What Would Cause A Hot Tub To Overheat?

There are a few reasons why a hot tub is overheating. Overheating of a hot tub can happen because the pump has been running for some time due to extended filtration cycles settings or faults within the control system.

One of the reasons might be the air temperature during the summer period as well. Also, another reason for overheating is sensor malfunction and electrical problems as well. Even if one is using the hot tub for some prolonged time it might cause overheating. And the simplest reason for the hot tub overheating is the wrong adjustment of the temperature (the temperature is too high).

One must be aware that this problem is normal and might occur anytime but most commonly it happens during the summer period when the air is hot and humid. It is perfectly natural for this problem to be happening and it is not related to the hot tub brand or age of the hot tub. It is a simple industry error that might happen anytime, everywhere, and to anyone.

There are some simple solutions to these problems like adjusting the filters, adjusting the filter cycle periods, and turning the air controls to the open period. If there is any serious problem then professional help should be required and manual instructions should be followed. 

In the end, these are some of the major reasons that cause the hot tub to overheat. The others, less reported are: dirty spa filter, closed or partly closed jets, airlock on the pump, the low water level in the hot tub, or the hot tub drain is covered.

How do I Stop my Hot Tub from Overheating?

There are some very simple tests on how to stop the overheating of the hot tub:

  1. Turn the temperature down.
  2. Add some cool water.
  3. Avoid running the filter if it is hot.
  4. Put some shade over the hot tub.

The first one is the simplest and the most reasonable way to stop the hot tub from overheating. It is a straightforward solution in just one step of adjusting the temperature according to the air temperature during the different seasons. 

Adding cool water is also a very simple way to stop the hot tub from overheating. If one sees that the water is too hot and about to boil even in some cases, a few gallons of the cold water might just help the case and save you time and energy. But a certain procedure must be followed when doing this and that is in following these steps: turning the hot tub down, draining some amount of water, and adding the fresh, cold water. Then, when turning the hot tub again, adjust the temperature to a lower degree than it was before. 

Next, rescheduling the filtration cycles to run during the coolest is the smartest way to save filters and assure that the hot tub runs normally.

It is very reasonable if one is using the hot tub during the summer to maybe use the shade over the hot tub to prevent the water heating when the hot tub is not on. The shade is a cheap way of assuring the normal temperature before the hot tub is used. 

what would cause a hot tub to overheat

What Happens if you Overheat in a Hot Tub?

If you overheat in the hot tub you might feel the following symptoms: slight headache, dizziness, nausea, overheating, vomiting, burns on the skin, and problems with blood pressure. 

A lot of people are very well aware of the benefits of using hot tubs. There are numerous advantages when the hot tub is used. Besides the medical and health benefits there are mental and psychological moments that are advantages of using the hot tub. But, there are also some disadvantages if the hot tub is used in the wrong way. So, when one starts using the hot tub, one should consider a few facts to stay healthy and safe while using the hot tub. 

First of all, one should check its health status with the professionals. Only the right diagnosis and secure health check will prevent the body from overheating. Next, the hot tub temperature should be adjusted to the air temperature and the season of using the hot tub. Age is also an important factor to consider before securely using the hot tub. One must be aware of its years to have all the beneficial aspects of the hot tub. 

If one wants to avoid any dangerous aspects of hot tub soaking, one should consider the time of using the hot tub, temperature, and frequency of using it. 

What is the Fastest Way to Cool Down a Hot Tub?

The fastest way to cool down a hot tub is to lower the temperature of the hot tub or turn off the hot tub heater. 

If the water in the hot tub is too hot during the summer periods, one might take off the cover because it heats the water during the night and day. Also when this is done, juts and a blower should be run and the temperature should drop before the usage of the hot tub. If one does not feel comfortable keeping the cover off during the night then the tennis ball might be placed between the cover and the hot tub, just to keep it lowering the temperature down during the night. Another great way to cool down the hot tub is by opening the side panel might help as well. If it is possible one should also try to lower the filter cycle times. That is also good advice for lowering the temperature. 

What is also helpful is to buy the cooler, if possible in the area one lives in. That significantly helps cooling down in the areas where the summers are extremely hot. If the hot tub mode is switched to sleep or economy mode the temperature can be lowered. 

In the end, the fastest way to keep the temperature lower is to put up the shade over the hot tub. Besides being the fastest it is the cheapest way as well. 

What is a Safe Temp for a Hot Tub?

A safe temperature for a hot tub is between 100° F to 102° F. 

A good recommendation is to test your own body and how you feel before setting the temperature of the hot tub. Health is in the first place and hot tub temperature should be set to please the body and yet afford enjoyment. The maximum temperature of the hot tub is 104° F. It is not recommended to ever exceed the temperature over this maximum. When one finds its ideal temperature then the healing process starts. The main goal of enjoying the hot tub is to find the most comfortable temperature for all users. For most people that is the temperature up to 104° F. If it is too hot outside then 100° F is just enough. So, the comfortable temperature depends on the environment and body preferences as well as health issues. It is also very useful to consult the physician about the use of the hot tub and the perfect temperature. 

Those who use hot tubs because of any reason, should always be aware of potential health risks and adjust the hot tub temperature to the body temperature. 

In the end, one should always have in mind that the healthiest temperature for the hot tub depends on outdoor temperature, body form, weather conditions, and health issues. 

How do you Cool Down a Wood Fired Hot Tub?

The easiest way to cool down a wood-fired hot tub is to add cold water. 

Another way is to keep the fire small to control the temperature. Adjusting the draft is also one of the ways to cool down the temperature. These hot tubs do not use electricity and are very unique hot tubs and it takes them 2 to 3 hours to heat up. Wood-fired hot tubs are cool and very beautiful. They are used just like any other hot tub during the whole year and they last for a very long time, around 30 years if maintained properly. 

Those who love these hot tubs enjoy moments of preparing the whole process for the use of the wood hot tub. Some love just to press the button and have it ready but there are people who enjoy the whole process of preparing and setting the fire up.

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