastic - Unique Stylish Design – Fruit Infused Water recipes eBook & Insulating sleeve – Beautiful Gift Box
  • TASTE THE DIFFERENCE – While tap water can be tasteless and boring, Mamiwata provides a solution in the form of a fruit infusion water bottle that allows you to experience deliciously-fresh fruit-infused drinks.
  • WOW EFFECT GIFT – With a beautiful tube-shaped gift box that just screams “luxury”, the MamiWata fruit infuser bottle is the perfect gift for that special person in your life. watch as your loved-one’s face lights up with delight when unboxing this deluxe fruit infuser bottle.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & DESIGN – The mamiwata fruit infused water bottle is made of Eastman Tritan plastic, durable, shatterproof, BPA free and eco-friendly. It has a bottom infusing mechanism ensuring your infusion water will taste better and longer. Don't feel like making infused water? No problem. Just screw off the infuser and you will have a beautiful water bottle.
  • OUR PROMISE TO YOU – If for any reason you’re not satisfied, simply contact us for a no hassle refund. Shop today and discover why thousands are now using these fantastic fruit infuser bottles.

Umbrella Hat For Rainy / Snowy Days

Umbrella Hat Pack of 4 - Colorful Party Hats - 20 Inch, Hands Free, Funny Rainbow Colorful Beach Party Hats, Adjustable Size Fits All Ages, Kids, Men & Women
  • BULK PACK OF 4 UMBRELLA HATS: Each order of rainbow umbrella hats includes 4 high quality, adjustable folding hats are great to use as funny party hats that will offer sun protection at your next beach party!
  • HANDS-FREE! FUNNY & FUNCTIONAL: Because our umbrella hats are hands-free, lightweight and durable, you can wear it while working in the garden, at the beach, fishing, kayaking, to sporting events or anytime you want to get a good laugh that everyone will enjoy!
  • ADJUSTABLE! FITS ALL AGES: These umbrella hats feature a strong elastic headband that easily adjusts to your head without being too tight, so everyone from all ages including adults, men, women, children and toddlers can enjoy. With a bulk pack of 4 you can give them as a great novelty party favor, birthday or gag gifts!
  • HIGH QUALITY! DURABLE FOLDING DESIGN: Bedwina sun umbrella hats are really great quality. That's because each hat has a strong elastic headband, matched by quality runner components to keep the umbrellas canopy shape. The nylon fabric is carefully stitched to ensure the best quality and water-resistance.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: When shopping for umbrella hats for adults or rainbow crazy hats for crazy hat day for kids with Bedwina you can be rest assured that our if for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied we'll take back your product, no questions asked. We are here to make you 100% happy, 100% of the time with our 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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