How Much Does a Hydropool Hot Tub Cost?

The price for a Hydropool hot tub varies depending on the Hydropool hot tub line and the size and features included in your hot tub. Generally, the cost for a Hydropool hot tub ranges from 7.500 $ up to 40.000 $. 

The two series of hot tubs that Hydropool has developed are the self-cleaning and serenity line. The serenity line represents medium to high ranked hot tubs with a side suction filtration system. The starting price for the Serenity models is 7.500 $. 

On the other hand, the price for a Hydropool Self-cleaning model starts at 18.200 $. Since the self-cleaning line is the luxury hot tub model with an integrated floor vacuum system and filtration system that makes your water clean and clear in just 15 minutes, the price can go even over 40.000 $. For instance, a luxury 9-seater 970 Titanium model costs around 36.500 $ while a self-cleaning hot tub like Aquatrainer can cost between 14.700 $ and 42.300 $. As you can see, these models are not cheap. That is why they are called luxury models, and they will prove worth the money and effort spent.

However, Hydropool hot tubs will save you money when it comes to maintenance. They are known as hot tubs with the lowest maintenance needed and energy-efficient, especially the self-cleaning line. According to this, the running cost for a hydropool hot tub, including chemicals and power consumption, is less than 1 £ (50-85p a day). But, one should bear in mind that these costs are also affected by the outdoor temperature, how frequently you use your hot tub, and whether you keep your cover on or not when not in use.

Is Hydropool a Good Swim Spa?

Being in the market for over 30 years, Hydropool Company has identified the consumers’ needs and improved their hot tubs with quality, technology, and innovative ideas, making Hydropool well established and more experienced than any other swim spa manufacturer. This company can boast of being the only manufacturer globally with a built-in floor vacuum system. Their focus has been mostly on being energy efficient and lowering the maintenance. The built-in floor vacuum system eliminates the need to manually vacuum the spa floor because it is designed to suck dirt and debris from the bottom by itself.

Additionally, these spas are designed so that the water goes first through a pre-filter basket during the filtration, then goes through the pump, and finally through the filter. A pre-filtration system protects your pump and heaters from being clogged, thus saving you from additional costs in case of damages caused by the debris.

Moreover, Hydropool swim spas use ultra-efficient pumps that are 26% more efficient than any other swim spa pump. In addition, because of their self-cleaning filtration feature that cleans 100% of the water in 15 minutes, their pump only needs to run for 6 to 8 hours per day to keep the water clean.

Even though Hydropool swim spas are much smaller than conventional pools, they provide a better hydrotherapy experience, at the same time requiring fewer chemicals, maintenance, and energy to heat and operate. Moreover, Hydropool’s HydroWize thermal shield insulation keeps the heat locked in, capturing the waste heat from the pumps and the heater and redirecting it back to the swim spa. This process also saves you money keeping your electricity costs at a minimum. On the other hand, Hydropool swim spa cabinets have vents that you can open during hot summer days to let the excess heat out of the spa.

Hydropool swim spas, such as Aqua Trainer, are among the best exercise and fitness spas using high-powered jets that create a current to swim against. With the latest technology, you can adjust the jet speed and change the strength of the swim current to have a workout that fits your abilities. Moreover, you can change the strength current at set intervals that turn your swim spa into a treadmill. Even more so, the latest Hydropool swim spa technology has a water watch that allows you to track and control your exercise performance. If you want to use your swim spa to relax, turn the jets down and enjoy the piece of clean and warm water with your friends and family. 

how much does a hydropool hot tub cost

Are Hydropool Hot Tubs Worth it?

A Hydropool hot tub is a perfect choice if you find everyday maintenance taking up too much of your time. Hydropool’s Self-cleaning line keeps your water filtered and cleaned all the time without having to worry about cleaning and sanitizing water every time you get in or out of the tub. Not only do their hot tubs have an automated chemical feeder, but they also come with the unique built-in floor vacuum feature to remove debris from the water, so you do not have to do it manually. Actually, Hydropool is the only manufacturer in the world that produces hot tubs with the self-cleaning feature included.

Moreover, your hot tub must have good insulation because without proper insulation, your hot tub will lose a significant amount of heat, and thus your electricity bills will be higher. Following this, Hydropool has invented a way to capture the waste heat produced by the hot tub’s equipment to help heat the water. However, the company also had in mind the excess heat during hot summer days. Hence their hot tubs have vents installed that help exhaust the excess heat preventing the tub from overheating.

On the other hand, some hot tub owners think it unnecessary to spend extra money on the Hydropool hot tub just because of the self-cleaning option because you have to do the cleaning by yourself eventually. Moreover, they consider other hot tub filtration systems to be enough to remove debris and other contaminants from the water. Nevertheless, this way of thinking usually comes from those who never owned a Hydropool hot tub and never experienced such ease of maintenance and reduced operating costs.

Where are Hydropool Hot Tubs Made?

Hydropool swim spas and hot tubs are manufactured in Mississauga in Canada. Their beginnings date back to 1970, when they started as a commercial pool company. However, in cooperation with the California Spa, Sauna, and Fitness company, by 1978, Hydropool became the first Eastern Canada hot tub retailer.

Soon the founders of Hydropool, a father and a son, realized the prospective of hot tubs and officially formed the Hydropool Company in 1980. It did not take long for Hydropool to become one of the largest manufacturers of hot tubs in North America.

Nowadays, Hydropool products are sold in 40 countries around the world through more than 250 dealer companies. Their focus is primarily on self-cleaning and energy-efficient models, providing both a therapeutic and relaxing experience.

What do the Hydropool Hot Tub Reviews Say?

Lately, Hydropool has been experiencing some bad grades when it comes to online customer reviews. However, the complaints are mostly about poor after-sale service, and very few of the customers complained about their quality. Moreover, some even praised their ease of maintenance and decided to buy a Hydropool hot tub for the second time. Positive feedback was also on retaining the heat in extreme weather conditions and lower electricity bills.

Nevertheless, to remain recognizable as one of the most outstanding hot tub companies and justify their buyers’ trust, Hydropool’s customer service should also be up to standard. Many of their customers think of them as a great company when you are in the process of purchasing; they make the world spin around you. However, nobody seems to take any responsibility for any after issues. Their emails remain unanswered, and when you call them on the phone, they promise to contact you after they have more information but never do.

Despite the terrible customer experience with the Hydropool customer service, one should understand that most of the bad reviews happened during 2020 and continued to 2021, which was a difficult period for most of us. Thus, Hydropool is probably experiencing setbacks when it comes to the staff shortage and replacement parts. Meanwhile, Hydropool notified their customers on their official web page that some of their orders might be late because they suffer many product shortages across the industry due to pandemics and will probably remain out of stock until 2022. Hopefully, Hydropool will improve their after-sale customer service as well, when the COVID-19 situation finally settles down.

What are the Different Models of Hydropool Hot Tubs?

There are three different models of Hydropool hot tubs:

  • Self-cleaning,
  • Serenity, and
  • Classic models.

The self-cleaning line is the only hot tub in the world that has a self-cleaning feature included. Unlike other hot tubs that take up to two hours to filter and clean the water, the self-cleaning models do the entire process in just 15 minutes. Another advantage is the pre-filter feature, which removes debris from the water before going through the pump and the filter. This feature helps protect the pump and the heating element from possible clogging. Additionally, the self-cleaning models take only 30 to 45 minutes to drain the hot tub to the bottom, opposite to other hot tubs that take more time to drain, after which you need to collect the water from the bottom manually. Therefore, purchasing a self-cleaning model will prove a worthy investment in energy efficiency, not to mention the ease of maintenance.

On the other hand, Serenity Hydropool hot tub models are popular because of their hydrotherapy features. Hydropool Company works closely with several wellness institutions to provide the best of hydrotherapy benefits for their consumers. Unlike self-cleaning models with a built-in floor vacuum, Serenity models offer a side suction filtration system. If you are keen to enhance your health and experience the best therapeutic and relaxation satisfaction, Serenity hot tubs might be your ideal choice.

However, suppose you are looking for a Hydropool hot tub that is more affordable but at the same time experiencing the benefits when it comes to easy maintenance and energy efficiency. In that case, you might want to choose one of the two classic models available.

All Hydropool hot tub models come with double thermal shield insulation, which helps your hot tub lock in the heat, preventing it from escaping the hot tub. Moreover, these hot tubs use waste heat produced by the pump and the heating element to heat the tub during cold days and have exhaust vents that release the excess heat, preventing the tub from overheating.

Additionally, all of their models come as either Gold or Platinum, depending on what features you wish to have. Gold models come with one pump, fewer jets, and an optional wellness program, while Platinum has two pumps, more jets, and eight wellness programs built-in. However, there is only one Titanium model (model 970) that comes with three pumps.

What are the Common Hydropool Hot Tub Problems?

After reading the customer reviews, I noticed that most Hydropool hot tubs problems are about leaking. Another issue that is mentioned in almost every review and complaint is poor after-sale customer service.

In general, Hydropool hot tub customers are satisfied with their quality and performance, but the lousy after-sale customer service is what turns them off.

The malfunctions of these hot tubs are essentially similar to many other hot tubs, but people are repulsed by the fact that when they encounter a problem, they do not have help available to solve it.

However, here is a list of possible Hydropool hot tubs problems:

  • The overheating – the water temperature has exceeded 42 C (107.6 °F), and you need to cool down your hot tub.
  • No heat – this means that the high limit switch tripped and it needs to be reset, that filter is dirty and needs to be cleaned or replaced, or that there is either low water flow or faulty pressure switch, which needs to be checked or adjusted.
  • Noisy motor – this means that you have damaged or worn out bearings, frozen pump, or clogged impeller. If the bearings are faulty, you should call your electrician or Hydropool dealer to help you solve the issue.
  • Electronics faults – in case of any electronics faults such as G.F.C.I. tripping or improper wiring, you should consult an electrician or your hot tub dealer.

The common cause of most of these issues could be a simple airlock in your waterline. You can affirm this by opening an air bib to release stuck air. If the airlock was causing the issue after releasing the air, your Hydropool hot tub should continue working normally.

How do you Reset a Hydropool Hot Tub?

If you experience some issues with your hot tub, you might consider resetting it before calling your hot tub dealer. Resetting is done simply by pressing any topside panel pad. After this, your hot tub should reset. However, you should shut off the power and call your hot tub dealer if that does not happen.

In some cases, your hot tub should reset automatically. For instance, if one of the sensors detects a higher temperature than 107 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if the hot tub does not reset automatically, you should do it manually, as has previously been said, by pressing any topside control panel pad.

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