Do Hot Tubs Deflate In Cold Weather?

No, hot tubs do not deflate in cold weather.

People who use inflatable hot tubs should take good care of them especially during the winter. It is recommended that when the weather is not good and the temperature is under 45° F to drain the tub and wait for better weather conditions. This is also a good way to expand the quality and the years of use of the inflatable hot tubs. 

Inflatable hot tubs are very cheap to buy and they are worth the money invested in them. Before the use, one must position the hot tub on a raised platform in a sheltered area and with insulation. When the hot tub is in use the chemicals should be kept during the whole time of the usage and even in the period when the hot tub is not used that much. Also, filters should be changed regularly to avoid any surprises with the maintenance. 

To sum up, inflatable hot tubs can be used during the wintertime and they will not deflate much, but many manufacturers recommend stopping using them if it is too cold. Besides deflation electricity costs might rise as well. 

Why does my hot tub keep deflating?

There are two basic reasons why this happens: the first one is that the hot tub is torn or punched and the second reason is that the air pressure is loose. 

Even when the inflatable hot tubs are made of good, strong, and quality materials it sometimes happens that they deflate. Manufacturers are not always to blame but certain circumstances happen which cause these situations. If the hot tub deflates for no reason already given, then one must check the air valve. Sometimes it is too loose, so it needs to be fastened. Before doing this, the hot tub needs to be deflated. Then the fastening should be proceeded from the inner side of the hot tub by turning the wrench. To be sure that it is done properly, one should place soapy water in the valve. If it bubbles then it is not resolved and one needs to repeat the procedure. If it does not bubble then the valve is fastened enough.

If, on the other hand, the hot tub is punched or turned, to repair it, one must use the repair kit following the manufacturer’s instructions. This is not complicated work and one should only follow the instructions carefully. 

However, the only right way to check for a successful repair is to inflate the hot tub again and see if anything happens. 

Can you keep an inflatable hot tub up all winter?

Yes, you can use an inflatable hot tub during winter. It can also be used when it is cold outside, regardless of the type of year. The only disadvantage is that your inflatable hot tub will struggle to maintain the highest temperature of 40 degrees. That can increase your electricity bill.

In order to prevent your inflatable hot tub from struggling, you can use an insulating mat under your hot tub.

Do hot tubs evaporate in cold weather?

Yes, hot tubs’ water evaporates in cold weather faster than during the summer. 

Because of this, if one wants to use the hot tub with no difficulties, the water level should be above the skimmer line. In this way, the jets will work properly and the filtration will be normal. Also, during the winter when the hot tubs are not in use so often, water care should be in mind. Regular checking of the water quality, chemicals, and filter maintenance should be the priority just as during the summertime. Just to be sure that the water level stays unchanged it is a good idea to have a heavy and quality hot tub cover which should be checked during the daylight just to be sure that it plays its role and does its service. 

There are many normal factors that contribute to water evaporation and some:

  • The temperature of the hot tub
  • Air temperature
  • The humidity of the area of the living
  • The quality of the cover, size, and material
  • How often the hot tub is used
  • How many persons use the hot tub
  • How much the cover stays open.

All these factors should be taken into consideration when analyzing the hot tub water evaporation

Evaporation of the water happens faster in the winter because the hot tub is warmer than the air temperature and it may lose from 1 inch to 2 inches per week of the water level. But it is easy to solve this problem by just filling the water using the garden hose. After filling it should be treated properly with chemicals by testing it for safe use. 

Water should be changed every three months so that the quality of use stays on the high level and the hot tub will last longer.  

Can you leave a hot tub outside in the winter?

Yes, you can leave a hot tub outside in the winter.

The hot tubs are designed to be used during the whole year. One must only be careful if living in very cold places where the water might freeze. In that case, it is recommended to secure the hot tub and use covers that are of high quality. So, do not feel guilty if spending too much money on covers and sheltering the hot tub.

Using the hot tub during the winter is one of the best uses of the hot tub for people. Many people find the hot tub and water massages in winter as one of the best relaxing and enjoyable moments. Of course, if one wants to enjoy it properly, they must protect and take care of the hot tub differently than during the summertime. This means firstly to keep the water temperature high enough not to freeze. This can be done if the following steps are done: 

  • The water heater should stay running. In this way, the water temperature stays constant and there will be no damage to the heater or pipes. 
  • The insulated cover should be of good quality and not save on.
  • The water line should always be regularly checked because the water evaporates faster during the wintertime. 
  • Chemistry balance also needs to be checked regularly and more often than during the summer.
  • Water jets should be limited in order not to bring the temperature down too fast.
  • The area around the hot tub should always be clean, secure, and protected from any types of possible injuries. 

Hot tubs during the winter give special moments and feelings. A lot of people feel very relaxed and enjoy moments when it is snowing to soak into the hot tub and relax. 

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