Master Spas vs Sundance – We Check Them Out

With their motto It’s more than a spa, it’s a way of life, Sundance Spas are present more than 40 year long tradition. The quality is in the first place for the company and the mission to please the customers. Design and performances of these tubs are excellent and adapted to each individual who is using it for different purposes. In order to provide complete relaxation and hydrotherapy it has powerful jets which are easy to control. Great seats offer complete enjoyment and comfort. 

When enjoying any of these hot tubs there are stronger family relationships and gatherings in order to enhance lives. What this company is especially proud of is the loyalty of their customers and to provide that they invest a lot into local dealers so that each customer is satisfied with the treatment. The prices are on average from 8000$ for the entry level tubs up to 16.000$ for the top nutch tubs. This is a great brand for luxury options because of the variety of the offerings in tubs. 

Master SpasSundance
Fiberglass Reinforced BilletsPatented Fluidix Jets
Vac-Formed ABS Pan BottomSmart tub system
Manifold Plumbing SystemIntelligent controls
Coated Wood FrameLightening
DuraMaster Premium SkirtingQuick release
Icynene Foam InsulationIndicator light
Quiet motorIlluminated grab bars
Advanced Therapeutic SystemRigid bond
Spas and Swim CombinationSunStrong Skirt
Accessories (Wi-Fi, UV-C Sanitation, Bluetooth Audio, covers, rails, steps, filter fossers, bromine floaters, pool cleaning items, towel bars, bath bombs, spa caddies, spa aromatherapy crystals, LED lightning) Synthetic Base, Efficient Heater,EcoWrap Insulation, Quick Drain

The Sundance 980 Series is on the top of the offer. They own the best of the Sundance for the style and features which it offers. One can choose from a variety of hot tubs which are large enough to enjoy with your family or friends. There are four tubs in this series: Kingston, Oddessa, Claremont and Lisabon. 

When deciding to buy a Sundance tub be aware that they do not sell on the website but you have to contact the local dealer and they are luckily present around the country. Sundance uses a UV filtration system which makes the water clear and fresh. What is very useful with the Sundance is the troubleshooting guide available with the dealer’s contact. Sundance Spas offer a wide variety of hot tubs that provide consumers with luxury. The Fluidix jets provide a strong massage and quality hydrotherapy. 

Nevertheless, Master Spa has a reputation for excellent innovations in all products and features. Every Master Spa item is designed to complete therapeutic experience. Design is also specially engineered with different smart features which deliver all the good aspects of the tubs. Master spa tabs have advanced features like insulation, filtration and heating systems. It’s easy to maintain with many outstanding performances.

Master Spa is one of the fastest growing companies. Within just ten years they are in the top 5 manufacturers of the hot tubs in the world. Aside from their therapeutic use, relaxation and swimming are also included. 

I think that Master Spa offers the most enjoyable hot tub experience with its excellence in design and performance. What is more, it eliminates cold spots while maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature. It also always keeps the cold air out and in this way we are free from condensation. It is environmentally friendly because there are no ozone-destroying gases. If you are looking for reliable therapeutic features this tube type is the one. But, what should be improved is their dealer network. In some places, it is very hard to find one or you must travel too far. Pricing is also in consultation with the dealer. What is also important is that every part of these hot tubs is made and produced in the USA. I love this brand because it uses premium components and rigorous standards for each of the suppliers. If you want just a simple relaxation with peace or a swim spa, Master Saps are the right choice. 

My personal experience comes with the Sundance Optima Spas and here are the pros:

  • mocca cabinet
  • external lights
  • nice details with waterfalls and lights
  • great foot mound
  • adjustable jets
  • great stereo
  • the quality of construction is well seen

And here are the cons:

  • diverter system has difficulties with features to be understable at first
  • they are very expensive
  • do not like metal handles

What I can say is that the Sundance hot tubs  are far prettiest than Master Spas. A very elegant and luxurious design with beautiful natural colours gives them the dose of royal elegance. Company’s tradition of more than forty years gives the security and warranty needed to cover the quality and features included in each of the series. 

However, HX2 Fitness Spas from Master Series gives a great deal of opportunities to stay active and be fit. It gives the perfect temperature all year around which makes recovery with therapeutic results. Exercising in water is also fun and exciting with all jets and water flow. I find this model pretty useful and fun.

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