🛁 Why Is My Hot Tub Pump Surging?

The most common cause of surging in a hot tub is due to either clogged filters, low water levels, or a clog in the pump. In order to address the issue, the hot tub’s filters should first be checked for blockages and then thoroughly cleaned to remove any debris that may be creating clogs.

If this does not fix the issue, the water level of the hot tub should be checked. If there is not enough water, air can work its way into and through the jets creating the surge. Finally, if the filters are cleaned and water levels are sufficient, the issue is likely due to a clog in the hot tub’s pump itself, or the pump could simply be too old. In this case, the hot tub’s pump can either be manually replaced, or a technician should be called to address the issue.

How do you Purge Air from a Hot Tub Pump?

In order to burp the air out of a hot tub pump, all of the jets should be completely open. Then, they should be turned on high for 10-15 seconds before being turned off again.

From this point, the jets should continuously be turned on and off in intervals increasing their running time by 10 seconds with each round. This process should continue until air can be seen bubbling out from the jets.

Then, the jets should be left running until the bubbles are gone and they are once again functioning properly. However, if no bubbles appear after 3 cycles of turning the jets on and off, another method should be used in order to prevent damaging the hot tub. 

Non Sure What To Do In Case Of A Surging Pump ?

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In this case, the spa pump should be located, and the union nut located between the spa’s plumbing and the motor should be loosened in order to release trapped air.

Once all of the air leaks out, water will trickle out. When the stream of water becomes a steady flow the nut should be re-tightened, and the jets can be turned back on. 

How do you Know if your Hot Tub Pump is Bad?

When it comes to hot tub pumps there are several signs that clearly indicate failure, and they include a humming noise, a whining noise, or leaks under the pump.

Typically humming noises are caused by the motor not turning, a frozen shaft, frozen or stalled bearings, or a frozen impeller. In addition, whining noises are attributed to worn bearings, and leaks underneath the pump are caused by the failure of the pump’s seals.

In order to repair the issue, users can locate and replace individual parts. However, it is often easier and more cost-effective to simply replace the entire pump. 

Is There a Reset Button on a Hot Tub Pump?

Hot tub pumps do contain reset buttons known as high-limit reset switches which may need to be utilized if a hot tub has tripped or stopped working.

However, rather than just flipping a switch, certain steps must be taken in order to reset a hot tub pump. First, the high-limit switch should be located. It will most often be a red button located on the spa pack or the pump. This button should be pressed and will click into place. From this point, the hot tub pump has successfully been reset, and the hot tub can be turned back on. 

Can a Power Surge Fry a Control Board?

Unfortunately, power surges can fry a control board. To be clear, a power surge is a temporary increase or spike in electrical supply.

Meanwhile, a control board is an electronic circuit unit that contains various electrical components. Each component on a control board has an optimal or safe temperature in which to operate.

However, a surge in power supply can cause these temperatures to reach levels far beyond the optimal range. Electrical components cannot operate at such high levels and will fry. This means that the electrical components as well as the rest of the control board are deemed useless and must be replaced.

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My Spa Pump Only Works on High Speed?

There are 4 common reasons why a spa pump works only at high speed.

  • First, the issue may be due to thermostat settings. In this case, the timer clock should be rotated and the thermostat should be turned to high.
  • Second, the power levels at low and high speeds may be thrown off. Users should check that they are either 110v or 220v with a range of 10% more or less.
  • Third, there may be an issue with the hot tub’s air switch button used to switch speeds. To fix this issue, users should use the voltage coming in and out.
  • Or, if a mechanical switch is being used, users should ensure that the switch is not clogged. Finally, a spa pump’s mechanical switch could be stuck in high position due to broken components or insects. 

My Spa Pump Only Works on Low Speed?

There are 4 reasons why a spa pump will work on low speed and not high speed.

  • First, the air hose may be crimped or disconnected entirely.
  • Second, it is common for wires to be attached incorrectly and are often reversed. This is especially true if the spa pump has recently been replaced.
  • Third, there may be an issue with the switch found on the back of the spa pump’s motor. It may be stuck in a low-speed setting and should be checked for malfunctions and blockages.
  • Lastly, there may be an issue with the contractor that changes the pump’s speed. In this case, the connections should be checked in order to confirm that they are secure. 

My Spa Pump is On, but Barely Pumping

While there may be serious underlying issues as to why a spa pump may not be working, the 4 most common causes are fairly easy to identify and fix.

  • First, users should check that the hot tub’s filter is not clogged.
  • Similarly, the skimmer and drain cover should also be checked to ensure there are no clogs.
  • Third, the pump’s propeller could be blocked. This is very likely if a hot tub cover is not used.
  • Fourth, an air leak may be causing the malfunction. In this case, the hot tub’s water supply should be shut off and users should check for any potential water leaks.
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