8 Ideas On How To Dispose Of Your Old Hot Tub Cover

Many hot tub owners decide to replace their old hot tub cover due to the fact it’s becoming heavier and heavier. Now it’s the question on how to efficiently dispose of the that cover. 

Here are a few ideas on what you can do:

  • Take your hot tub to the junkyard
  • Keep the rigid foam and dispose of the vinyl cover (to junk)
  • Grind them up in a wood chipper
  • Give the foam to a homeless person in winter
  • Throw it in a dumpster
  • Give it to the dealer
  • Take it to a landfill
  • Take it to an archery club 

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Now, let me give a bit more details about these since you can generally go three ways: 

  1. You can reuse it and maybe try to squeeze another year or so out of the cover
  2. You can try to repurpose it for something else
  3. You can have it destroyed

How Much does it Cost to Haul Away a Hot Tub?

The usual cost for removal is from $100 – $150. There are several factors that can affect the price such as the size of the hot tub and how accessible is it physically. Considering that the cost of moving the unit is less if the job is easier, hot tub owners should do all they can to prepare it for the removal company. Then the company might decide to take it as a junk or repurpose it for something else.

Squeezing Another Year Or So Out Of It

When disposing of a hot tub cover, you pretty much have two main components, insulation foam that can be as think as 4 inches, and a vinyl cover that surrounds them. Before you get rid of your old hot tub cover, you should closely inspect these components. It just might be that the foam is in good condition whereas the vinyl needs a replacement

In Case You Want to Find Out More About Cover Lifter

I have a quick and short comparison of the best cover lifters. In case you are interested to see which one I (surprisingly) found to be the best one, you can check the article here.

In this case, one should consider re-sealing the existing insulation foam and simply putting a new vinyl covering over them.  It is possible that after 6 years of usage, your old hot tub cover is starting to separate and that now you are seeing the plastic inside that is starting to deteriorate to the point it will need to be replaced.  

You could do this yourself. Go and find some silver duct tape in a hue that will closely assimilate the light of the current cover until a more “formal” approach can be reached.

Repurposing Your Old Hot Tub Cover [Upcycle]

The next approach is kind of similar to the previous one in a way that it will make use of the foam. People also take the rigid foam out of the vinyl cover and dispose of the vinyl cover, while re-purposing the foam for something else.

  1. Before you do anything, you need to let the foam pieces dry out. If you happen to have bought a new boat lift for your boat and you need to get it from point A to B, then the best way to float it there is on the two pieces of foam.  It works incredibly well.  
  2. Next, you can really grind them up inside the wood chipper and mix the foam into garden soil. It will be incredibly beneficial to your garden.
  3. There are examples where people used to cut the foam into squares, stock them and use them for archery practice. If you are into archery, you would have to spend money on it anyways. This makes is good use and saves you money.
  4. During the winter season, a lot of homeless people build shelters in alleys. Regardless of how ridiculous this might sound, it is equally helpful to these people.
  5. Also, the rigid foam can be used as a filler under ice rinks in the winter.
  6. Build a backyard pond
  7. Turn it into a real garden
  8. A dog would be happy and comfortable in his new dog house
Old Hot Tub Cover Costing You A Lot Of Money

Destroying Your Old Hot Tub Cover For Good

If you do decide that you can’t really use it for anything and that it would just be a distraction for you, you can then do the following:

  1. Cut it in half, or quarters, the trash service will usually pick it up.
  2. Pile them in your parking lot until the pile is at least ten or twenty feet high. Then load them onto the truck, and take them to the landfill. The cost to leave them at the landfill is about $22 for up to one ton, but usually, people have never had a pile of covers go over one ton.
  3. Give it to the dealer once they come to install a new cover. Many of them might decide to take the old one from you and dispose of it for you.
  4. Remove inserts, break up, throw in a dumpster

How to Transport a Hot Tub?

In case you decide to move your own hot tub, here are the steps you need to take before you can take it away:

  1. Disconnect the power.
  2. Drain all water from the hot tub.
  3. Dismantle all parts of the spa, such as a hot tub pump, heater, power lines, and water lines.
  4. Pack hot tub accessories separately.
  5. Clear a path wide enough for the tub to pass through.

Transporting a hot tub is more than a one-man job. There are junk services that you can call to transport your old hot tub.

Should You Consider Repairing Your Hot Tub If It Has Issues?

Things break. The same happens to your hot tubs. Sometimes, instead of paying a lot of money for a new model, we might want to decide to fix it. Or if you want to be in a business of reselling hot tubs and fixing them, then this article is for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Dispose Of Hot Tub?

In case you want to dispose of your hot tub, the typical removal cost that you can expect to pay is usually around $150. It will go up or down depending on how big the hot tub is and how difficult it will be to move it. The cost of disposing of/moving the unit is generally less if the job is easier. This means that the homeowners could prepare the hot tub as much as possible to be moved before the removal company comes.

Do I Need A Hot Tub Cover Lifter?

Yes really, every hot tub owner should have one. The hot tub cover lifter is fitted right onto the side of the hot tub. 

Most cover lifters have a bar located in the fold of the cover. All you need to do is to fold the cover back over the bar. When you fold it back one more time, the cover will lift off the hot tub and stay in place. 

Some lifters will act as a privacy wall for you and your guests since it will rest higher than the hot tub itself while others will end up alongside the hot tub.

The main reason why someone would want to have a hot tub cover lifter is to access their hot tub easily and conveniently. And really, if you are in the best shape of your life and don’t have any physical limitations then you can probably save your budget and get a cover lifter in a few years. 

How To Dispose Of A Hot Tub?

There is nothing pleasant about an old hot tub. Keeping the hot tub around your yard is a health risk, while it won’t get disposed of like your usual household trash. The authorities won’t even allow you to dispose of a hot tub at the landfills.

But you don’t have to worry because we’ve compiled a list of different ways you can reuse or dispose of old hot tubs.

  • Make a fish pond

If you love the idea of having some pet fish in your backyard, then you’ll have fun making a fish pond using your old tub. The best way to create the fish pond is by first digging the ground below the hot tub to become a sunken pond.

Then, it would be best if you lined the hot tub with a black fish pond liner. Place some coral, plants, stones, and fish last. To make the pond even more spectacular, you can connect the pumps to circulate, creating a waterfall effect.

  • Convert it into a kitchen garden

If you thought you could never grow your vegetables, then an old hot tub can be your best solution. All you need to do is place the hot tub in an area with sufficient access to sunlight. Then, remove all the plumbing works and dig the ground below it so that the hot tub appears submerged.

Finally, fill the shell with soil and manure. Such gardens can hold enough vegetables for your family.

  • Resell the hot tub

You may have bought a new hot tub because you wanted to upgrade to the latest model with more features. Other people are looking to own a hot tub but have budget constraints. You can quickly sell your old hot tub through sites such as craigslist or eBay.

Of course, you don’t expect to make as much money from such a resale. After all, the main aim is to dispose of the hot tub.

You can even offer to deliver the hot tub to the buyer if they’re not far from where you live. This means you use the money you get from the resale to pay a moving company.

  • Recycle the spa

The most eco-friendly way to dispose of your used hot tub is recycling. Many recycling firms take the old hot tubs for recycling. Some companies may even give you a few dollars in exchange for the hot tub.

Usually, the old hot tub is stripped, and all reusable parts are used to manufacture new hot tubs.

  • Take it to a graveyard

Most hot tub manufacturers have graveyards where they dispose of spoiled and old hot tubs. Usually, the companies will allow their customers to return the old hot tubs. The company may decide to charge a small fee or take them back for free.

  • Hire a junk removal company

If you’re looking for an easier way to get rid of the old hot tub, hire a junk removal company to haul it away. The removal companies will charge depending on how difficult it is to move the tub and how heavy it is.

Approximately, you may have to part with $150 – $500 depending on the size of the hot tub. This is cheaper than having to look for buyers or delivering the hot tub to a recycling firm.

In summary, old hot tubs are a pain in the neck because you have to see them anytime you get to your backyard. Besides, upon upgrading, having the old one is a waste of space. However, if you have a way of making use of the old hot tub, the better. You can convert the hot tub into a garden, fish pond, resell it, recycle, or pay a junk removal company to haul it away.

What to do with Old Hot Tub?

After close to fifteen years of use, a hot tub may not be in the best condition to serve you as it did when you first bought it. If you are thinking of getting a new one, there are many ways to eliminate the old tub.

You could decide to trash it, which does not cost much. You will need Sawzall to cut it up. However, this is not the most environmentally friendly way of getting rid of an old tub.

Alternatively, you could junk it by placing it in front of your house and wait for people to carry it away. Selling it or trading it for a better one will help you earn something in the process.

How to Remove a Hot Tub from Inside the House?

Removing an indoor hot tub should not be too involving. However, you need first to empty it as a filled one might weigh thrice as much. Once it’s empty, unplug it from the electricity system and water supply. You can then review the manual to see if there are other instructions on other precautions to observe.

Ensure you address the plumbing since some tubs have attached draining systems below that might need detaching. You can then dismantle it and take it outside.

How to Remove a Hot Tub from Deck?

To properly remove a hot tub from a deck, you first need to clarify why you are doing it. If the tub is broken, then your work will be much easier. You won’t have to pay close attention to not damaging the tub. You can disconnect it and break the easily removable parts, then disassemble the rest from the deck.

If you need it whole and working, you need to carefully disconnect the tub from water and power supplies. Next, strip the spa’s cabinet and then carefully disassemble it. Extra hands will help you lift it off the deck safely.

How to Cut Through Fiberglass Hot Tub?

Since a hot tub’s fiberglass tank is made of fiberglass mesh and fiberglass resin, the only way to disassemble it is by cutting it into manageable pieces. You need a reciprocating saw for the task. Plugin the saw and cut the plastic pumping pipes away from the tank first. You will then use the all-purpose blade to cut through the tub’s tank vertically. Any reinforcing steel will go down with it. Finally, dispose of the materials in their recycling bins, respectively.

Can I Cut Up an Old Tub with a Sawzall?

Using a Sawzall to cut up your old tub is a viable option, especially if the tub’s tank is made of fiberglass. You can use virtually any saw blade to cut through a fiberglass tank. Begin by disconnecting the tub from electricity and any pumping connections, assuming that it is already empty.

Next, cut plastic plumbing pipes to remain with the tub alone. Finally, cut through the tub with your Sawzall, jigsaw, or reciprocating saw. Ensure you have protective garments on during the process.

How to Take Apart a Hot Tub?

Trying to take apart a hot tub to either get a new one or remodel your area could seem like too much work, but it actually isn’t. You only need protective clothes such as goggles, gloves, and protective overall and operating tools, including a jigsaw, a chisel, and a hammer.

If the tub is scheduled for reuse, you will need to be careful with how you disassemble it. You do not want to cause irreversible damages in the process. If you want to tear the whole thing apart, use the chisel and hammer to get rid of the deck and then use the Sawzall to cut the tank into pieces.

In-ground Hot Tub Removal

It is easier to remove a hot tub from a deck than disassemble an in-ground one. You will mostly need professional help to do the groundwork. The process involves drilling around the tub’s area and breaking apart your cemented floors carefully.

 Once you clear out the attaching area, remove all heating and pumping parts. Remove the tub by pulling it out or breaking it into small pieces first. You will then have to fill in the hole as per your city’s requirements.

Hot Tub Recycling

An old tub can still be a valuable item depending on your options. If you are open to hot tub recycling, remove the side controls and spa pack to see if you can resell them. If they are quality parts, you could get as much as $500 from the resale. This is one of the answers on how to dispose of an old hot tub.

You can then remove the cabinet and recycle wood and plastic. Cutaway the jets, PVC fittings, valves, and pipes, which are also recyclable. If your tub was made of acrylic, you will not be able to recycle it, but a thermoplastic or rotomolded tub can be recycled. You can reuse the acrylic shell to design a small garden in your backyard.

Turn it Into a Dog House

Some dog owners use their old hot tub to build them a dog house. And not only did they create a dog house by flipping the spa shell over, but they also built a water fountain on the top.

Using a chainsaw, they then cut out the dog door and place a utility lamp inside to provide heat during the winter. This is another practical way on how to turn your old hot tub into something useful and not only throw it away.

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