Swimming Hot Tub – Pros And Cons – Do You Need It?

Swim spas have both advantages over a swimming pool and disadvantages as well.

Swimming Hot Tub Pros

  • Affordable
  • Lower installation and management cost
  • Easy to maintain
  • Offers heated water
  • Ideal for enthusiasts of sports
  • Occupies a small space

Swimming Hot Tub Cons

  • Expensive heating and electricity costs
  • Limited space to one swimmer
  • Unsuitable for pool parties
  • Aesthetically inferior compared to a swimming pool

Are Swim Spas Worth it?

A swim spa is worth considering the cost and comfort. Today, with an average of $13,000 and $25,000, you can get a swim spa with all the customized features you desire. You’ll also get it in the right size.

You should not spend more on a hot tub or an inground swimming pool when you can get the swim spa that satisfies your recreation needs. Involving the right professionals and companies will ensure that the swim spa is indeed a worthy investment.

What is the Average Cost of a Swim Spa?

They cost slightly more than portable hot tubs, but they are cheaper than in-ground swimming pools. When it first hit the market, its cost was an average of $25,000. Today, with a budget range of $8,000 and $16,000, you can get a swim spa.

The cost can be lower or higher than the quoted rates because of the extra features included. The more the features and advancement, the higher the cost of the swim spa.

Can you Really Swim in a Swim Spa?

Most swim spas have a design to accommodate one swimmer at a time. This makes it perfect for an individual to enjoy. The rest of the friends or family can use the pool area since no more than one person can swim in the spa. Swimming in a spa is relaxing because of the enhancement it has undergone.

How Long does a Swim Spa Last?

The best quality lasts over 5-20 years. Substandard quality will make it slightly past five years. The quality of materials and accessories used during installation contribute to longevity.

Regular maintenance must be paramount. Ensure that you treat the spa deservedly, and this will give it the 20 years of durability it deserves. Even with standard quality accessories and installation, low maintenance could reduce your spa’s longevity by many years.

How Deep is a Swim Spa?

Standard spas are usually 39 inches deep. Most people prefer making them deeper, and this goes all the way to 6 feet under.

Preferences are different with different clients. Some may stick with 39 inches or slightly more, while most people go way deeper than 39 inches.

Are Swim Spas Also Hot Tubs?

Swim spas are an advanced version of hot tubs, more extensive, with more features included. This makes them an improved hot tub. Swim spas are slightly lower than swimming pools installed in the ground.

A swim spa is larger than the average hot tubs. More people can swim in a swim spa as opposed to average to smaller hot tubs. Conditions of water in both the spa and tub can be customized to the requirement of the customers.

Are Swim Spas Good for Exercise?

You can get a great workout experience with a swim spa. It perfectly fits both expert trainers and beginners.

It is an excellent alternative for your cardiovascular health requirements. It helps the body burn fats and comes in handy in body rehabilitation. Other exercises you can do in a swim spa include:

  • Swimming laps
  • Jogging
  • Kickbacks
  • Core rotations
  • Bicycle
  • Bicep curls

What Should I Look for in a Swim Spa?

As a consumer, focus on the six key points before you buy a swim spa. Do not be confused and attracted by design and presentation such that you forget to consider the key points as follows:

  • Fun and fitness

 It must meet the purpose for which you are buying it. Both fun and fitness should be served excellently.

  • The swim experience

It must offer a great feeling when swimming in it. If the experience is not to expectations, then it is not an ideal option.

  • Design, comfort, and massage

Your swim spa should be beautiful on the eye, give you maximum comfort, and probably have some massage features. Massage is not only relaxing, but also makes your hydrotherapy experience worth it.

  • Durability 

Check on the quality of the swim spa before taking it home. A swim spa made of quality materials will serve you for many years to come thus giving you value for your investment.

  •  Ease of maintenance

 It should be easy to maintain and clean. A well maintained swim spa can last for long. 

  • Insulation

A good swim spa should have proper insulation to help you save on energy bills. 

Can you Use a Swim Spa in the Winter?

Unlike a swimming pool, a swim spa still operates during winter. Most swimming pools are drained and shut down. This is necessary to ensure they are safe for the next season.

Swim spas are easy-to-manage and operate. This makes it reasonable to have them working during winter. Also, water can be warmed, making them more ideal for a season when it is freezing.

How Fast can you Swim in a Swim Spa?

Different models of swim spas vary in power outage. The more power outage, the higher the jet valve power. The average speed is usually 2.5-8 miles an hour.

Different people can put up varying swimming speeds in the water. It depends on how good a swimmer is.

Can you Use a Hot Tub Like a Swimming Pool?

Time, space, and resources for an in-ground swimming pool may be scarce. This is where a hot tub comes in. It saves the day as it can serve the same purpose as a swimming pool.

It can be customized and fitted to match the space you have in your backyard. Besides the extra luxurious features of hot tubs, people prefer them over swimming pools because of the limited space.

Having the hot tub by your backyard helps in relaxing, therapy, and dipping at your convenience. With a hot tub, you’ll get all the benefits one can get from a swimming pool too.

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