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Hot tubs come in different shapes, sizes, and capabilities. Some manufacturers pride themselves on flexibility, while paying more attention to fitness has made other brands stand out. 

Master Spas and Bullfrog Spas are among the most sought after hot tubs in the world today. While both have their pros and cons, people choose either for various reasons, including flexibility, luxury, and accessories.

Are Master Spas any good?

For Master Spas, their prevalent sales angle is in fitness and relaxation. The brand creates and sells swim spas and hot tubs with an excellent advantage of exercising and relaxation.

 If you are looking for a hot tub that will allow you to relax after a long day and still get a few exercises done, then this should be an ideal option.

Thanks to their noise reduction systems, you will not have to worry about all the discomfort accompanied by unwanted sounds when all you want is to soak in peace. The system is fitted around the tub’s pumps, where most of the noise originates in other tubs.

 Some of their models have exceptional technology such as therapeutic seats, multiple speed levels, velocity injector cones and jet placement.

The injector cones enhance the tub’s jets’ performances by about 45% more than original tubs.

Price Range

The Master Spas line is an all-inclusive brand with tubs that extend over different prices. You can find a tub that suits your needs from as low as $4000 to as high as $15000. Although you will not see their prices online, you can easily reach out to your nearest Master Spas dealer to get a catalog.

You will also access their pricing list by leaving a message on their online contact forms. One of the best advantages of having a Master Spas tub is that you can always trade it in for a modern one and pay for it at a discounted price once you get tired of the old model.

Master Spas’ Accessories

Like many other brands, your Master Spas tub will naturally come with different accessories. Most of the accompanying accessories are safety features such as a Master Spas cover, steps, and rails. 

You can also buy other tub accessories from the manufacturer to ensure maximum experience during your hot tub swimming, exercise, or therapeutic session. 

Such accessories include weighted booster seats, umbrellas, towel bars, filter flossers, bromine floaters, spa brushes, and other pool cleaning items.

Master Spas Series

Master Spas creates its tubs and swimming spas with the consumer in mind. Each of its series has relatively different features and prices to suit different tub users.

  • The Michael Phelps Legend Series uses Wave XP Propulsion Technology to ensure a smooth swim. The tubs are 54 inches deep and include 45 jets, Wi-Fi add-ons, sound, and lighting. They range between 201 to 231 inches and can hold between 1935 and 2325 gallons of water.
  • The Healthy Living Series is a well sought after series for people looking for spas with special therapeutic features. The series contains six models: HL 7, HL 7.5, HL 8, HL 8.5, HL 628L, and HL 630L. Their standard features include a biomagnetic therapy system, Orion light system, and stress relief neck and shoulder seats.
  • The Twilight Series is a nine tubs series with three to seven-seaters. This is the most affordable series you will find by the brand, with tubs having 36 to 45 jets. Other standard features include an Orion light system, ergonomic seats, and the biomagnetic therapy system. Additional options include dream lighting, natural water sanitizing, Wi-Fi capabilities, etc.
  • The Clarity Series comes with EcoPur Charge Water Purification, Energy Efficiency advantages, and Stress Relief Neck and Shoulder seats. It contains five models with capacities between five to eight seats.

Generally, the brand offers quality models, and you can shop directly through their website or a dealer next to you. You will only find some of their spare parts on Amazon.

Are Bullfrog Spas any good?

When it comes to flexibility and customization, Bullfrog is your best option. The brand allows hot tub users to control their tub’s design, which makes them the go-to brand for tailored-for-you models. 

You will love their JetPak system that enables one to choose or swap out the seat back jet for most of the brand’s models. The plumbing with Bullfrog spas is relatively minimal, reducing the workload on the tub owner’s hands.


Because of the nature of their operation, you will not find their pricing list online. However, you can inquire how much you could spend working with them by filling their contact form online. 

They structure their prices into mid-tier, high-tier, and luxury. The X series ranges from $5,000 to $8,000, their R series from $9,000 to $12,000, and their Luxury collection from $13,000 to $18,000.

Bullfrog Models

Bullfrog has around 28 tub models and 4 product lines. All the models vary in design, shapes, and sizes. The X series is the most economical option. The R and A series are somewhat similar, although the R series has seven models while the A series has nine. 

You will know the series you are purchasing from the first letter of the tub’s name. For example, the A9L is from the A-series.

Features and Accessories

The JetPak feature is the most outstanding of the brand with modular seat backs. The A and R series have 18 JetPak module types, and the STIL line has six options. 

Some of their features are upgradeable, including their LED lighting, cabinet color options, sanitation systems, waterfalls, and multiple shells. 

They have a dual-filter wellspring that cycles through the water for a 100% purification efficiency, and you can upgrade their pump to a quieter option, although this will come at a price.

Master Spas vs. Bullfrog Spas

At the end of the day, you will always choose a spa or hot tub, depending on the benefits you seek to enjoy. When it comes to pricing, Master spas appear to be more budget-friendly compared to Bullfrog. 

However, the latter’s customization option might be worth the extra dollars. Therapeutically speaking, Master Spas stand out, plus you get to have both a hot tub and swim spa for the family.

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