How Long Should I Run My Hot Tub Filter? [8 hrs/day]

Hot tub filters should be run for a minimum of 8 hours a day every single day.

By keeping in accordance with this schedule, hot tub owners ensure that their hot tub water stays clean, the filters are not overused, and the cost of electricity is kept to an absolute minimum amount while still meeting proper safety needs.

However, it is completely fine to run hot tub filters for longer periods of time if desired. Just remember that doing so will increase energy bills and is not typically necessary to maintain a hot tub’s hygiene. 

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Can you Clean Hot Tub Filters?

Spa filters should be cleaned regularly. They are designed to keep a hot tub’s water clean. That means that filters collect all kinds of debris including dirt, hair, bugs, and even bacteria.

If this debris is left inside the filter it continues to accumulate, and less and less is pulled from the water. Eventually, a filter becomes so dirty that it will begin to spit debris back into the water. 

In order to keep them clean and running efficiently, proper cleaning routines should be put into place. First, hot tubs should be rinsed thoroughly using a sink or a water hose every week.

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Then, every month filters should be removed from the hot tub and sprayed with a chemical rinse. After letting the rinse sink in for about fifteen minutes, the filters should be rinsed with water until clean. 

In addition, every three or four months when the dirty hot tub water is switched out, a hot tub’s filters should be completely submerged in a diluted chemical solution for 24 hours. After this period, they should be rinsed and allowed to dry completely before being placed back into the hot tub. 

How long Should a Spa Pump Run per Day?

A spa pump should run for a minimum of 8 hours a day. In an ideal world, one would run all day every day. However, doing this is a quick way to run energy rates through the roof and the bills with it.

Therefore, it is not a very plausible option for most hot tub owners. So, eight hours a day is a happy medium that will keep a hot tub functioning properly without skyrocketing bills.

However, it should be noted that it is best to run a hot tub’s pump on a cycle in which it turns on and off at set times throughout the day. Most hot tub owners prefer to run the pump in between peak times of electricity use in their area which can easily be done by giving one’s electrical provider a quick phone call. 

How Long Should the Filter Cycle Run on a Hot Tub?

Standard hot tubs operating with single or two-speed pumps should have filtration cycles running for 4 hours twice a day. Once again, many hot tub owners prefer to run these cycles during non-peak hours in order to save on their utility rates

Similarly, if pinched for money, hot tub owners can get away with running filtration cycles for 3 hours a day twice a day instead of the aforementioned 4 hours twice a day. 

Should I Leave my Hot Tub Filter on all the Time?

Hot tub filters should be left on at all times. Most hot tub owners do not use their hot tubs every day. Therefore, it is often assumed that it is more energy-efficient to turn the hot tub on only when it is in use.

However, frequently turning a hot tub on and off actually increases the amount of electricity used as it takes quite a bit of energy to heat a hot tub to an appropriate temperature. 

Have You Considered Switching From
Chlorine To Bromine?

There’s been a trend where people are switching from chlorine to bromine. I feel there is not a lot of information about that transition and how to go about it since you can’t mix the two. I have addressed the most common misconceptions about this in the following article.

The only times a hot tub’s filters should be turned off is during a cleaning or if the owner’s leave for an extended period of time with a month or more passing between uses. 

How Often Should I Run the Filter on my Lay Z Spa?

How often you should run the filter on your spa depends on the type and your hot tub use. For best results, it is recommended to leave your pump and filter running all the time if you use your spa frequently. This way, you will best maintain the heat of the water and at the same time allow the filter to clean the spa’s water constantly. Meanwhile, many hot tub manufacturers advise turning off the filter while using the spa.

On the other hand, if you use your spa less regularly, the best option is to set your filter to run at least eight hours a day. Many new spas have the switch button integrated, which allows you to control how many times a day and when the filter is running, while older ones do not have that option, and the filter is running all the time whether you want it or not. If you intend to reduce energy consumption, you can set the filter to run off-peak hours when it is possible. However, all spas are designed to run the filter when the heating is on automatically.

Regardless of whether you run your filter 24 or 8 hours a day, you need to make sure that you do it regularly to maintain water movement to keep it safe and clean and filter out any unwanted dirt.

When Should I Run the Filter in my Intex Hot Tub?

When you run the filter is entirely up to you and your needs. After using a hot tub, you should run the filter to purify the water; to remove contaminants such as body oils, skin flakes, hair oils, leaves, etc. For the best performance, it is recommended that you run your filter for at least 3 to 4 hours twice a day. If you do not use your hot tub that frequently, you should run your filter occasionally to prevent the accumulation of dirt. The filter keeps your hot tub clean and ready to soak in.

In addition, if you want to keep your hot tub clean and safe for use, you should keep your filters clean, too, and replace them when necessary. The filter maintenance depends on how frequently you use your hot tub and how many people use it. You should clean them every seven days or sooner if you use your spa often, and when the housing starts to degrade and is no longer usable and proves ineffective, it would be best if you changed them.

How Often Should I Run my Hot Tub Filter?

Since many filters have several options as to how often they can work, it is up to you to decide according to how frequently you use your hot tub. It should be enough to run your hot tub filter for up to eight hours a day. It would be best if you run it in two intervals of four hours. Running the filter will help your hot tub have adequate maintenance and remove any contaminants before they get to make your water dirty and unhealthy.

Running your filter eight hours a day is the best recommended option. However, you can choose to reduce your filter running time based on how many people were using the tub and how often. For instance, if only an occasional two people use you can set your filter to cycle for two hours twice a day. But, if the tub were heavily used by six people or more, then it would be best to set your filter to work six to eight hours twice a day.

How long you should run your filter also depends on the size of your hot tub. For example, a 200-gallon tub will take less time to filter the water than a 400-gallon tub.

Additionally, some hot tubs have ozone set to be released during filter cycles, so if your filter works less frequently, you are decreasing the ozone output into the water. 

If you are worried about spending too much electricity, you can always program your filter to cycle during off-peak hours.

Should Hot Tub Filter Run when Adding Chlorine?

The hot tub filtration system cycles all water through the filter to remove the contaminants, making the water clean and healthy for use. Moreover, the filter’s purpose is to ensure that the sanitizer, such as chlorine or bromine, is well mixed and thoroughly distributed through the water.

You should run the hot tub’s pump and filter for at least ten minutes at high speed to ensure proper water circulation, thus evenly distributing chlorine, which maximizes its efficiency. 

Another advantage of running the hot tub’ filter while sanitizing is that it will provide you with more accurate test results later.

Nevertheless, be advised that when you use chlorine to sanitize the water, it would be best if you waited for the chlorine level to go back to 5 PPM, which takes about 24 hours for that to happen.

How Often do I Need to Replace my Hot Tub Filter?

Hot tub filters should be replaced every 12 months in order to easily keep the water fresh and clean. Failing to replace a hot tub’s filter will result in unsanitary water and could potentially damage the hot tub itself.

Changing the filters of a hot tub every 12 months should be often enough to keep them up to par. However, if a hot tub owner begins to see the following signs before those 12 months are up they may want to go ahead and replace the filters sooner: 

  • Unclear of cloudy water
  • Visible signs of leaks or cracks in the filter causing it to lose the ability to function properly
  • A hot tub’s water still looks dirty after cleaning the filters
  • Filters begin to become blocked more frequently and require more frequent thorough cleaning 
  • The pressure of the water going into a filter and the water going out of the filter is not the same. 

If any of these signs are noticed, hot tub owners should thoroughly inspect their hot tubs to ensure that there are no leaks, cracks, or malfunctions in any other area of the hot tub. If nothing is found, it is safe to assume that the filters are too dirty, too old, or simply need an upgrade, and new filters should be put in place as soon as possible. 

Obviously, no two hot tubs are the same so some personal judgement must be put into place when addressing the proper care for a hot tub. It is important to check one’s owner manual to ensure there are no requirements specific to the hot tub in question.

From there, hot tub owners should perform proper inspection and maintenance, and make their own decisions regarding running times and replacements in order to keep their hot tub running as smoothly as possible.

However, while it may seem like tedious work at times, it is important to remember that frequent and thorough cleaning will help extend the longevity of any hot tub.

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